You? Os….KKB

Abhi’s POV:

Broke up with tanu 5 years before! why? because i found my real love! i seriously hate this breakup factor but i had to because towards tanu i had infatuation! My love was only pragya! i can say Crush! always loved her! but i never confessed it! actually it was that we were doing MBBS! and today I m a doctor! i don’t know where is pragya and it was my mistake that I never confessed that I love her! actually it’s because we were never friends! she was in first year of MBBS when I was in 2nd year so I was senior! she was a book worm! she always used to study, i think she had no one in her family except of her mother and sister and she loved them! she was a quite girl of our University! to peruse her FCPS she left for london! and i guess she is there! she was never intrested in boys and we never talked, she was simple but different of all! One day i saw her in anger OMG she lookef like a balloon, I named her fuggy! seriously she was the sweetest person! i alwayd wanted her friendship but i had no guts to ask her you know why? thou she was simple and quite but once a boy asked her for the number and she slapped him twice! that really made me nervous to go to her and talk to her! well today I m leaving for Norway as there is doctor’s conference gonna attend it!

Well It’s time to board, I sat at my seat plane was about to fly and there was a last announcement for a girl! Miss Pragya arora, i didn’t paid attention ,I started reading magazine! We were in the air when i listened to a boy saying Mama Mama please i need a juice! but her mother said okay surely! the boy had very sweet voice and girl’s voice was similar ,i mean same of pragya, actually that gave me minor heart attack, but i couldn’t see the girl as she was sitting behind my seat! well the plane landed, i took my luggage and went directly to hotel! next day I was ready for conference , as it was in the hotel so it didn’t took me long time to reach there! I was about enter the conference room but i bumped into a girl, she said ouch! she looked at me and I looked at her, i was literally surprised because she was pragya, i really wanted to hug her but i think she didn’t realised that I m the senior ,Abhishek! how could she even remember me when i actually never talked to her! I just said sorry and she said okay! in the room i was continuously staring her! but whenever she looked at me i pretended to look somewhere else! The conference ended, I was talking to a senior cardiologist when she came and said Excuse me! I turned i thought she remembers who i m but unfortunately she came there to talk with cardiologist! I felt sad i wanted to talk to her but i had no courage! when she ended up talking with the cardiologist a boy came Runningly and hugged her, he said mama you promised me that today we will explore norway come na! i seriously felt sad, i didn’t knew how but i gathered some courage and went to them! I said Miss pragya? she replied Hey Mister Abhi! hey wait wait wait she knew my name? I asked her that You know who I m? she nodded yes! I said oh! well wow your son is too cute! but you don’t look like mother i mean you are too young! The boy laughed and said uncle, you are flirting with moma? I felt so embarrassed but pragya too laughed so I said No Mister I…… but the boy said She is not my Real mother she adopted me just a year ago! Pragya said don’t you ever dare to say that i adopted you, you are my own son! Got it? yeah yeah said the boy! I felt relived so I said Thank God in the flow! but then i changed the topic and said pragya so when will you marry? OMG seriously that was stupid question I asked but to my surprise she said the day you would confess your feelings! I seriously had no idea! just then the boy said See na mama papa is dumbo! I was so happy at that day, and i realised love is never said or confessed it’s just FELT!


Guys don’t try to guess me! i m not new! but please do comment ?

Credit to: Secret!


  1. Vaishali

    awesome one no words to say it was brilliant just just loved it amazing is I hv read whomever u r I became as ur fan pls upload it os’ s more yaar pls pls…..

  2. Rose

    Ooooo seriously u just rock it yaar…….superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb os uaar…..wowwwww luvly……… to d core……..

  3. Riya

    Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! That was soooooo Cute and THE ENDING was Amazing!!!!!And Di I found U ! I hav so many Di s But I don’t want to disclose it ! I just wanted to say only one thing Keep giving many Wonderful updates of yours ……….Make us feel Happy………..And hav a Great Future !!! Love u Di!!!!

    • Riya

      Sry i made a mistake
      I dont want to disclose my Di’s Name
      And Di as u said Love is never said but felt……Likewise I found U as soon as i read the First few lines ………And u deserve A Hug frm this sis for giving such lovely updates!!

      • secret

        Riya that’s really sweet of you but like if you have guessed me then tell me who I am? ?

  4. Varsha

    OMG!!! what a os yaa it was fantabulous…..seriously no words to say it was awesome…..i loved it…keep going…give us more os…..

  5. durga

    Hey really it’s awesome yaar n sooooooooooo cute episode yaar no words to say it’s really fabulous i just loved it a lotttttt

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AMAZING…….The Concept is Entirely Different…….. Loved it to the Core……..Really Such a Beautiful FF………& About guessing You……I don’t think that U R a stranger to me…….You R my Best Frnd…….& Pehle bhi thune kaha dha…..” Love is Never Said or Confessed….It just Felt”…….Tho thujhe bhi mein pehchaan liya……..THE ONE & ONLY ” SURBHI “……….

    • surbhi

      oye Reshma pagal hai kya ? ye mai nahi hoon Wakai me aai ji shapath mai nahi hun ye somiya ho sakti hai ??? par mai to definitely nahi hoon

  7. surbhi

    ok so I am a bit confused that who r u but I have to say that u r outstanding above from the expectations u really deserve this ????????????????????????????? now please don’t be secret anymore and just say it who r u because the fantabulous one should never be behind the curtain so tell us please

  8. ohhhhh dr u r breaking frndsp rules no secrets in frndsp sooo my IB I know its uuuuu dr I said naa ur a package of craziness ani nly u can do dizzz but really u nailed it awesome superb fantastic marvelous incredible outstanding wait wait hw can I forget my fav words fr uuuu ur just IMPOSSIBLE ND UNPREDICTABLE U RULE MY HEART LV UUUU FR DIZZZ

    • Maya

      Haha its not me yr… Anyways this OS was so superb! Wonderful and of course it was Awesomely awesome?????Keep going like this!!

  9. Sharaya

    It’s awesome and I like that little boy when he said ‘moma papa is so dumb’ he is so correct I will agree with you and who are you man? I’m so curious to know you

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.