You r my Only My (Chapter 4)

Hiii people !!! I m back hope u all missed me . Here i came with my new epi …… thank u thank u so so much for giving me that much love .. I’m on cloud 9 ……. now enough of bak bak i known u all r waiting for my epi … so here goes and Kindly ignore wrong error…..


When I noticed that I get hell angry but why I m angry …… I don’t known why ….. why it’s effect me ….. ohhh!!!! God ….. leave it it’s her life she can do anything why I m thinking about her …. but …. I couldn’t stop my self suddenly my attention goes towards my phone it’s flashed Tia …… oh god …. what I m do with this girl …. she is just a head ack i can’t tolerate her ….. but I have to pick the call when I pick the call the most irritate voice …. And that name ohhh !!! “Shivaye baby” I thought do i look like a baby …. or something else she is such a head ack (guys this is my personal thoughts about that Shiavye baby?)
Pov end –

In phone
S- hello Tia
T- hello shivaye baby
S- how r u
T- I m fine baby and I have a good news for u
S- what???
T- no first u guess then I will tell u
S- oh!! Tia u known na i don’t like this things…. tell na i
T- aww!! My baby ok fine the good news is i m coming Mumbai tomorrow
S- what ????
T- haan!!!
S- I mean what u coming tomorrow that great
T- I known baby u feel happy …. ok!! Bye and yaa pick me up at 7:00 pm ok
S- ok fine Tia bye
T- bye shivaye baby

(Tia kappor- a pos+ character she didn’t have any interest in shivaye but her mother want that is why she is marrying him but she always prey one day shivaye will stop this marriage when shivaye fall in l9ve with someone one day )

Shivaye thought o m god this universe ki bachi is comming tomorrow i m tolrating her becoz of my deal after all she is Tia kappor…

Shivaye thought of anika disturbed by someone Knock….

May I come in sir
Sir this file is complete
Seeing here and there confirming that anyone another person is there or not and then said …
Yes sir its me Anika Sharma
Ya ya sorry …. now show me the file
What did u say
Ammm show me the file
Me before that
Before that *thinking and then said without his sense* sor… (bit tongue mentally thanks god for giving his sense in right time and now trying to change the topic) anika i m your boss show me the file got it
Ok sir giving him file …

Shivaye see file but he want a anwer but his mind is stopping his thoughts but his heart want a anwer when he is thinking he didn’t known that when he asked that question and anika’s expression is like *what he’s talking about and why* and that Q is –

Anika who is that man

Who ???

Vo.. vo the one who u r talking with….

Oh!! That my best friend karan

Oh !! Ok take this and do your work

Ok sir

She goes whispering “What happens to this Bagad billa …. billu is gonna mad ” she laugh on her thoughts

Did you say something
Controlling laugh say No sir
Ok go!!!

Now office work is done everyone is leaving but anika is thinking something and bumped with someone she closed her eyes due to fear when she realised that she is safe she opened her one eyes slowly…. then next and noticed that shivaye’s holding her by her wrist and anika tightly clutching his sport’s collar they r lost in each other’s eyes shivaye is mesmerized by her innocence beauty

Ooo jaana ooo jaana
Khuya khuya rahtha hai…
Dil tarp ye kah tha hai ….
Tu hai mere jine ki wajh…..
Ooo jaana…..

They broke their eyelock and feel awkward but when shivaye about to say something he cut off by karan

Hey !!! Anika chalo hum late ho rahe hai


Tum doono ek sath jaathe ho

Haan vo meri champa kharab ho gai hai na tho isliye aj karma m7jhe lift de raha hai


Hai champa ….. oho meri scoot !!!

What ?? Tumne apni scooter n.a. naam rkha hai

Haan !! Tho mai apni har pyaari cheez ka naam rakhthi ho jaase champa chmeli chik.. .. cut off by shaviye

Now who is chmeli ???!!

Chemli….. meri chaapal

What tumne apni chaapal ka bhi naam rakhahai unbelievable

Aare… cut off by karan …

Humy late ho raha hai anika chale (to shiavye) sorry sir par humy Abhi jaana hoga kal milthehai bye sir …

Oh!! Hai bye sir

Bye Shivaye said this with sadness and or somehow jealous also….

In parking area

Anika and karan talking and laughing on his bike anika tightly holding Karen’s shoulder and they goes…

Shivaye see this scene from far in his car and fuming in anger but confuse about his feeling but brushed off his feeling and he to goes …..
Shivaye also departe for om

In om
Shivaye’s room

He is lost in his room recollecting what happens in this days and getting restless thinking about anika and karan …… but his phone again disturbed him … but this time the caller name he see he got very happy a smile crep on his face …

S- hello


S- amazing wow


S- come soon i m waiting


Ok take care bye ….


Shaviye thoughts wow amazing finally …… I m very excited for tomorrow he smile and goes towards his bed and sleep he forget about anika and karan even Tia….. And goes in deep slumber…….

Who is coming ????


I told u na a suprise is waiting for u all so stay tuned with my ff i known today’s episode is not much good but next one i will make shiavika romance till then ….

Bye ???

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