You,Me aur Hum FF Part 1

Sorry guys i forgot to mention gender in my intro so here they are on special request..

Scene#1 A school is shown and a bustle in students is going ….3 boys are shown laughing and joking around suddenly of them truns and looks for huda he is yaseen..
Finally his eyes finds huda and he calls her to come here…
Huda:Hello boy whats up..
Raqeeb: Hi huda but first of all you tell us where is your superstar Jasmen…why has’t she came yet ?
Mubeen: Ohh please give her ( Huda) a break and let her talk to his special friend Yaseen..
(Both huda and yaseen feel shy)
Huda:No its not like that I mean nothing ohh mubeen please shut up…And yeah raqeeb i’m waiting for Jasmene’s arrival eagerly too..

Scene#2 A dashing white lamborghini is parked in school’s parking place…All the eyes were looking at it breathessly as if everyone wanted to ride that car…sudeeny the door opens and a girl’s half leg ( Till Knee) comes out she is waering flat long black boots on a tight blue jeans and then she comes our of the car her back is shown and according to fashion she is waering very light black loos shirt and her black bra can be clearly seen ( Its fashionabe) ..She has made a high pony tale with 2 blonde highlights in it…She is JASMENE….pink lips,light brown eyes,long hairs,and an arrogant attitude on her face..
scene#3 Mubeen and raqeeb both were in a hurry and was rushing towards the main gate there was so much bustle at the main gate that jasmene aready got irritated jasmene was walking towards the school and mubeen and raqeeb were rushing out in hurry when suddenly some other studen who was running blindly hit jasmene and she was about to fell when she hold Mubeen’s shirt’s first button’s opening…mubeen’s buttoon breaks and she was about fall down when he holds her…Jasmene was twisted so her back was in front of mubeen and her face was covered with her long healthi hairs so mubeen could not see her face…Jasmene gets up and withou saying sorry or lookig at mubeen she enters the school Mubeen was standing there angry as she broke her shirts button and did not even said sorry or thanks..
Raqeeb: I got it you are angry just leave her kapro se woh kisi ameer baap ki bigri aulaad lg rhi hai chorho woh kia sorry bolegi…
Mubeen silently walks out with raqeeb…
Jasmene: She was wandering in school here and there in search of huda but she was so lost and could not find her….but suddenly someone from behind covered her eyes…
Jasmene: What the f**k…Who the hell are you and how dare you toch me …She holds the hands to ake them away but suddenly a sweet smile spreads on his face as it was Kabir(J’s best friend) She said If i’m not wrong you are the douchbag jiski wajah se mujhe iss jhamele me parhna parha..
Kabir: Yuppp right as always ….and he is shown A handsome boy looking at jasmene with love in his eyes ( Best friend’s love) they both hugged each other..
Jasmene: Where is huda I want to beat the crap out of that girl …I’m so pissed off right now only because of her…
Kabir” Relaxe kar meri jaan…Come I’ll show you where is huda ..And he takes her..

Precap Mubeen throws water on his friend but it falls on jasmene instead…

Sorry for any mistake..Its my very first time writing and artical online so I don’t know how to write properly please veryone be kind enough to cooperate And please comment positive things..:) 🙂 It makes me happy and unicorns too..:p

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  1.’s so this is amazing..I’m also from Pakistan hehe..high 5..your story is live in peshawar?..I’m already your fan..this is awesome…so’s really amazing..even u felt a bit scared when I was writing my’s okay..bye love you

    1. No I don’t live in peshawar I live in saudi arab….But I’m Proud Pakistani…<3 Thank you so much for your comment it realy made my day…:) 🙂 Have a good day Bye…

      1. In saudi where do u live
        I too live in saudi (dammam)

      2. I live In Jeddah..:)

  2. it is nice jasmene u r going well

  3. awesome

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