1 Hearing my LOVE
Love is weird. Does it happens only once. ?? Well this story answers to this question ..
Its about Rhea a girl from a small city. Her mother died at an early age..
She stays with her baba whom she loves the most.
And a guy called Kabir who loves his parents and her best friend Kiya Thakur.
Rhea is gifted a pair of beautiful anklets by his father. She loves them a lot.
Kabir on the other hand is leaving for his medical college. They get into a car driven by his bestie Kiya. They drive at a quick pace and almost meet an accident with an uncle. Rhea sees this and shouts at both of them. She cant see wrong happen anytime. Kabir tries to see who shouted but fails. But he hear the sound of the anklets.
He reminisces what his late father told
He hears the sound of the same anklets but thinks he might be hallucinating.
But this is no hallucination. It is Rhea who is trying yo find out her class
She finds an arrogant girl fighting with a small town girl.
You don’t knw who I m. I am Kiya Thakur. So better mind ur tongue before you speak
Rhea goes b intervene telling her that its everyone’s college. And that whatever she is saying might hurt someone. Just then a teacher enters and asks what’s the matter.
Kiya frames Rhea and she gets punishment to clean the library
Poor Rhea…
When she leaves just then Kabir enters he again hears the sound of the anklets…..
I ll continue if you like it ?

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  1. Plz… Continue yaar its awesome
    I love such love stories

  2. Guyys it’s not yo but to sumwhere ..
    I just wrote this in a hurry so sorry fr the mistakes no the blunders I made
    Love yaa ???

  3. Oh god agar small town ladki hai tho kya some one thinks they dont have maner at all but it is wrong….. all r humans na… nice strt dr…

  4. Very nice episode, please continue your story, ,eagerly waiting for the next episode

  5. Great going n awesome story..
    Plz continue plz…

  6. Nice intro…Epi too was nice..ALL D BEST FOR UR STORY..eagerly waiting for next part..Update soon..Take care ?..

  7. Haha m ur fan awesome opening epi
    Loved Rhea she fights for the truth
    And Kia is very mean
    All have right to speak that’s really selfish of kia

  8. Ty guys fr liking it..
    That meens a lot to me..
    I posted the nex chap which is yet to come..
    Excited about your reactions
    Love you…?

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