You Complete Me…(Raanchal ff by cocolove)- Shot 7

(Anchal’s POV)
The court case begins as I move towards the front and stand facing Ranvir, while his dark brown eyes stare at me with subtle emotions. My voice cracks a little bit, I’m nervous but then I gaze at the sight of my mum, who smiles at me encouragingly.
Come on, my inner conscience, we got to do this.
I flaunt the blue file I so confidently grasped in my hand and wave it in front of the judge. “Judge saab, this is the proof that Mr. Raichand is after all this heinous crime of raping Meenu Mudgal.” I give the file to the judge, as he flips through it as I continue. “It’s the proof that contains saying that on Meenu’s dress, there was a hair strand which belonged to Ranvir, which has been proved through DNA tests. Also, there are witnesses who agree to have been seeing Mr. Raichand giving Meenu a lift. In the file, there are pictures taken from a CCTV recording footage from the Raichand industries.” I pause, calming my nerves for a sharp breath. “Furthermore, I firmly beleive that Mr. Raichand is an arrogant industrialist, another scheme-maneuvering, revenge-plotting and dirty pleasure seeking man, who has fallen way below his standards of a respected citizen to commit this crime. The power and money which comes with this status, has made him so over confident that he still believes he can get away. Because he is the great and the one and only Mr. Ranvir Raichand, the heir to Raichand industries, who can control a person’s life and also sell it for any price he wishes. An industrialist who has a shadowed personality of a mastermind criminal.”
The Judge nods as I regain my seat and gather my harried nerves. I feel Ranvir’s eyes looking in my direction and I avoid his gaze. God, why can’t he just look away?
“Okay, now the lawyer representing Mr. Raichand can come forward.”

Just as the lawyer comes forward, the doors open with a bang and the reputed a*sh*le, Mr. Kabir Raichand enters looking ever so dumb. Oh god, an advice for a plastic surgery to wipe off that dirty grin would have to be given. Does he think he looks cool with it?
He jogs across my way as he waves like a toddler. My face turns into a frown, while he laughs pathetically at my reaction. Same for your dumb-ass grin, fidget spinner raichand.
“Hello, Judge Saab,” He speaks, when I stand up and protest.
“the honorable Judge, this is unfair. Any person cannot walk inside a courtroom like this. This is illegal and unjust…” Kabir comes over to me as he smiles.
“Don’t worry babe, I love illegal things.” I look at him with utmost hatred as I fist my fingers to bash his teeth when The Judge tells him to sit down.
“Lekin Judge saab, meh Bade ka lawyer hoon.” He turns and smiles at a composed Ranvir, who stares at him unfathomably. “And I have all the evidence which proves our s*xy lawyer, Ms. Anchal Srivastav completely wrong.” He moves forward to provide a pendrive that he had been carrying.
“I just have one video clip, which I got from a cafe near Meenu’s house. If the Judge gives permission to play this clip, may I?”
The Judge hesitates but slowly nods, as I look on, curious. What have this sibling duo done now?
The clip plays as it is clearly seen that a black, suave Mercedes with the Raichand logo on it stops opposite to the cafe and an unharmed Meenu gets off the car. Gasps can be heard across the courtroom while I stare dumbfounded. As the car leaves a hooded figure arrives who reveals himself to give Meenu scissors with which she cuts her clothes and scratches her skin. I close my eyes as reality shatters me from within.
Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?
“Judge saab, no rape had happened. It had been a pre-planned scheme to trap Bade.The man in the video is the other witness to this Meenu’s fake allegations.” His words drawl into a snarl, as I shiver. No, no, no..this can’t be happening.
The door opens again as a man who is handcuffed is dragged into the courtroom. “This,” Kabir continues, “Is Raghu Tevade, the man who was Meenu’s boyfriend. Tell us, you bastard, what you did!”
“Saab, I’m Meenu’s boyfriend. I used to work in raichand industries but then Ranvir removed me due to some allegations against me. So, I decided to plot against him and demand for a ransom.”
The Judge listens speculatively as he writes down his statement.
“I hereby proclaim Mr. Ranvir Raichand to be set free and all allegations against him to end. His innocence is proved and so, Raghu Tevade and Meenu Mudgal will be arrested soon. Case closed.”
My knees gave way as I fell onto the floor, with a thousand lies in front of me. What should you beleive when so many of them say different things? What do you choose? How do you live without knowing the truth?

(Ranvir’s POV)
Kabir comes upto me as the courtroom clears. He hugs me tightly while I smile.
“Bade, we won!!!” He exclaims, like the immature youngster he is. Mom comes and caresses my face softly as Dad looks on, tears brimming in his eyes.
“I knew you could never do anything wrong, that my Ranvir can never do anything wrong.” She cries and kisses my forehead.
She must have been heart broken to sob like this. Wow, some things can alter people so much, it’s unbelievable.
As Kabir screams about partying, my eyes trace the broken figure of the limelight lady. Ms. Anchal Srivastav. One heck of a wonder ride she is.
Oh, yes. A wonder ride worthy of…”immeasureable money”, just in your words, Ms. Srivastav.
As Kabir circles her, while she picks up her file like broken peices of her soul, I order Kabir to stop. Kabir stares at me and then shrugs to move away as I make my way to her.
“A lot of courage you have Ms. Anchal. Please save it for later because this battle is not over. We have not evened it out between ourselves. For all the pain you have given, you must bleed a little too, right?”
She speaks nothing, while her kajal streaked eyes glance at me with some sort of felt pain, that shears through the skin and pierces the soul. Her eyes begged for answers and perhaps time, to grasp the truth and be aware of the realization.
Something unknown within me sparks, a flicker of sorrow, that stuns me as well and I decide to forget about it as I move out of the room, with my family following suit.
We make our way out of the courtroom as the huge Lamborghini arrives to take us and a hoard of reporters tackle us. our private bodyguards arrive and take care of it and I look behind to see Anchal, with her mum and brother as they stayed silent, even when all the news agencies screamed in loud voices demanding answers.
Can’t they leave her alone?
But why am I bothered? She is not mine, she is my enemy then why these emotions to run up and console her?
I calm myself, while repeatedly telling myself to forget about her. Just as I get into the car next to Kabir, a gunshot echoes, loud enough for the buzzing atmosphere to turn into chaos and panic.

(Anchal’ POV)
They are all lined up, the reporters, the local people and Ranvir Raichand staring at me from far in his posh Lamborghini demanding why. Asking questions, to which the answers never end. Like the trauma that I am suffering. I can see myself among them questioning my own actions to support a case which had already had an opinion even before it had reached the courtroom. All the Raichand supporters, all of them against me, including my soul.
Yes. Mr. Raichand. I’m sold, for the truth. The truth that now stands in front of me, laughing at the mess I have become.
I can’t bear it, I can’t…I need to get way before…before I…
Aman’s and Mom’s voices shout at the reporters to go away, as they slowly disperse while I walk, like a pale ghost.
I need to get away before I..before I die….
A gunshot, so powerful pierces through my shirt as it shatters my already crumbling reputation as the blood oozes out. But I don’t feel anything because all this pain has made me so numb already…
Mum’s screams reach my ears as I prepare to fall. People are shouting and running as I feel strong arms bracing my waist and lifting me tenderly.
“Put me down…I want to fall..” I whisper as my eyes blink to get rid of the blur. I see him, Ranvir, his crisp white shirt now a shade of crimson as his jaw clenches.
“I can’t, because I need you to even the deal between us, remember?” His voice comes out hoarse, as he pulls me closer to his chest, so close I can hear his heart humming a gentle melody.
“Even death can’t separate that pact, Ms. Anchal. I’m not letting you go without completing your part. I’ll never let you do that.”
Then why hurt me? Why this pain? Why this gap of truth? If what I thought and deemed about you is not true, then what is?
Who are you in reality, Mr. Raichand?
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