You Are The One (Chapter 25)


2 days passed, everyone was stuck within their point of view. Lucky wasn’t good at all, Ragini observed. She felt very bad for him. After a lot of loose attempts to contact with Swara, she went to Swara’s Mansion, without informing Lucky.

She guided inside the Mansion by a servant. There was a tension, heaviness n something unpleasant mixing in the air, she observed. The servant left her in a spacious hall n went upstairs to inform his owner, about her arrival.

She sat on the sofa. Her eyes caught something shimmering, on the table, there. She lift it up, it’s a wedding card of ‘Swara n Sanskar’s. She felt some stinging sensation, all over her body, seeing his name. Some bitter pasts, broken dreams n piercing emotions curled up, inside of her.

“What r u doing here?”

She heard a sharp tone n lift her head up to meet the gaze of the voice owner n saw her, Swara Gadodia, descending down the stairs, throwing fiery stares at her.

“I want to talk to u.” Ragini.

“Oh really? Ok, then, I also want some explanations, that only u can give me perfectly.” Swara, coming near to her.

Ragini observed her, she wasn’t looking good at all, n confirmed some unpleasant happenings, there.

“Look Swara, I know, there is some problems going on in between u n Lucky n I’ve observed n concluded myself as the reason behind that. So, I want to clear u all, regarding ur thinking about us, there is nothing between us which can effect ur relationship. We r just good friends. He loves u, more than anything….” Ragini.

“Ah..ah… not more than u.” Swara intervened.

“He cares for me, loves me, respects me, like a good friend but the special place u want in his life is only occupied by u. There is no place for anyone else, except u.” Ragini.

Swara turned to the other side n kept quiet for some time.

“Wow! I mean, what a speech? I must say, u can be a great leader for any associations.” Swara, in a mocking tone.

The gloomy cloud of desperation covered Ragini’s face slowly, because of the continuous fail attempts.

“Ok then, tell me, what u want? Y r u doing all this? What is the need to marry someone else, when u love Lucky?” Ragini, irritated.

“If u r desperate to know all this, then I’m free to give u all ur answers.”

She heard a familiar voice n her heart skipped several beats, face flushed n mind numbed. She froze on her place n the handsome figure decreased all the distance between him n her, with his long n swift strides.

“Surprised?” He looking deeply into her eyes, “I think shocked more.” narrowing his gaze, “But I would like to take it as a surprise, it’ll give me a thought of peace.” with a boyish smile.

Her breathe hacked in it’s way n her body failed to move anywhere. He is right in front of her, keeping some mere inches difference between them that they could feel each other n hear each others heartbeats. She felt everything in motion, except her.

“Feeling dizzy? Me too felt the same, when I saw u giving him flying kisses n smiles, at ur apartment building, when I saw u there at CCD, hugging n smiling with him, when I caught ur lie about Lucky instead of Lakshmi, n when u left me without trying to sort out all the things, just for once.” He whispered gravely, leaning down to her eye level.

Her eyes caught some traces of tears in his eyes. Her heart clenched in an immense pain, seeing him like that.

‘Was he also going through the same? I can see the hurt in his eyes. But he could have cleared everything at that time, but no, he kept on his doubts to reach some destructive extent. I can’t forget that he offered me ….. He made a fun of my pure love, my emotions, my life n my respect, I can’t forget it all, easily.’ Her inner voice dragged her out.

“I’m here for some important work, not for any nonsense.” Ragini, trying to be cold.

But to her dismay, again her emotions messed her all efforts n a tear rolled down her cheeks. He wiped her tear with the tip of his index finger n showed it to her.

“U know what, I always prefer to know genuine answers, but if I got that only in ur tears then I would love to hear ur lies, for the eternity.” He, intensely.

She closed her eyes, tightly. Her body shivered in the affect n she cursed herself for being stuck into the unwanted situation, badly. He smirked, seeing his affect on her.

“I want my answers.” She, avoiding his intense gaze on her.

“Regarding us?” He, playfully.

“Don’t act smart Mr. Maheswari, I’m asking about this new mess, u r creating in my near one’s life.” She, annoyed.

“Oww…so much of anger, right? No, it’s frustration, for what n y? Is this because she is going to get married with someone else instead of ur friend? Or is this because she is going to get married with the person, u r in love with, deeply.” He, gravely.

Words scrambled in her mind n she broke the silence, after a while.

“What nonsense? Keep that all with u, I’m here to talk with her, not u.” She turned to Swara, who was observing them silently.

“But I’m also there in ur concern.” He countered.

“No, u ain’t.” She.

“How can u say that, u r here trying to break my marriage n spoil my life?” He, faking his innocence.

She felt something unpleasant.

“Just shut ur mouth n by the way, she too loves Lucky…” Ragini.

“But he doesn’t love me, like I do. He cleared me everything.” Swara interrupted her.

“Its nothing like that Swara. He loves u a lot. He was depressed that time because of me, otherwise he he wouldn’t have said something like that to u.” Ragini, calmly.

“So, he told u everything?” Swara in a mocking tone.

“I heard everything.” Ragini, honestly.

“So, he didn’t send u but u came here by ur self. Such an arrogant, stupid, idiot n all. He hasn’t called me, once, after that, did u know that? How much I’ve cried this two days, did u know that?” Swara burst out, in a complaining tone.

“He is also going through the same n I want u two to sort out all this, calmly, please. Don’t punish urself for a mere misunderstanding.” Ragini.

Swara’s posture stilled for a moment n eyes misted as well. Her gaze met with his n something shared in between.

“But, I’ve decided I’ll marry Sanskar.” Swara.

Ragini was dumbstruck.

“R u mad? Do u have an idea, what r u saying?” Ragini.

“Yeah, she knows very well, but y r u reacting as if u r affected by it, very much.” He countered again.

“Because, it’s really affected me n please don’t go on the wrong track, it’s all only for my friend’s life, ok.” Ragini.

“No need of explanations, I very well know everything. By the way, marriage will be happen within 2 days. So u guys r also invited.” He, observing her, keenly.

“Swara, don’t u have to say anything? Lucky loves u a lot, please don’t do this to him, he cant take this.” Ragini.

“He? Really? Or it’s u, who cant take this?” He, mocked.

“Just shut up. I’m not talking to u.” She, irritated.

“But ur talks comes under my concern. That man doesn’t worth Swara. He is a coward, he backed off. He didn’t even tried to speak to her….” He.

“Just stop ur nonsense. So u think, u worth her, right?” Ragini, looking deep into his eyes, infuriated, “OK, then, keep her with u. I was here for my Lucky’s true love but she is someone else, for whom her ego matters more than my friend’s love. Don’t worry, u two can marry n live ur life happily, we’ll never cross ur path again, ever. All the best for ur new life. I’ll handle him. I’ll never leave him because I know his importance.” Ragini, aggressively.

“Oh really, u r talking like if u r his would be….” He, gritting his teeth.

“Well, I’ll give it a thought, for sure Mr. Maheswari n thank u so much for the suggestion.” Ragini, curtly.

She turned around to leave but his iron grip captivated her in the middle of her approach n she felt an intense pull in the next moment. His breathe fell down on her face, raising her heartbeats n she panted for the breathe in his intense actions. Her eyes couldn’t meet his misty, swirling eyes, full of concern, desperation, frustration, rage n …. love.

‘How in the hell his barren eyes can possess such emotions? It can be an illusion, don’t get into the trap, again….’


To be continue…


Credit to: RSR

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