You,Me aur Hum FF Part 5


Recap…Jasmene saves a woman on road and during this her arm gets injured…She goes to a pharmacy and it turned out to be Mubeen’s …

Mubeen…Tum yaha’n bhi aa gai mera peecha kartey huvey ?
Jasmene….Mind your tongue mr…Mere paas tumhara picha karne k ilawa bhi zaroori kaam hain….And by the way mujhe tumhe dekhte hi andazaa ho gaya tha k tumhare ghar wale ziada der bardasht nahi krengey tumhey..Nikaal diya na tumhe..:D

Mubeen…Ji nahi..My father is a doctor and its his pharmacy he went out so am taking care of it…

Jasmene…Whatever…now call someone to attend my injury…

Mubeen….do you see anyone here accept me ? if no then obviously it means that I’m the only one who can attend your injury…
Jasmene…So are you waiting for an invitation ?

Mubeen….I said I can attend you but I won’t

Jasmene looks at him angrily just then Yaseen and raqeeb enters and their another friend Bilal was with …yaseen and raqeeb get shocked to see jasene there and Bilal was lost in jasmene’s beauty ….when all of sudden he looked at jasmene’s hand which was fully covered in blood..

Bilal….suno lrki tumhara haath ..its bleeding badly..
Mubeen looks at her hand and was shocked to see so much blood …He felt a little guilty that he wasted time in talking rudely to Jasmene when he should have attended her..

Yaseen ….Mubeen come on attend her…Yaseen,Raqeeb and bilal gets inside the other side of counter and sir there ..

Mubeen to jasmene….Waha’n upr strecher pr betho me first aid kit lata hun…
Jasmene…Goes and sit on it and fold her sleeve up and was discussed to see so much blood and mess..

Mubeen brought first AID kit and cleaned jasmene’s blood with wet was hurting jasmene but she did not showed it…but then mubeen filled an injection and asked jasmene to fold her sleeves more so he can give he rinjection..

Jasmene….she was scred of injections and said..I don’t need this..I only asked you to first AID my inury that’s it…don’t give me this..

Mubeen understood that she is afraid of injection and smirked and said..
Mubeen….Its for germs…You fell onn road a dirty road so the germs might infect your arm badly close your eyes if you are so afraid of it..

Jasmene…Nooo I’m not afarid of this actually i’m not afraid of anything…go Ahead..
( She closes her eyes when mubeen inserted needle in her skin she was so scared that she hold mubeen’s shoulder with other hand..Mubeen was still wearing his school’s shirt it was a light shirt so jasmene’s nails were started to scratch his skin…Mubeen was done with the inejction but jasmene was still holding him and her eyes were still closed)

Mubeen……..Ecuse me you can open your eyes now I’m done with the injection..

Jasmene…Opens her eyes…but does’t remove her hand from his shoulder..

Mubeen….Notices this and says….You can leave my shoulder now…
( When jasmene removed her hand mubeen felt a little pain due to the scratches ….Mubeen did her AID and said You need to cchange the dressing in every two days and try not to wet it…Jasmene pats him through credit card and she goes)

Bilal…Who was that girl and mubeen was she wearing your sweater ??
Mubeen looked at him and did not replied he was washing his hands..
Raqeeb and yaseen laughed and told bilal the whole day’s incidents…
Bila….She is in our school but unfortunately indifferent section uuughh..

Mubeen…You shoukd be thank full that she is not in your classroom’s section..she is a total mess..

Mubeen’s dad enters and asked…Who is a total mess beta ??

The boys greeted him and tried to avoid his question when his father asked another one..
Mubeen’s dada..Whereis your sweater its not tied to your bag neither you are wearing it…

Mubeen….Woh papa someone needed it so I gave it to him for a day..

Dad…Ohh that’s good thing that you care about others he blesses the boys and the boys leaves from there….First day finally ended adn it was a new morning…

Precap…Mubeen and the boys were pranking someone by putting 2 sleeping pills in their juice but jasmene drinks it by mistake…….She feel sleepy and falls asleep on Mubeen’s shoulder he looks at her innocent sleeping face….Song play in bg..( Ankhein teriiiii..kitni haseeeen…k in ka ahiq me ho gaya hun…)

Please guys do comment so that i get to know if you’re liking it or not and should I continue my story or not please comment if you are reading this it gives me motivation to upload next chapter..Thank youn 🙂

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  1. Hey..the update was really are amazing..this is a really cute story with all that teenage love..and it’s you

  2. Awesome episode. ..loved it…keep it up, love you loads

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