You,Me aur Hum FF Part 3


Recap: Mubeen throw water n jasmene…Mubeen and jasmene’s fight…The boys were shocked to hear that girl is huda’s sister Jasmene..
What happened to you jasmene,Asked huda while the boys were shocked…
Jasmene: Does’t say a word..
Yaseen pinches mubeen and ask him to apologize…Mubeen refuses to do so..
Yaseen: Am really sorry jasmene we did’t know that you are huda’s siter..
Raqeeb: Yeah Jasmene we are very ashamed of our behaviour..If we had any idea that you are huda’s sis we would’t have donw anything like this..
Jasmene who was looking down and wiping herself with tissues pauses and looks up in the mirror and looks to the both boys’s ( yaseen,raqeeb) reflection and says..
Jasmene: I don’t understand one thing you just said if you guys knew that i’m huda’s sister you would’t have missbehaved that means you only respect someone’s name and don’t respect me because I’m a girl ????

Mubeen feels irritated and was about to saysomething when hudaa looks at him and ask him to not say anything..Mubeen walks out angrily..
Jasmene: anyways Huda I can’t judge anyone so fast accept for that mr.arrogant ( Mubeen) But i believe in giving second chances so here yaseen ) And forwards her hand forwards him ) yaseen and raqeeb both shake hands with her …Huda was happy and hugged jasmene and says thank you..
( The school bell rings and huda ask jasmene to come with her)
Raqeeb: you both girls go we will go and check on mubeen..
Huda: okay..
jasmene’s clothes were still very wet when she went to classroom she was happy to see her teache ( Sahar) because she know sahar very well and they both were very good friends..
Sahar hugs jasmene and ask her bout her wet clothes ..
Jasmene: Huhhh leave it I don’t wanna remember him again…do you have anything that you can give to me so I can feel a little warm…

Shar ponits at jasmene’s seat ( A half round table ( Desk) with a long seat Each seat has four roll number written on it and students will sit accordnigly to it )
Jasmene looks at the seat there were 3 school bags and there was a green sewater hanging with one bag which was placed next to jasmene’s roll number…
Jasmene: Hasshh thaanks meri jaan you are alive saver and goes toward her seat and pick up the sweater..
Samia ( raqeeb’s sister,mubeen’s best childhood friend ) was about to say something when huda hold her hand and ask her not to say anyhting as jasmene may be mind it..
Jasmene goes to girl’s locker room takes off her wet shirt and wears that sweater..she was looking damn hot and s*xy wearing a boy’s loose green color seater with little folded sleeves for a second or two she felt like she is in someone’e arms whom she know very well ..when she cam back to class she was socked to see mubeen siting next to jasmene’s roll number….When raqeeb saw jasmene he pinched mubeen and said.
Raqeeb: Here is the sweater you were looking for..
Mubeen looks at jasmene and stands up in sock and his eyes filled with anger…he come out of his seat and goes toward jasmene who understood that the sweater she’s wearing is no other than mubeen’s..
Mubeen came closer to jasmene and says..
Mubeen : How dare you ? pehle tumney meri shirt ka button torha,washroom mei meri insult ki tumhari wajah se mera proper uniform ka record kharab hova abb tum ne mera sweater bhi pehan liya…

Jasmene knew she is wrong this time but she was an arrogant girl so she did not said anything accept
jasmene: If you wanna accuse someone about me wearing your sweater than accuse Sahar…and by the way you did a mistake by throwing water on me so i wear your sweater its justice meri jaan..
Mubeen was looking at his sweater ut when jasmene said Meri jaan he looked into her eyes shockingly but for a second both forgot their fight and were continously looking at each other’s eyes because it was their destiny…mubeen removes his eyes from jasmenes eyes and says..
Mubeen: I don’t know mujhe mera sweater abhi chahiye utaro isey yahi..
Yaseen comes from behind and says:
yaseen: Mubeen what are you saying yah’n abhi sweater utaar k degi toh khud kia pehnegi ?
samia:yes mubeen I know miss sahar gve her this sweater let her wear it…mubeen walks out angrily again..

Precap: A women was about to hit by a car when Jasmene pushed her andgot hit by a car( Minor accident) And her arm starts bleeding badly…The woman was Mubeen’s mother..

Thank for reading this..I wrote this episode specially for “Bella” …
Please everyone do comment and tell me are you guys liking my FF writing stye or should I change it ???

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  1. Hey.. the update was awesome..loved it and it was really good. Thank you so much I feel good that you have dedicated this chapter to me..loving it so much..thanks again..okay and don’t mind I just want to say to correct some things.when they talk like you write mubeen:…….
    Then make sure you leave a line below it to give it some space and it will make your work more clean and easy to read..and when talking if the person is giving some gestures then put them in bracket… like I’m talking and if I give you a gesture (like I’m smiling to you now) haha..then you put them in bracket..hope you won’t mind but other side I love your story..

    1. Ok I will follow the instructions…and thank you so much for your help 🙂

  2. Its gud.. Plz continue…

  3. Hi jasmine my dear, it’s superb episode loved it very much …

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