You,Me aur Hum FF Part 4


Reecap:Jasmene wears mubeen’s sweater..They both fight again..
Scene#1 classroom 9/10 ( Principle enters and all students greet her and she ask everyone to sit according to their roll number)
Jasmene was about to sit next to mubeen according to her roll number when mubeen;s stands up and.

Mubeen….You cannot sit here Youalready took my sweater torn my shirt and i guess that’s enough of you for me so please don’t ruin my whole year by sitting net to me
( Raqeeb and yaseen who were sitting next to mubeen calm him dwn and ask him to sit down before madam sees)

Madam….I hope you all will be very kind to each other ( She stops talking seeing jasmene still standing)
Madam…..What happened J why are you not settling down?

Jasmene looks at mubeen arrogantly and sits down…
( Madam goes and teacher sahar speaks)
T.Sahar ……..I’m giving this day to all of you to make your self comfortable with your class fellows We will start serious studies from tomorrow ( And she leaves)
Everyone in classroom liked jasmene but she was too rude to be talked by so she kept quite the whole day..
( Jasmene and Mubeen spent 5 hours of school somehow and then the bill rang and everyone ran out of class room, Jasmene was about to go when Mubeen comes and stands in front of her..
Mubeen…Tumhari shirt dry ho chuki ho gi mera sweater utara abhi….
Huda comes there with yaseen and she whispers to yaseen…

Huda to yaseen …….Tum mubeen ko le kar jao or mei jasmene ko le kar jati hun and please try krna dono dobara samne na ayen kal tak…
Yaseen nods in yess and he takes mubeen from there…

Huda….Lets go J..
Jasmene looks at huda and replies…Huda you go with kabir and I’m going to explore this city after all I have all rights to get to know the hell in which I’m going to spend my life’s whole year…Huhh
(And she leaves from there )
( Mubeen’s father is a doctor and he also runs a pharmacy…On that day the hospitals were closed due to striking …some areas were full of danger…onky few pharmacies were open and because Mubeen’s father was a kind man he knew today many people can get hurt so he went to pahrmacy and mubeen went to him directly from school …Suddeny someone called Mubeen’s father uregntly and he took his helper with him and asked mubeen to take care of the pharmacy and attend pateince with minor injuries and he leaves)
(Jasmene was in her car roaming around when he sees a woman aged ( 35+) was about to hit by a car, Although she was arrogant,rude but itwas not her fault something terrible happenend to her when she was 11 years old only before that she was the most loving,caring,kind,zinda dill lrki of her house)

Jasmene comes out of her car and runs toward that woman…( Jasmene was a fast runner and have on many races of state level in U.S.A…She pushes that woman and the car passes by and driver did not even bother to stop the car and left…Jasmene’s arm was badly injured and started to bleed…A crowd of people came there and asked the woman is she fine …she nods yes..)

Woman….Beta who are you ? and why you saved me risking your own life ?
Jasmene ( Hides her injured arm by unfolding the sleeves ) and says…Its okay Anyone would have done this and i think you should walk carefully next time and leave…
The woman was looking at jasmene going…and she wished
Woman…Ya Allah please bring this kind of humanity in everyone and I wish to meet this girl again..:)
Jasmene was searching for pharmacies and hospital when she came to know that its strike today and all the hospitals are cloes …her arm was beeding and the sweater she was wearing was red arounf the arm…

Jasmene was passing by when she saw a pharmacy open and she smiled …she came out of her car and enters he pharmacy..there was a boy standing with his face on the other side he was searching for a medicine jasmene guessed..But the boy looked too familier to jasmene but how she did not knew…

She said….Ecuse me ? My hand is badly injured … Patti kar do isey jaldi…
They boy turned his face and they both were shocked to see each other…He was non othe rthan Mubeen..

Mubeen…What the hell is your problem tum yaha’n bhi a agai mera peecha karte huve ?

Jasmene…Excuse me mind your tongue mere paas umhara peecha karne k ilawa bhi zroori kaam hain..

They both look at each other angrily and the episode endssss…

Precap… Mubeen asked jasmene to fold her sleeves up he want to give her injection ..Jasmene is scared to take injection she tries to avoid but mubeen gives her injection and she closses her eyes and holds mueen’s shoulder tighly and her nails scartches mubeen’s skin…
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  3. Awesome episode, loved it very very much. …jasmine n mubeen nice pair…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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