You SS(SwaSan) Part 8

Part 8

Heya Babes is back again!

Continuation bot of them were still on the affect of the drugs and alcohol so Swara said: “f**k me harder my toy boy!” As he couldn’t think properly, he did whatever she wanted. In the beginning he went inside her slowly, but the she shouted: “oh yeah, harder please I want you in me more harder I want to feel you more and more.” He was kissing her everywhere, turned her, so she was lying on her back and went inside her from behind, while he was kissing her wet ass. He was going inside harder and harder, so he went out her which she didn’t like, so she started to seduce him, while she was sucking his p*nis, then she licked his abbs, she was licking and sucking every part of his, then turned her self while pulling him with her and now he was underneath her, she then sat on top of while she was thrusting his part inside her, with an faster tempo up and down, waking up his desires, he saw that there was a bathroom, so he carried her there, laid her down the shower, where he was again f**king her even harder than before, she was bleeding but she didn’t care. When he stopped, he started to give her love bite everywhere even on her pu**y, then her breats he was chewing every part of hers, after he stopped she started bite him every where even his dick, which was in her mouth and she was drinking his sperms. He was like: “oh baby do it harder.” Soon she turned onto her back and she parted her ass, so that he can f**k her from behind as well through her ass. They were f**king for hours and hours not getting enough of eachother. Then just was inside her while they were making out, moaning with pleasure and nothing else. They just lusted eachothed nothing else. They even made a deal that they will f**k eachother whenever they want, because her pu**y is his and his dick is hers. They marked eachother with the love bite, on her clavarage and his p*nis, she again started to suck his his dick as she loves the juice of it. He was licking her pu**y then he put two fingers of his into her, she was dying to have him inside her and he smirked at her. The she started to strip dance infront of him, he then went to her and licked every part of hers,  he was sucking her big boobs them he massaged it making her drool over him she went down on her knees and sucked his juice before f**king him again and again.

Laksh was hearing their “aahs!” “Mhms!” So he went inside, he was shocked to see that the girl, he likes was blo*dy f**king his own brother.
“What the f**k are you both doing?” Shekher roared in anger, SwaSan were shocked and Shekher just pulled Swara with him while he slapped her a few times.

Meanwhile at the Singhania’s Shekher drugged Swara and took her away from India to the US.

Precap: Leap of two years.

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