YOU SS ( Swasan ) Part 7

Part 7

Hola Babes is back with another part.

Sanskar was drunk but he heard a scream, so he was looking here and there to know from where the scream was coming, soon he found a path way, which was near the hut, where the scream was coming from there.

Meanwhile a drugged Swara was dragged into the hut by Sahil, while Laksh was trying to save her, but he failed as Sahil had hit his head with a stone, so Laksh was unconscious, Sanskar so everything and his anger reached its peak.

Sanskar kicked the door open, there he saw that Sahil was on top of Swara trying to kiss her neck and what else not. He went towards them and started beating Sahil up, iuntil Sahil couldn’t breathe. “Hahahhaha!” Swara laughed as she was drugged she didn’t inderstand what happened.

“Swara are you alright?” Sanskar asked her softly and she answered back: “yeah, I am Sanskar!”
“Lets go home Swara!” Sanskar said ans she said like a small child: “no, I don’t want to go home, I want to stay here, I want to feel your love, your kiss and your touch everwhere on my body, I just want you!” He was so lost in her words he didn’t notice when she pulled him closer. She smashed her lips onto his passionately, while they were kissing eachother they ripped eachothers clothes off. Their making out session started, he kissed her neck, br*asts, then they off her panties and his boxershorts after a while he was inside her and she shouted: “f**k me harder you bastard!” And he did what she said and soon they fell asleep and he still was inside her.

The next morning both of them woke up and were shocked seeing the result of the night before.

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