You got that one thing (Part 4)


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Kriti : Rago tu ne kya kia..He doesn’t like when girls calls him bhaiyya and on top of that you are calling him driver
Ragini : I’m sorry I’m sorry…
Virat : You know Miss Ragini..
Ragini was continuously tapping her head the notes which she had in her hand
Virat :It’s enough Gini ..don’t worry. Dont trouble your notes..I’ll definitely give you punishment
Virat drives to nearby ice cream shop
Virat :Riti.. you go and bring 3 Belgian chocolate ice cream
Ragini :4 ..for Maa also..ragini said this in a scared voice
Virat : Yes know ice cream is for me ,riti and mom..and none of us will give it for you and this is the punishment
Riti goes to bring
Ragini gives him a death glare
Ragini (in mind )( he called me baby…and this much angry..I’ll give him a nick name..angry bird ..wait ..usually bird is said for girls…let him be aggressive animal…oh it’s a long name..and in animal both female and male are let me name him as Tolu… are great gini..oh no ragini..but Gini sounded good from his mouth)
Virat :Everything sounds good from my mouth …
Ragini was in shock :Did I tell anything loudly Tolu
Virat : No …but you were continuously nodding your head so I thought..and I know you are thinking about me…and what Tolu..
Khabbardar agar mujhe nickname rakhe you know how I hit six and four..same consequence will happen
Virat and ragini give death glares to each other.Before they could say anything to each other.
Kriti comes..
Virat : Let’s go and eat it at house
Ragini : But it will melt..her water had been watery by seeing those.
Virat : Don’t worry gini..we are the one who are going to eat and look the house came.
He parks the car and all three go inside.
Maa was sitting on sofa..Trio came and sat there
Maa : Kriti and ragini how was the class today ..
Kriti and ragini : good Maa
Ragini : today they taught the mathematical skills ,ancient history one chapter got over and..
Virat and kriti were eating ice cream
Maa :Bas beta ..take this she gave ice cream to ragini
Ragini (Looked at virat): Maa aap Yeh ice cream pyar se deh rahi he na
Maa : ha beta..tu kah tu sahi
Ragini :If someone here will not get angry then I’ll eat
Kriti :it’s for you rago..Maa doesn’t eat..bhai was just joking
Ragini : Thank you…

Precap: Ragini to enter Virat ‘s room confusing it to be kriti’s and complaining to him about him

Shall I continue.ff.

Credit to: Aneri

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