You,Me aur Hum FF Part 12


Recap : Mubeen and jasmene gets stuck in a truck.. The driver refuse to take them back..Jasmene remembers her past..


#At mubeen’s home

( Yaseen,Huda,Raqeeb and samia were present at mubeen’s house )

( Huda was weeping and mubeen’s mother was consoling her and she said )

Mubeen’s mother : Don’t worry beta..Mubeen is with her and as long as mubeen is with jasmene nothing will happen to her..

Yaseen: You are right aunt but I think we should report a file in police station..

Raqeeb: yaseen I know you are tensed but that does’t mean you should lost your sense..

Yaseen : what do you mean raqi ?

Samia : Bhai means that we can’t file a report before 24 hours and its just been half hour since they’r lost..

Mubeen’s mother : Trust Allah he will protect both my children..You guys fresh n up I’ll make something to eat..

# At a dhaba ( Punjabi resturant )

Mubeen : I will go and ask someone about this place..

Jasmene : Toh jao na mujhe btana zroori hai..

Mubeen : Rassi jall gai ball nahi gaya.. Tum ek unknown jagah pr gum ho chuki ho phi bhi akarh dikha rhi ho…

Jasmene : Abb please bak bak bnd kro go nd ask where are we..

( Mubeen and jasmene both proceed toward the counter…There was an old woman aged around about 50 was standing there wearing red salwar kameez )

Mubeen : Excuse me..

( The woman turned her face and was smiling she was a jolly punjabi woman and said )

Woman : Aao ji aao …Ki haal ay

( Mubeen was a pakhtoon so he did’t understood what the woman said in punjabi )

Jasmene: Thanks..Um we will be fine agar aap bta dengi k yeh jagah konsi hai ?

( Mubeen looked at her surprisingly coz he did’t knewthat jasmene is punjabi )

Woman : Ohoo puttar ji today is very soecial day for me and my husband the owner of this dhaba..Its our 35th marriage anniversary ..everyhing is free today have a seat and eat something then ask questions…( She said this in punjabi )

Jasmene to mubeen : She is saying we should eta something as its free today…its their 35th anniversary ..

Mubeen to the woman : Ohh happy marriage anniversary mama but please help us we are here by mistake wanna go home how can we..

( Before the woman can say anthing she gets a call on telephone and she gets busy in talking…)

( Jasmene and mubeen was standing there when a cart passed by and splashes mud on her )

Jasmene : What the f**k..yukkkk hey you stop here ( but tthe cart left )

Mubeen : hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha wow what an aim… 😛

The old woman comes there and sees jasmene’s state…

Woman : Ohhoo your clothes are ruined there is a shower room for girls go there wash your clothes and take shower till then I will give this boy something to eat..

Jasmen goes and mubeen sits on a bench…

( Just then a boy and a girl comes on a bike..the girl was wearing a bridal dress the boy says o girl )

Boy : Waha’n ek shower room hai kisi lrki k kapre mile toh apni bridal dress utaar kr woh pehan lena aisey tumhare bhai mujhe pehchane ge nahi…

( the girl goes to the shower room and saw jasmene’s clothes on a door she sielntly takes off her bridal dress and wears jasmene’s clothes and leaves from there..)

Jasmene was done taking shower and she already washed her clothes but when she put her hand on door to take clothes she was hell shockes coz her clothes were not on door all that was there was a bridal dress…( A beautiful red silku lehnga with golden border and a short backless red silky blouse with golden dupatta full of zari work…) She had to wear that unwillingly )

( Mubeen was irritated as jasmene took so long he was looking here and there angrily but soon his anger vanished when she looked at jasmene running toward him wearing a bridal dress open wet long hairs she was not wearing any makeup but she was the most beautiful girl mubeen has ever seen )

Jasmene : Mubeen someone stole my clothes and left this there…

Mubeen ws lost in her beauty and did not hear what she said..

Jasmene…Helllloooooooooooo someone stole my clothes…

Mubeen came back into his sense and said : You should thank God at least she left her clothes there otherwise yoouuu…( Jasmene gives him an angry look )

An old man comes there and says…: I am the owner of this everyhing is free what you lovebird wants..

Jasmene ignored him and mubeen said…: I want to call at my home may I please..

The man permitted him…

#At mubeen’s home everyone was sitting there tensed just than Mubeen’s mother’s phone rang she picked it ..

Mubeen’s mother : Assalam o alaikum kon ?

Mubeen : Mama its me…mubeen

Mubeen’s mother get surprised and start asking questions everyone said put n speaker…

( Mubeen explained the whole thing to them and asked them not to worry we will be home soon and jasmene is with me safe )

everyone was relieved hearing mubeen’s voice…

Jasmene was asking mubeen to give her the phone she wanna talk to huda but mubeen hung up…

Jasmene angrily : How dare you ? Who you think you are.. I wanted to talk to sona I mean huda..

Mubeen : Don’t shout at me okay… Its free does’t mean we should waste the points…

Jasmene; khud bata kr rhe the tb waste nhi huve you are a selfish boy admit it..

Mubeen : Ok if I’m selfish then I will not take you with me I am leaving and you will go to home by yourself

( Mubeen started to leave..Jasmene thought for a while and started to shout loudly..)

Jasmene : Ohhh my god look at this selfish boy…. Aaj ghar se bhaga kar shaadi ki me ne sab kuch chorh iski wajah se yeh mujhe chorh kar jaa raha hai helppp me peopleeee….and she faked crying..

Mubeen looked at her angrily and confused and said : What are you doing ..what nonsense is this..

( The people started gathering…)

Jasmene faked crying and said : Kuch ghanto pehle jab zor zor se qubool hai qubool hai kr rhe the tb nonsens enhi laga abb mujhe chorh k jaa rhey hoooooooooooooo eeeee ( crying)

( some men asked mubeen what are you doing..shaadi ki hai toh nibha puttar chall …the were angry so mubeen decided to keep quite and went toward jasmene )

Mubeen : Drama queen…shaadi ka adha natak tumne kiya hai na baki ka me krunga just wiat and watch..

The old woman comes there and was surprised seeing jasmene in bridal dress and she said..

Woman..Menu te pata c ( I knew it ) You both love birds ran away from home to get married..

( It was their marriage anniversary so they arranged some punjabi dholki wale..who were playing dhol loudly…Mubeen went toward woman and said something in her ear…the woman looked at jasmene smilingly and said I will arrange it in 5 minutes..)

Jasmene was confused and asked mubeen : What you said in her ear ?

Mubeen puts his hand around her waist and pulls her toward himself and said : Just wait my dear bride You will know..

Jasmene was hell shcked by this behaviour of him..

#At Huda’s residence…

Huda was watching T.v in her room suddenly se gets a call from yaseen..

Yaseen: Don’t say anything…Don’t ask naything just get ready I’m taking you somewhere..

Huda: Okaay ( Smiles )

Huda gets ready in a beautifull red gown with black belt arounf her waist open short hairs …

( Yaseen was standing outside her house with a car..when he saw huda he praised her beauty and took out a red cloth and tied it around her eyes..huda was about to say something but yaseen said )

Yaseen : aa aa don’t ask anything …just come..

( Yaseen and huda arrived somewhere when yaseen asked her to open her eyes…she was amazed ..A beautifully decorated table with 2 chairs in middle of no where with beautifull lights )

Huda : OMG yaseen its so beautifull But whats the occasion am i missing somehting ?

Yaseen : Well yes you missed something today ..

Huda : what ?

Yaseen: Your smile 🙂 .. I know you were very tensed today for jasmene and you also cried allot so i thought to bring a beautiful smile on your face…See its almost 6 o.clock and its going to be dark soon so I planned a romantic dinner with you..

Huda hugs yaseen and thaks him music play and the both start to dance..( Zara zara behakta hai mehakta hai aaj toh mera tan badan me pyasi hun mujhe bhar apni bahooo me ay mere sanam meri kasam door kahi naaa jaaaa yeh doori kehti hai paas mere ajaaa reeeeeeee)

#At dhaba…

jasmene was still confused by the behaviour of mubeen ..then woman comes to them and says..

Woman.. puttar ji..jesa kaha tha waisa room ready kar diya hai me ne aap k liye..

Jasmene confusingly …Room kiskey liye and kyo ?

Mubeen .. Come on jasmene…You told everyone that we got married today so that means tonight is our wedding night…the soecial night Our GOLDEN NIGHT…

Jasmene was shocked as hell…she said but woh toh me…( the man started to play dhol loudly so jasmene’s voice was unable to reach to the woman..)

( Mubeen held jasmene’s hand and dragged her but she was pushing herself away form him so mubeen picked herand put on his should…and took her to the room and closed the door…)

#At raqeeb’s home…samia was studying in her room when she gets a call..

Unknown person : I want to meet you right away..

Samia.. I don’t wanna see your face..

Unknown persone… Come and meet me or else I will show the pictures and videos to everyone…

Samia gets scared and asks where should I come ?

unknown persone tells her the adress and she gets ready to go and leaves…

#At dhaba…

( Mubeen puts jasmene on bed and jasmnee was scared as well as angry and said )

Jasmene : yeh kia batmeezi hai ?

Mubeen : You should be thankful kyo k batmeezi toh mei ne abhi ki bhi nahi hai..

Jasmene was looking at him but then she looks down and realized what she did outside..

Mubeen : I knew k tum ek bamteez,bigri hui lrki ho par itna girr skti pari raho iss bed pr or mujhse baat krne ki koshish bhi matt krna…

Jasmene saty silent and lays on bed..

#At unknown place.. 2 shadows are shown…

Unknown person : I knew k tum aogi…

Samia.. What do you want from me now…

another shadow is shown of someone coming from behind and holding a stick…the shadow hits samia on her head and she falls down..

#At dhaba…

Jasmene was restless and was turning and tossing…when she turnes she saw mubeen sleeping peacefully on couch..

Jasmene to hersefl : Look at him jasmene how peacefully he can sleep..just because he has’t hidden something in his heart all his life…
And jasmene you have’t slept peacefully all your life…

( She tries so sleep she closes her eyes and some blur images appears infront of her eyes…small children shouting..Big metal pillars falling…voice of shooting guns…she cannot bear it anymore and she opens her eyes…she was sweating as if someone pu her in microwave …)

She opened the window it was dark everywhere and the moon was laughing at her…she looked at moon and said..

You ( Moon ) and I are both same..You have billion of starts around you but you are still lonely…I have billion of people around me and I feel lonely too..

I’m missing kabir …after many days i wanna hug him badly 🙁 …

They night passes and day smiled …:)

Episode ends…

Precap : Mubeen ,Jasmene,Raqeeb,Yaseen,Kabir ,Huda and heera joins hands and start searching for samia….

Thank you for reading this episode 🙂 I hoped you liked this Maha episode…If yes then please do comment because I spent almost an hour to write this episode .. I could’ve studied but I promised that I will upload this Maha episode soon so I did… 🙂 Please forgive me for the mistakes 🙂
Your unicorn girl.. Jasmene

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