You Complete Me (Ishra, Rivanya, Abhigya) (Epi-1)

thank you so much for the comments and likes on the character sketch , sorry for posting this a bit late 

A beautiful girl is seen singing  and a big crowd is seen cheering her . the crowd was continuously cheering  SHIVANYA SHIVANYA

Yes the girl was none other than shivanya mehra

. she ended her song and her concert and went down when she found some of her fans waiting for her autograph .she gave her autographs

She then went to her hotel room . she heard somebody hearing a loud music in the next room . she smiled and went out for she wanted to enjoy some real air

She went out  to talk to her dadi

She called her dadi : dadi , meri concert katham ho gayi  , i want to enjoy delhi more , i am  coming back tomorrow ok ?

Dadi : ishita and abhi are already missing you dear

Shivanya : awww…but yesterday only i came here how can i  come back without doing some shopping and some sight-seeing .

Shivanya  kept walking  as she talked . she did not where she was walking .suddenly she  bumped into someone .

She looked up to find a handsome man , she said i am sorry and walked back .  the  man kept on looking at her

Suddenly he held her and pulled her closer .

Shivanya : kar kya rahe hai ap ?

The man smiled  : look behind , you have reached the swimming area and you would have ended up in the pool if i had not held you and pulled you

Shivanya smiled sheepishly  : i am sorry

The man forwarded his hand  : ritik singh raheja  , and i never thought today i would meet you today , i was at your concert today , and waited for you in the long queue of fans but i got an urgent call , the last song that you sang today made me remember my parents , you sang that song so well

Shivanya felt happy at his compliment , thousand people compliment her but this compliment made her feel soo happy , why was that so , she thought . she smiled .

Shivanya : so your parents…?

Ritik : my biological parents are no more , i am lucky to have got my parents , who have loved me thousand times more

Shivanya : oh , thats good

She went away after she said this

Why was this man so attractive she thought and thinking of her  ritik she smiled  . she went inside her room and shut the door

It was 12 o clock

. shivanya was sound asleep

She heard  her doorbell ring .

She was surprised to see two most important people of her life standing there  , a beautiful girl stood there with her favourite  cake and a  handsome boy with a bunch of her favourite flowers

Happy birthday shivu  they shouted

Shivanya was surprised , she  smiled and hugged the girl

Shivanya : you guys are the best , i am the luckiest girl in this whole universe

Ishita : and you  are the best younger sister one can ever get

The boy : so what about me , when you sisters meet you guys forget me totally

Shivanya hugged the boy and said , abhi bhai , you are the best brother one could ever ask for…

Abhi smiled and they three shared a hug .

shivanya cut the cake while her sister and brother sang her birthday song

then they took selfies together

To be contiued….


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  1. Jasminerahul

    shivanya’s intro with the concert was grand.Mouni is a good singer.She n Divyanka had taken part in celebrity singing reality show long ago.Shivanya bumping into Ritik ,ritik pulling her closer to save her from falling into the pool was lovely.what if ritik couldnt meet shivanya personally at the concert hall…?he had a grand meeting with shivanya later.loved it.Shivanya getting attracted to Ritik…wow.Abhi Ishita celebrating Shivanya’s birthday was so cute.Calling her Shivu was cute.All pics were nice.I’m surprised to see Abhi Shivanya,Shivanya Ishita cute

    1. Varshini

      thank you so much , shivanya abhi picture actually had , sriti jha in it . i cropped that pic ?

  2. B_Ani

    awesome episode varshu… hope i can call u that.
    all pics were real cute esp the one with abhi and mouni. ritik shivanya pic was also nice… but this was so short. post longer ones.

    1. Varshini

      thank you so much di ? , ofcourse you can call me varshu . will post a longer epi in the next update

  3. Nice start. Waiting for the next.

    1. Varshini

      thank you ? , will update next one soon

  4. nice update

    1. Varshini

      thank you ?

  5. Nice intro and pics are nice. I wish I can get longer update

    1. Varshini

      thank you , sure will post longer updates

  6. Elina

    Nice start i througly enjoyed the one..
    Waiting for your next update..

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