You,Me aur Hum FF Part 10


Recap…Jasmene wears mubeen’s kurti…They go to school…Madam distributes various duties to students…

( he school time was over and the students were leaving for homes…and those who have duties were proceeding toward their places…)

Jasmene….I really don’t have time to spend on this kind of shit..I come here to study and that’s all I’m not a servant to do this ind of work..

Samia…Hhahahahaha…Its okay jasmene you will get used to this kind of work here…Its common in here…

Huda..yes jasmene please don’t create any issue ..

( Jasmene gives her an angry look, picks the posters and leave from there )

Samia….Your sister is bit arrogant but seems good at heart….

Huda..She was not like this but jabse pariss me woh…

( And she stops suddenly realizing that she is not allowed to say anything about that accident )

Samia doubtfully … Paris ? paris me kia huva tha ?

Huda…Uhh kuch nahi me toh bss..

Samia…Kahi tum 2011 me hone wale PPAS (Paris and pakistan’s Army school ) k attack ki baat toh nahi kar rahi thi …

Huda…Nahii pagal ho gai ho kia mei q baat karungi uski chalo chorho na yeh sab batein…posters lagatey hain..

( In ground )

Bilal over phone…Sab samajh gaye na me ne jo jo decorations ka samaan mangawaya hai mujhe 2 ghante me chahiye…( Disconnects the call)

Raqeeb was passing by and bilal stops him and says…..

Bilal…Raqeeb where are you taking these colors’s plates ?

Raqeeb …. am heading toward auditorium …Mubeen and yaseen are waiting for me there..

( Umer comes there greets raqeeb and bilal takes excuse from him and leaves with umer and raqeeb continue walking )

( Jasmene was sticking posters in a classroom …Huda comes there and says)

Huda…..Jasmene Please let me stick these posters here or else I would have to go to the auditorium and you know how many stairs are there..huh plzzz

Jasmene …Fine sona ( Gold ) I’ll go to the auditorium …but please finish this faster I’m already fed up..

( And jasmene proceed toward auditorium )

( In auditorium Mubeen,Raqeeb and yaseen were present only…It was a big auditorium with a big stage and 500 chairs around it…)

Raqeeb…Mubeen what happened last night ?

Yaseen…Haha ( and shuts up when mubeen gives him an angry look )

Mubeen…What could happen ?

Raqeeb…Well a girl and a boy were together in a house…should I explain what could happen ?

Yaseen…You are dialing wrong number raqeeb…Mubi is not interested in girls and you know that..

Mubeen…Please stop you nonsense and work faster or else I’ll throw all these colors on you..

Raqeeb…Yaseen yes I know he is not interested in girls..but that was before he met jasmene…As you know he was not interested in talking to girls,he never argued with a girl,never touched any girl…But jabse jasmene ai hai….he has changed

Mubeen…Please raqeeb its enough I bore that girl last night with very difficulty don’t spoil my mood by taking her name again and again.. or else I..

Raqeeb.. I what ? do this ?? ( And throw some color on mubeen )

Mubeen looks at his sweater…You B…wait a second…

( Mubeen picks some red color in his hand run behind raqeeb to throw it…and he throws color on him but when he saw raqeeb standing some where else…he realized that he has threw color on someone else..)

( She was standing there covering her face with the posters she was holding…a little side of her face was visible ( Cheek) and her cheek was red her neck was red and her frock around neck was also red…when she removed the posters she was jasmene..)

( Mubeen and jasmene was both looking at each other Bg ( Tujh sang bair lagaya aisaa…Raha na mei phir apne jaisa ..Ho raha na mei phir apne jesaa…Tera naam ishq mera naam ishq Yeh laaal ishq yeh malaal ishqqqqqqq)

Mubeen..What the hell are you doing here ?

Jasmene….And why in the world you think I will answer you..And look what have you done…Are you insane or what ??

Yaseen…Umm wait jasmene …actually mubeen was about to throw this color on raqeeb and you came between..

Jasmene…And i think that madam asked them to arrange colors not to play with them …

Mubeen ….woh main..( when raqeeb threw color on mubeen he took ff his sweater and tied it around his waist )

Jasmene…Naah its okay I don’t need any explanation from you…I am really known to your childish behavior …But I had to clean my face…

( She comes forward and stand close to mubeen….she put the posters on a chair and moves her hand toward mubeen’s sweater which was tied to his waist she opens it and cleans her face with his sweater while mubeen stands there and looks at her angrily…)

Raqeeb and yaseen were little shocked but they were enjoying watching it..:P

Mubeen..How dare you..tumne mera sweater or ganda kr diya..tuu ( he was interrupted )

Jasmene…You ruined my entire frock and threw color on me…I don’t like this festival and hate it when someone throw color on me and you should be thankful that I just …( she was interrupted )

Mubeen shouts…Shut up..Tum samjhti kia ho khud ko..Meri glti thi magar me sorry bolne wala tha magar tumhari itni auqaat nhi k tumhe koi sorry bole….

Yaseen…Mubeen calm down…

jasmene…No yaseen let him speak I wanna hear him out..Let him say whatever he want to…But ek baat sunlo tum Tumne mere sath jo jo kiya hai na uska badla me bohat jald lungi ( and she walks out form there )

Episode ends with mubeen looking at jasmene going angrily..

Precap…Jasmene and mubeen gets locked in a truck……They are stuck in a jungle…jasmene’s clothes gets stolen by a bride and she had to wear bride’s left clothes… 🙂

Hope you guys liked this episode..Do comment and tell me 🙂
And sorry for any mistakes….And sorry for the short update…
Your unicorn girl Jasmene… 🙂

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