You Are The One (Chapter 18)

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They took their seat, having a distance of a round table between them, facing each-other. Eyes filled with hurt, face shadowing by the anger n betrayal. Both stared at each other, equally affected. He, with a thought of betrayal from her side n she, with a piercing touch of the broken pieces of her so-called love, a hopeless stare.

“Let’s come straight to the point, what’s ur planning, in brief?” He, in a cut tone.

“As u r asking me this question, I’m sure there is a source of it, so what is the need of my words, when u can go with ur own.” She, rudely.

“Questions needs answers in return.” He, bit irritated.

“There r some questions which got questions in return n ur question comes under the same.” She, in an uncaring manner.

“R u trying to play with my temper, girl?” He, curtly.

“Actually, u know what, u r really an intelligent person, always right in guessing.” She mocked at him.

His mind took a turn with that, he jerked up, off his place n moved towards the cabinets. After a little while, he returned, with a bottle of whisky n two glasses.

He poured the content into the rock glasses, add three ice cubes in it n offered her. Her mind pulled her back to the past, a sweet moment.

“I don’t need that.” She, looking at nowhere.

“Afraid of the probability of spilling out ur some plannings in it’s affect?” He, smirking at her.

N her so called ego took the control over her mind, she grabbed the glass n gulped down the content in one go. His jaw hung down seeing her act.

“Satisfied, now ask whatever u want to know n just end this all, I want to go my home.” She, annoyed.

A sweet smile played on his lips looking at her annoyed expressions. A full on heavenly feeling he is relishing, at this moment, n would like to be with, all his life.

“Seems like someone forgot the rules regarding how to have a drink.” He, pointing towards the same phase she was thinking about.

‘There is no point of going back to the trap again.’ Her mind.

“It’s OK, I’ll make sure u’ll remember the moments of the past, which is especially with me, in ur future, n for now just tell me y n how have u played all ur games with me? Must say, a solid plan but pity for ur wrong choice of the person.” His, sarcastic remark.

Something flowed inside her nerves raisins her temperature all of a sudden, head become heavy n her mind began to numb, slowly.

“Just like what u r thinking. U were a fool whom I easily trapped in my web as I’m a clever whore, so like that all the things happened, smoothly.” She, with her not-so-cooperative tone n voice.

His mind stuck at her stinging words, which his mind couldn’t digest a bit hearing from her as he want a simple explanation for all her deeds. Yes, he want a genuine explanation because he know that he can’t be able to live his life, without her, completely. Yeah, at the nick of time his negative sense controlled over him but now his positive sense couldn’t able to see her as the one, he thought.

‘Her innocent face can never lie, her pained eyes can never lie, n all the words against herself by her own r just nonsense.’ His +ve sense.

‘Don’t trust her. She is a cheat. She, herself accepting her mistake. Just focus on ur goal now.’ -ve sense.

“Is this ur 1st time or ….?” He, coldly.

Her head spun around in the affect of his question more than the drink n she took the hold of her head by both of her hands.

‘He is really a stupid, idiot n emotionless jerk. No sense of emotions, relations n an important thing ‘trust’. How in the hell, I fell for him n crossed all the limits, just in a blink.’ The thought stung her eyes n tear streamed down her eyes.

“Very good question Mr. Sanskar Maheswari. But, I would like to tell u, feel free as u r the opener of the game. U r the 1st one to get trapped n explore by me.” She cried out in an extreme rage.

He saw her, drowned fully into tears. She is hurt, he feel looking at her n his heart pained more in reciprocation. But there is something stopping him in the midway, the adamant side of her n sharp n stingy words.

“I know that very well. I’m the one u slept with, for the 1st time n there will be only me for ever. Now, cut the crap n just tell me once, did u love me, ever? or, Do u love me?” He, gravely.

She let out a laugh, full of sarcasm, looking at his face, as the liquor was getting high on her.

“Love, right? Now, tell me one thing, did u love me, ever?” She, copied him.

His eyes tightly shut, n a clear frown covered his face.

“How can u expect answers from me without having ur own?” She, observing him.

“I have to be answered first if looking at the question?” He, avoiding to answer her.

“We r not in any race, Sanskari(addition of S.M. in her inebriated state) so stop behaving like a competitor n try to answer my question.” She, resting her head on the table.

“I loved u..” He, in a cracked voice, “love u, till now.” muttered in his breath.

“Then, what about ur fiancée. U r all ready to get married with her, right? Then, how can u blamed me?” She.

“I never loved her. I can’t love her. U r the one, I fell for, for the very 1st time in my life but…” His face shadowed with a flash of her with that guy, “..u betrayed me, with that man.”

“Liar! how can u say u loved me, u never loved me. Whatever u have done with me, after that I cant believe ur words anymore.” She, “N u r pointing on me right, then what about u? U r also betraying ur fiancée?” She.

Reality stroke him.

‘Yeah, u r also playing with someone’s life.’ soul.

‘But, I was supposed to break that relation after proposing her, my angel but what she did?’ mind.

“About her, there is nothing to talk about.” He, frustrated.

“Then, u also stop ur interrogation about my champ.” She, in a sleepy tone.


“Lucky.” She, in a whisper.

His head buzzed up with that, ‘my champ’ mind registered n blood boiled inside his nerves.

“Ok, then listen clearly, I don’t have any feelings for her. I engaged to her only because to expand my business to next level, by using her properties as a liquidity for my benefit. The marriage was nothing but just a deal for me n she was a key to my success.” He, blurt out all in a fit of rage, n then something melted down in him looking at her, “She never made me fall for her but u did, in ur very 1st day.”

“Ummm, just without looking at my face, right but u also don’t know me….” She muttered in a low voice n stopped.

“What, now tell me about u n that bastard. Whats the relation between u two? Come on, tell me.” He, restlessly.

But nothing came out in response from her side. His, now out of control posture erected n a hand shook her a little in an attempt to know the answer, but then he realized that she was fell into the world of slumber. He felt a light n warm touch to his aching mind, seeing her angelic face, in a deep sleep. Everything vanished in a thin air n only her sweet appearance mattered for him, for now.

He took her in his arms n stepped inside the room. He placed her on the bed, where they made love, just a while ago. Something ruffled inside of him n a satisfied smile covered his lips looking at her dear face.

‘Whatever be the tomorrow, just live in the present, she is here, with u, all urs, just relish the moment.’

N, he too lye down beside her, looking at her, with full of love.

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