You & Me (Chap-11) ~ Kanchi fs by ArpitaKrish

YOU & ME (Chap-11):

Recap: Sanchi became head intern. Lets see next.

Today starts from here,

In Canteen,

“Sanchi became head intern so she will give treat to all interns.” Veer announced.

“Yeah guys… what you want….I will give the bill.” Sanchi said supporting Veer.

Veer and Ishgya were enjoying too. Sanchi was also talking to them. Just then her phone beeps.

“7 Pm. I’ll wait for you.”

She smiles reading msg.

“What happened Sanchi?” Pragya asked.

“Nothing.” Sanchi replied hiding her smile.

Whole day passed. It was 7 pm. Kabir was waiting for Sanchi in his car. Sanchi came.

“What happen Kabir?”


“Where we are going by the way?”

“You gave treat to everyone except your boyfriend. So I’m giving myself.”

“Ohh…..its not like that. Tell me what you want?”

“I’ll tell you later.”

He starts car and both reached to a restaurant.

They took their seat and gave their order.

After finishing dinner. They came outside.

In opposite direction a club was there.

“Kabir….lets go”


“To that club”




“Ok…..dont talk to me then.”

“Okay….don’t be angry….lets.”

Both went inside. They both were dancing.

“Kabir….one thing more.”


“I want…..want…”


“I want to drink wine. Just one sip please.”




Both went to the counter. Kabir’s phone starts ringing. He went outside to take call.

Sometimes later, Kabir came to the counter. Sanchi was not there. He starts worrying then his eyes caught her. She was going out of club. He quickly went to her. She was stumbling.

“You told that you will take one sip only.” Kabir scolded.

Sanchi was not in her sense. She sits on road and starts crying.

“My boyfriend is torturing me.” She shouts.

Kabir shuts her mouth becoming shocked. He lift her and made her sit inside the car.

“You are kidnapping me?” Sanchi asked innocently.

“Yes.” Kabir replied in teasing way.

She again starts crying.

“My boyfriend is kidnaping me.” She again shouts.

Kabir kept his finger on her lips. They both have eyelock.

Kabir came in sense because of Sanchi’s phone ringtone. Kabir picked.

“Sanchi, we are going home and tu bhi ghar chali jana.” Isha said and cut the call.

“Home??? In this situation.” Kabir became tensed and starts the car.

In their way, Sanchi was staring Kabir. Kabir smiles.

They reached Mishra mension.

“How she will go inside. If anyone saw her in this situtation then problem will create. I should call Veer.” Kabir thought.

Kabir called Veer and told him whole matter.

(Malhota’s also lives in Mishra mension)

Veer came and open the door.

“Everyone are sleeping. You can took her to her room.” Veer said.

“Sanchi, you will keep silent now.”


“Kabir took her into her room.”

She sits on bed. He open her sandals.

“Kabir…..I can speak now?”


“What you want in treat?”

Kabir smiles.

“Will tell you later Sanchi.”


“Now bye. Good night.”

He kissed on her forehead and went.

Sanchi sleeps.

To be continued……

Sorry for short update and poor english?

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  1. Amazing…..short but its ok……and post soon…

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    Superb.. Next time post a long episode.. Waiting for the next update..
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  5. Amazing episode, please post next part soon nd make it long update.

  6. Ziyarasheed

    Muahhh….what an episode. Loved the drunk pouty sanchi. Kabir should have asked for his treat then and take promise she will give it to him when in sense. Any way can’t wait for the ‘treat’…

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    wow it was great updates Now after read that i’m going to sleep peacefully with kaanchi’s dream good night dear bye tc.

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