You,Me aur Hum FF Part 2


In previous episode : Jasmene’s arrival at APS…Jasmene and mubeen’s first collab..

Today’s episode starts with kabir taking jasmene to meet huda ..
Kabir: Ohh god this school is a puzzle But you don’t worry I am with you
Jasmene: You are with me that’s why I am worried
Kabir : You said any thing ?
Jasmene; Ahh no just a bit angry on huda…I came her for her sake coz I wanted to meet the guy she loves but madam is no where to be found…
Suddenly someone from behind hug jasmene.Its huda…Jasmene understood it and holds her hand and make her come in front of her…
Huda: Why are you looking at me so angrily..
Jasmene: coz I am angry with you..And sh got interrupted by kabir…
Kabir: You girls carry on your fight coz I know in the end you both will hug forget your anger or problems…and I’m going,,
Jasmene: where the hell you think you are going leaving me in this maze ?
Kabir: Don’t worry I’ll be back soon I have chemistry class to attend and he goes..
Huda: Am sorry J I know you are abit angry because you came here unwillingly for my sake and to meet yaseen too…
Jasmene: Its okay I love you baby….They hug each other tightly Huda takes her to her class ( 9 & 10 Conjojned class)
Yaseen goes to mubeen and finds him in The washroom ( The bathroom section for girls and boys are different but Washroom Area is a big round room like place with wash basins and in the middle there is a small water fountain.)
Yaseen: Mubeen why are you sitting here all alone by yourslef don’t you have to introduce yourself to our new classmates…
Mubeen : I can’t go in class room like this .And points finger on his open shirt and shows him the broken button..
Yaseen ; How this got broke you hold a record for wearing proper uniform in school..So how this happened ?
Mubeen was about to say something when raqeeb comes from behind and says..
Raqeeb: Let me tell you and smirks…:p A girl broke her shirt’s button ..
Yaseen:Ohhhhh and they both laugh on mubeen naughtily …
Mubeen: was irritated but then started to laugh with them and says…You both wait I’ll make your uniforms proper too…

In class room ; Huda ask jasmene to meet everyone jasmene says whats the need of this you know I don’t give a damn shit about people…
Huda:Please meet them naa….
Jasmene: Says : Hey everyone and waves her hand a lttle …
Everyone: greets gr and welcomes her..All the boys were astonished with her beauty …

A Girl passing by jasmene slips and the juice in her hands falls on Jasmene ( Little)
Jasmene angrily..Really very good job….Thanks shit face..Huda where is washroom..
Huda: let me take you to….Jasmene interrupts her..
Jasmene: I asked where is washroom you don’t need to babysit me ..
Huda : was scared so she told her the directions…Jasmene goes toward the washroom…she reached the washroom door..and opened it..
Mubeen : Let me make your uniforms proper too and holds a bucket of water and runs toward th door where raqeeb was standing to throw on him…But raqeeb moves a side and jasmene enters at the eman time and water falls on jasmene..
Her clothes were fully wet She was stoned for a second her eyes were closed then looked up …Her eyes were looking like someone filled red volcano in them she saw 3 boys standing num…
Mubeen: Remember her clothes and says “Tum”
You are the girl who and looks at his shirt..
Jasmene: Shut up…What the hell is wrong with you boys I know very well that your type of boys don’t have any respect for others but this is the way you welcome a new student really or are you ragging me ?? But….She was interrupted as mubeen came forward and says..
Mubeen : You are asking me about my manners..Listen miss arrogant If I don’t had any mannes I would’ve let you fall and break your arms,legs head or even your attitude but I…Raqeeb interupted and says Please chill you both …Girl weare really sorry for this jasmene gives an agry look to mubeen and goes inside the washroom and takes tissue to clean herself..
When huda enters and sees the boys standing in the door of washroom..
Huda with a smile on her face : What happened Why yoooo…Her smile vanishes as soon as she notice jasmene….And she’s like OMG issey kia huva..
Yaseen: Tum iss lrki ko janti ho..
Huda..: Duhh Offcourse,,,She is my sister JASMENE…who specially came here to meet you idiot…
Mubeen,raqeeb and yaseen were shocked to hear that….The end…

Precap: Jasmene was feeling cold so she wears unknown person’r sweater ( Uniform: White shirt,jeans and green sweater for boys only girls don’t wear uniform :p ) And later she comes to know that it was non other than Mubeen’s sweater..

Thank you so much for giving your precious tikme to reading this..Sorry for any mistakes please comment positive so My unicorns will be very happy Love to all.. 🙂

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  1. Hey..the update was really good..and I’m really looking forward to read this story till the end..excited to read the next part and see the the three boy’s reaction on knowing who she actually is hehe..loved the chapter are brilliant jasmene…love you..bye and take care

    1. Thank you so much for commenting….Its been a day since I updated this episode but you are the only commentator till now..I was feeing so demotivated to update next chapter and I almost made my mind not to update anymore But your one comment motivated me to right the next episode…I will update next episode soon Only for you… 🙂 Thank you

      1. You’re welcome don’t ever feel demotivated…I know many people must be reading you story but maybe then don’t get time to comment..right? So don’t feel are awesome and don’t care about others dear..believe in yourself..and yes I love your story that’s why in my next update of “misconceptions” which is my story I’ll tell others to read your story..because you are awesome..and don’t even feel that you are less than you

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