You Are The One (Chapter 28)


It’s the day of reception, after 2 days of marriage. Her eyes searched for someone desperately, as soon as she entered inside the small crowd n found him at the corner, conversing with someone. She moved towards him n reached there with her small steps but instead of speaking a word, her eyes widened in shock.

“Hey gorgeous! whats up?”

“Jared! U, here?” She, dazed.

“Oh god! show some decency to welcome ur guest first.”

He hugged her warmly n she too respond back, tensed, looking at the man, standing right there.

But to her surprise, he stood still, avoiding gazes.

“Hey guys, u carry on, I’ve something important, so excuse me.” He left the place, hastily.

She was confused by his sudden unexpected act.

‘Is he ignoring me? He didn’t even talked to me once.’ Her mind buzzed up.

“I’m here in front of u, then where r u lost, beautiful?” Jared’s tacky words pulled her back.

“No..” She stammered for the suitable excuse, “Actually, I want to know, when did u reach here? U didn’t informed me? N here?”

“OK, then let me tell u, I called u for, god knows, how many times but ur no. wasn’t reachable n I got ur call at last, a week back but then realized the caller was Mr. Maheswari. I was shocked at first but he talked to me nicely n invited me for a visit, too. I reached here today morning n he invited me here, so I’m here. Anything else?” He gave her a questioning look.

“Oh.” She, surprised.

“Is there something going on between u two?” He, inquisitively.

“Lets talk about something else.” She, slyly.

“So, I’m right. hfff” He huffed, placing his hand on the left side of chest, “Finally, u broke my heart, gorgeous.” in a low voice n chuckled.

“Stop acting.” She smacked on his biceps, lightly.

“Well, u r looking awesome as always in this, what it calls?” He, curiously.

“Saree.” She.

“Yeah, n well I thought that green suits u more but orange is killer.” He, playfully.

“Stop it.” She, whined n left the place.

She was on her way to find him but someone grabbed her hand n she was joined by the epitome of the party, the newly wedded lovebirds.

“Oh..y r u trying to beat the speed of Rajdhani Express hmm? R u searching for someone very special?” Swara, in a teasing tone.

“Don’t get busy with me, ur husband is feeling jealous of me.” Ragini, in the same tone.

“Oh please, don’t give such silly excuses, we also know who is here feeling something..” Lucky, playfully.

“So husband-wife ganged here to trouble this innocent soul, hmm?” Ragini, cutely.

“What an observation?” Swara, giggled.

“What to do..’dost, dost naa raha..'” Ragini sang a little dramatically.

Suddenly sparkling lights turned into a dim light n a milky beam of light focused on her. She closed her eyes n covered the light with her hand.

“U like classic songs, right?” She heard him, “U entered into my life through ur voice n made me mad. ‘Meri aawaaz hi pehchaan hai..’ the song u sang, at our first encounter n then vanished in a thin air making me restless. After 2 months, u entered into my life, again with an unknown identity n then created a lot of mess in my life. U destruct everything inside of me but that was a need, for my betterment. I’ve changed, a lot, I’m also surprised looking at myself now. It’s me, thanks to u. I was a stupid, idiot to not recognized u before. I took a lot of time to fix the face n voice of the angel, I’m deeply in love with. But now, I want to confess, in front of everyone that, I love u very much, more than anything n I’ve prepared something for u. It’s not that awesome like urs but please go with it’s emotions more than other..” He composed himself.

“Climb on board
We’ll go slow and high tempo
Light and dark
Hold me hard and mellow
I’m seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure
Nobody but you, ‘body but me ‘body but us, bodies together
I’d love to hold you close
tonight and always
I’d love to wake up next to you
I’d love to hold you close
Tonight and always
I’d love to wake up next to you
So we’ll piss off the neighbors
In the place that feels the tears
The place to lose your fears
Yeah, reckless behavior
A place that is so pure
So dirty and raw
Be in your ‘bed all day’³
****ing you, and fighting on
It’s our paradise and it’s our war zone…”
(Pillotalk by Zayn Malik)

She was dumbstruck. He sang the song, really. Her heart fluttered inside n she felt uncountable butterflies in her belly witnessing his awestruck confession. She wished to run to him n hug him tightly.

She came back to her sense hearing a roaring clapping sound n then saw him on his knees, right in front of her.

“Though I’m not a perfect person for u n u can get a far better person than me but I can guarantee u, no one can love u like I do n will do forever. I promise u I’ll trust u always, I’ll never leave u in any condition n I’ll always love u like a mad. I know it’s not easy to forget all happenings easily but I want to help u in it. U want to go away for some time but I want to confess today that, I’m too weak to even think my life without u, I cant take it. I’ll not come in between ur decision but it’ll take my breathe away n I don’t want to die this early because I want to live rest of my life with u n have our babies. I want to create our little world. I want to become a family man n my all wishes, my life n my everything gets it’s sanity only in u, because You Are The One, who breathed into my sleeping desires. Please, let me in ur life. Give me a small place in ur heart. I know I’m confusing u a lot but…” He huffed in nervousness, “OK, please MARRY ME..”He opened a blue velvet box n a beautiful diamond ring gleamed into its reign.

She was on the cloud 9, surprise after surprise.

“Come on, grab the ring, say yes.” The crowd went mad.

She broke into tears n cupped his face.

” U know what, I hate u, for everything, u did with me. U r very bad.” She hugged him tight n he wrapped her in protective cocoon, “But I cant lie more, I cant go away from u n pretend to be angry with u because I love u, very much n cant live without u. I want to be urs in every sense because You Are The One n will always be the one who rules in my heart.”

He placed the ring in her ring finger. The hall filled with a roaring claps again but they remained like that, lost in their hug.

“Uhh..hmm.” Sekhar Gadodia coughed a little to bring them back n it did work, which the roaring claps couldn’t do.

Ragini was embarrassed n blushing all the while where Sanskar brushed his hair avoiding the teasing gazes.

“I’m jealous of u guys, u stole our spotlight.” Swara, with a cute pout.

“I also agree with her.” Laksh crossed his hand in front.

“What to do guys, without stealing ur spotlight I couldn’t get the glow in my life. So forgive us n be happy for friendship sake.” Sanskar, diplomatically, while wrapping his arms around his amused angel.

“Bro, You Are Really The One, she needed badly, in her life, a mad, word weber n stubborn lover. Well, we can also become a good friends.” Lucky forwarded his hand.

“Y not, n thanks for the compliment.” Sanskar shook his hand with his, while looking at the delighted, heavenly soul in his arms.

“Hey guys, come join the dance floor.” Mrs Gadodia exclaimed on the dance floor.

They joined the dance floor n moved slowly on the romantic background music, in a dim light.

“I want my strawberry.” He, huskily.

“Uhh..hmm, wait man u can have the buckets of strawberry but after marriage.” Swara, chuckled with Lucky, near them.

Ragini dipped into the red shade.

“Yeah, yeah.” Sanskar smiled.

“Now, keep quiet.” Ragini, softly, resting her head on his chest, eyes closed, hearing his thumping heartbeats, a soothing lullaby to hers, with a winning smile.

Thank u so much for reading guys.

I don’t know what to say but I’m happy as well as sad. Its an important piece of my writing, my first uploaded creation. Thank u so…much for all the love n support guys. I was thinking of ending it on my birthday but it couldn’t happen. Anyways I’m thinking of giving u guys a new treat then, n about pairs I’m thinking of switching it for that one. Let me know ur view also.

“The Untold Story” my next treat, on 13th May.


Credit to: RSR

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    1. Thank u so… much for the appreciation Sara, it really means a lot.

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      Thanks for the head spinning compliment n Love u dea…

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