Let’s begin….

A guy and the girl is standing near a river

Guy:i don’t know what to? I am not understanding… I am cheating over you… I promised to live my life with you… But everything turned upside down

Girl:sanskar calm down please!!!

Guy is revealed to be sanskar

And the girl with him is Suhana

Suhana:ho gaya… I met you because you got this life… I met you because you were successful.. I met you because dad had a contract with you… And i think you should accept to your teacher.. Because of him you have reached here.. He was behind your success…. If he didn’t teach you or sent you to achieve we would have never met.. Just think that i was just a random female singer who have sang with you

He looks her


Sanskar was standing in front of a man around mid 60’s who is seated in a chair

Sanskar:tell me guru ji… You wanted me to come here for some important talks

Guru ji:tum mujhe guru dakshina de paoge?

Sanskar was shocked at first because his guru ji never wanted anything in return but today he himself is asking for guru dakshina

Sanskar:aap kahiye guru ji… I would give anything you ask for?

Guru ji:then marry my grand daughter

Sanskar was shocked.. Shocked to hell… He didn’t expect something like this…

Sanskar:what are you saying?

Guri:no one is there for my child.. And my death is nearing i want to handover her to a best person… And i know you can only keep her happy…

Sanskar was blank…..

He just left from there by taking his blessings

Fb ends

Suhana :Sanskar… Decision is clear infront of you..

Here a lady was silent where a girl was arguing … And a guy was looking at them helplessly

Lady is revealed to be Annapurna(Sanskar’s mother)

Girl is revealed to be myself…. Aliya

Aliya :mom i know guru ji did a lot for us…. But what about bhaiyya’s wishes and Moreover the girl isn’t having the ability to listen and talk is this the choice for your own son… Where bhaiyya is a rockstar… Do you want him to suffer all his life…… I will never every let this relation happen… Mark my words Never ever…

Annapurna breaks the silence :i don’t have a mood to argue with you.. And listen one thing from me this marriage is going to take place any how.. If you wish or not…

Aliya goes from there feeling disgusted…

And guy is revealed to be sameer (Sanskar’s brother)

Sameer:mom don’t you think it’s wrong… You just pushing bhaiyya into a trouble.. How would he able to live a life with the girl

Annapurna :I don’t want to listen anything against her… I would say you meet her once!!

Sameer nods

Here Suhana:from now our paths are different but promise me you will stay my best friend

Sanskar felt hurt

Suhana:i know that you would be proved as good husband…….. now i think i should move…

She moves leaving him behind but turns

Suhana:sanskar!!! Can i hug you one last time… She asks smiling through tears…

He nods

She runs to him and hugs him and cried in his embrace

She then breaks her hug…
And she goes from there

Sanskar wipes his lone tear

He moves to his house… Where sameer tells about the argument Aliya and Ap had!

Sanskar goes near him… Where his sister was sitting near the pool by putting her legs in pool

Sanskar goes and sits next to her

Sanskar:why is someone here angry?
Aliya didn’t speak anything
Sanskar:chalo let’s make maggi together

Aliya :why are you hiding your pain?

Sanskar :pain what pain?

Aliya:you love suhana right? Dont hide I know that but why are you doing this?

Sanskar:i myself don’t know why I am doing this.. Respect for guru ji or something else… You know that life doesn’t go as per our wish.. Respecting someone’s wish may be nothing to you or you may be hurt but to them it’s everything.. Being a singer i have experienced it… My fans love me they send gifts for me on my birthday wish me the best for my new song.. Pray for me when I am hurt.. In return what they get? Just a song from me.. And where is their profit in this.. I dont even know who they are but still they respect me my words my songs

Aliya:but it’s different

Sanskar :it’s not the difference…you fought with mom for no reasons.. I accepted.. But you fought for me making mom hurt… So go to mom and ask sorry… She is our mom.. She has right in us.. She can take any decision regarding our life.. So go!

Aliya stands


Aliya this from there ap’s room

Ap was sad…

Aliya kneels to her:am sorry!!!

Ap looks at her and caresses her hair…

Ap :it’s ok beta i understand your love for your bhaai… But once meet the girl.. Who knows you may forget everything by seeing her innocence

Aliya nods

Next day…

Sanskar and his family moves to the guru ji’s village

The journey was silent because there was no peace for anyone

Sanskar gets down the car.. Many of his fans there surround him for the autograph…

Someone was watching him in the window.. She runs inside… And had a smile and happiness.. Of her dream to get a prince charming is going to be true

She is revealed to be RAGINI… She’s is the girl with full of life and mischievous too.. Enjoying each and every moment.. Never gets sad or complaints regarding her disability.. Even if she sometimes gets too she just remembers the people who doesn’t have the ability to look the world or roam here and there.. Or some who is paralysed… And always dreamt for a man who would accept her as she is!! And she loves to draw cartoons

She wears the bangles…. And looks at her reflection in her mirror and smiles

Guru ji welcomes sanskar and his family

Ragini was seeing them hiding near a window

Guru ji goes to ragini and brings her out..

Ap makes her sit next to her..

Ragini smiles at her…

She sees Aliya who is looking down.. Ragini pokes her

Aliya looks at her.. Ragini smiles Aliya looks at her she couldn’t resist to smile back seeing Ragini… Ragini felt sameer’s gaze she looks at him.. He smiles.. She smiles back…

Ap wasn’t understanding how to talk to her

Ragini understands her.. She goes and brings book and pen.. And handovers it to ap..

Ap smiles

Ap writes down what is your name?

Ragini writes her name

Ap smiles

Aliya takes the book and writes something

Ap looks at Aliya being surprised

She shows it to Ragini

Ragini smiles… Seeing it “what are your hobbies?”

Ragini held her hand and signs her to come

Aliya looks ap.. She signs her to go

Aliya nods

Sameer:can i also join?

Ragini looks at him blankly.. He writes it and shows..

While sanskar who was talking with guru ji looks at his siblings.. Who has already left with Ragini…

Aliya and sameer was surprised seeing the room filled with handicrafts

Ragini was excitingly showing them her handmade each and every crafts

Sameer signs?

Aliya:it’s beautiful!!

Ragini looks at her and was trying to understand what she told

Aliya smiles and signs her??

Ragini smiles

Sameer:would you give me this?

He points to beautiful hangings..

Ragini takes it.. She signs you need this?

He understands and nods…

Ragini gives it to him…

After sometime…

Guru ji:sanskar i am sounding selfish but i had no other choice… My disease

Sanskar:aapko kuch nahi ho…

Gutu ji interrupts:aisa hoga…..

Ap:sanskar even you should meet Ragini…

He looks at her

Ap:you go in.. Until then we will talk about the marriage dates

Sanskar goes..

He couldn’t find anyone


He heard giggling sounds… He went to the direction..

He sees sameer and Aliya were laughing… He sees ragini

She was showing something to them

Sameer:and you told you would give me jalebi’s

He writes it down and shows

Ragini smiles and they goes out

Trio didn’t notice sanskar who was also present in terrace

In kitchen..

Sameer and Aliya were having a jalebi

Sameer sees sanskar standing at the door


Ragini looks at him.. She smiles… He smiles weakly at her….

Sameer gives him the jalebi’s

He tastes it in hesitation

Aliya :how’s it?

Sameer :tasty right

Sanskar smiles and nods…

After sometime

Ap:ab chale?!

Sameer:you people.. I will come tommorrow…

Ragini giggles as he finally said it infront of everyone.. He has written it more than 10 times…

Ap:sameer… We should go and arrange the wedding…

She looks at Aliya.. Who had a blank expression

Sameer :ok then.. Chalo.. Thaki hum jaldi se aake hamari nayi friend cum bhabhi ko le chale

They leaves….

After they left…

Ragini hugs her dadaji

In car

Ap:so Aliya…

Aliya looks at sanskar who was driving the car

Aliya:i dont know

Ap:i just want to know did you like her?

Aliya remembers ragini and then nods

After 2 week’s

It was RagSan marriage it was only small function

Suhana comes to the wedding

Sanskar sees her.. She smiles at him


Suhana comes to him and congratulates him

Aliya:suhana i want to talk to you

Sanskar looks at Aliya

Aliya and suhana goes

Aliya :suhana…. Wh….

Suhana interrupt :i am doing this because I don’t want sanskar to fall infront of the person who gave him this life and one more thing.. We are never meant to be together.. I was just the random person in his life.. And you should help sanskar to move on… I hope you have understood

She goes from there..

Soon RagSan got married

Suhana leaves from there being happy that she could help sanskar in taking such decision and now she should look further

Same day night…

Aliya takes Ragini to Sanskar’s room…

Aliya was about to go….

Ragini held her wrist.. She signs something which Aliya didn’t understand..

Aliya gives her a notepad and a pen…

Ragini writes

Aliya reads it “you don’t like me for your brother right?”

Aliya nods in no:nothing like that

Ragini folds her hand and was signing something

Aliya held her hand:it’s nothing like that..
She smiles

Ragini now in no.. She was about to write.. Aliya held her hand

She smiles and leaves from there

Ragini was feeling bad as she married for the sake of her dada ji but did she broke many hearts by her this decision…

Sanskar comes there…

Ragini was lost in her thought and she didn’t notice sanskar there

Sanskar goes to her and sits next to her.. With some gap in between them

Ragini looks at him and smiles weakly

Sanskar takes the notepad.. He sees the last thing written in it.. He understood her insecurities…

Sanskar writes down something and shows her..

Rag reads it “with this sudden marriage we couldn’t know much… Let’s be friends first”

Ragini smiles and forwards her hand to him.. He smiles and shakes his hands with her

She writes down something and shows him…

He smiles sadly “is this a forced relation for you?”

He writes and shows it to her “may be.. But now we are friend’s right then we don’t need to have forced in between!”

Ragini smiles.. She signs him something

He guessed it by actions

He smiles he writes down “nothing like that..understanding is the thing we both should have?”

Ragini nods after seeing it

Sanskar writes “now sleep.. You may be tired!”

Ragini smiles

After few days

Ragini alone sleeps in the room these days… She don’t have any idea where he goes.. And she had a great bond with sameer Aliya and annapurna

Sanskar was getting ready to go for a concert…

Ragini was looking at him

Sanskar sees her

Ragini wishes to go with him.. But also not to go with him too..

He raises his eyebrows signing her what?

Ragini nods in no..

She gives him his guitar

He smiles and signs her thankyou..

While going out both dashes

Ragini signs him :sorry.. She made was sad face

He learnt some sign language

He smiles and goes..

Sameer comes to her:you aren’t going with bhaai…
He signs her..

Ragini now in no

Sameer signs :why?

Ragini signs:i will get bored…

Sameer sign :ok let’s do one thing… Let’s have a game what say?

Ragini smiles widely and nods

They goes in and plays chess for sometime..

Sameer’s eyes falls on a book..

Aliya too comes there..

Sameer sees the cartoon’s:you did this

Ragini nods smiling

Aliya signs:what and all talents you have?

(Aliya and sameer used to spend most of their time with Ragini.. They learnt the sign language in few days)

Sameer to Aliya :don’t you think we should execute her talents

Aliya nods.. Smiling

Sameer goes and brings a file with blank papers and handover to ragini.

Ragini looks at him confused

Sameer signs:fill these blank pages with your cartoons

Ragini nods smiling

Aliya:do you want to see bhaiyya’s concert??

Ragini nods

Aliya on’s the Tv… Ragini sees Sanskar’s concert

Next day…

Annapurna was looking for Ragini who was no where to be seen in the house

Sameer looks at her :what happened mom?

Ap:Ragini… She isn’t seen in the house

Sameer:yes even i too haven’t noticed her.. Everyday she comes to me to wake me up.. But today she haven’t…

Sanskar listened them… He smiles

Sanskar:look not only Ragini but Aliya is also not present

Sameer:yeah.. She too…

Sanskar:i dont know where they went but together went

Sameer:leaving me they went… But where?

Sanskar shrugs his shoulder

Ap:now i got where they went


Ap:come with me

Trio goes out…

And they goes to nearby garden…

They sees Aliya standing near a mango tree…

Sameer goes to her and smacks her head

Aliya:ow.. Bhaai… She gets scared seeing ap and sanskar

Ap:where is Ragini?

Aliya being scared points to the direction

Trio were left shocked seeing Ragini above the mango tree..

Ap:Aliya what is this? Why did you let her go?

Aliya:i tried but bhabhi forcefully went

Sanskar climbs the tree…

Ragini sees him… He looses his grip Ragini held him…. They have an eyelock.. Where ragini found some unknown pain in his eyes..

Sanskar signs her to get down..

She nods in no and points to one of a mango..

Ragini immediately takes it throws it towards Aliya

Sameer sees many mangoes with Aliya

Sameer was about take.. Aliya:this is mine

Sameer :what will you lose if i take one…

Aliya:i will loose mango

Sameer :what would you do these many

Sanskar:stop fighting.. See she again went up

Both looks at ragini…

Ragini then comes down…

Ragini jumps from the tree.. All shouts her name…

Ragini stands brushing her hand..

All takes a sign of relief

Ragini smiles.. Ap twists her ear

Ragini makes a puppy face

Sanskar comes down the tree…

Ap leaves her.. She goes in…

Shafern and sameer were about to go in.. They felt wetness in the back…..

Then they realised they are getting wet…

They turns ragini was down water on them through gardening water pipe

They shouts..

Ragini looks at sanskar and showers on him….

Aliya and sameer laughs..

He angrily glares her…

Ragini puts down the pipe and signs :i am sorry

Sameer:it’s ok bh…

Sanskar glares him too….

Trio have put down the head….

Sanskar smiles he takes the water pipe and showers on ragini…

Ragini was shocked..

Sanskar showers it on his siblings too…

Later all goes in all wet..

Ap:yeh kya…?

Sanskar innocently points towards Ragini.. But to his shock ragini sameer and Aliya were innocent pointing towards him

Ap:sanskar even you are playing childish..

She scolds him… While Aliya and sameer hifies

Sanskar:but i didn’t……

Ragini goes to her and signs she did it..

Ap laughs and goes leaving all confused

Sameer:why did she laugh?
Aliya:if i knew?
Sameer :who asked you?
Aliya:i listened
Sameer makes an irritating face

They goes

Ragsan were only left..

Sanskar was about to go when
Ragini pokes his shoulder

He looks at her

Ragini held her ears and pouts..

He sounds her why?

And she signs him because ap scold him that too because of her
Which he didn’t understand… But he knew why she is asking sorry

He acts as thinking.. And nods in no and goes

Ragini felt sad…

She follows him

He sits in the room.. He knew she will come

She pokes him again.. He looks at her.. She signs him sorry
He looks other side..

She again pokes him.. He doesn’t look at her.. So she goes to the direction he was looking

Ragini pouts and looks at him

Sanskar controls his smile and acts angry

Ragini signs him that she will cry…

He ignores her

Ragini kneels and held her ears with a glassy eyes

Sanskar smiles and held her… He too signs her like ragini
He signs i am sorry

Ragini asks :why?

Sanskar looks around he takes a notepad and writes “i just played prank”

After reading Ragini pouts angrily and goes

Sanskar slaps his head…

Now he goes to her and held his ear..

Ragini smiles.. She shows the same notepad to him.. He laughs

Same day night..

This day Ragini was curious to know where sanskar is?

She goes out

Here sanskar was in one of a room he was playing the guitar.. Remembering his and suhana’s moments…
Guitar has his and suhana’s name…

His eyes falls on the door where Ragini was standing!

He immediately kept the guitar in side


He moves to her

She forwards him the notepad and book

He smiles

He writes down “didn’t you slept?”

Ragini giggles and writes “if had slept… How can i come here..?”

He smiles

Ragini writes:don’t you sleep at night… Are you watchman?

Sanskar smiles

Ragini was about to write something.. But keeps down…

Sanskar looks at her and signs what?

Ragini nods in no…

She was about to go he held her wrist…

He takes the notepad

And writes “what you want to ask?”

Ragini boss in no… He fake glares her

She takes the notepad from him.. She was hesitant

And finally writes it down…. He reads it “what is music?”

He looks at her….

“i know it’s not possible for you to explain!!no problem” she writes down…

She was about to go

He held her wrist and drags her near mike stand… He connects the speakers…..

He places her both palms on speaker

She looks at him confused..

He plays the loud music….

He sings

hmm…. Mehfil mein teri
Hum na rahein jo
Gham toh nahi hai
Gham toh nahi hai

Ragini feels the beats… She could feel his tunes
And sanskar notices her.. Who was lost in feeling the music

Qisse humare nazdeekiyon ke
Kam toh nahi hain
Kam toh nahi hain

Ap sameer and Aliya comes there.. Listening the music.. They were astonished seeing the scenario

Kitni dafa, subah ko meri
Tere aangan mein baithe maine sham kiya

He stops and off’s the music….
She was so lost that.. She was moving her hands on speaker’s.. To feel it..

Sanskar smiles.. On’s the music and sings
Ragini smiles widely feeling the music again

Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya beliya

He stops..
She looks at him and signs:thankyou

He gestures her welcome

She smiles

While ap sameer Aliya were happy…

RagSan sees them..
Sameer and Aliya claps in sign language

Days were passing… Ragini used to feel the music with help of sanskar and sanskar never missed suhana these days.. Whenever he is that verge to remember all his past.. His present.. Ragini was in those place….

A new day

Sanskar was talking in the phone.. Ragini was following him with a cup of coffee for him

He tutns all of sudden the coffe in Ragini’s hands fell on a file placed near by table… Some fell on Ragini’s hands.. Sanskar didn’t notice it… It was his own lyric file.. It was his upcoming song…

He gets angry.. He scolds her… While ragini was looking at him blankly…she knew that he is scolding her..

He angrily takes the file and storms from there

Ragini cries silently.. Her hand was swollen

Sameer and Aliya saw all this..

Sameer goes to sanskar

Sanskar was frustrated..

Sameer :you are impossible bhaai.. Do you know..

Sanskar :you would support her only sameer.. But did you know what she spoiled.. Its my ly…

Sameer interrupt :it was not your file…

He handover his file..

Sameer :here it is!!

Sanskar looks at the spoilt file.. Which had cartoons

Sameer goes from there being disbelief because of his brother’s burst out

Sanskar:shit… What i have done?

He goes back to the room being guilty

Ragini was crying sitting in the bed

She sees him and held her ears.. With tear filled eyes

Sanskar held her hand and nods in no…

He kneels and held his ears

Ragini impatiently nods in no..

She makes him stand and hugs him

He smiles and hugs her back.. It was a very first hug

While Aliya was standing out she was happy till now she had some insecurity about her brother being married unwillingly…

But now their relation have crossed levels there was some understandings there was some bond.. Which no one can describe

Later he leaves for the recording of his song…

While a servant was arranging the wardrobe of sanskar

Ragini signs him to go… He goes…

She arranges it..

She finds something shocking… It was the cards and sanskar and suhana’s photos… She reads the cards…

She was shocked….

She directly goes from there….

Later night sanskar comes back.. He looks for ragini…

Sameer comes there :bhaai.. Bhabhi isn’t in the home

Sanskar shocked :what?

Ap who entered the home who went some party was shocked listening it


Sameer:i went to the University and after coming from there bhabhi wasnt in home

Sanskar:where’s Aliya?

Sameer:i dont know… She isn’t picking my calls

Sanskar was worried.. He was not understanding what to do?

Sanskar goes to his room he sees cards and photos.. He was shocked

He pulls his hair in frustration

He goes out..

Suhana calls sanskar..

Sanskar sees his mobile it had 7 missed calls of suhana..

He picks her call

Suhana:sanskar where are you?

Sanskar:suhana… I am

Suhana:i want to…

Sanskar:i dont have much time.. Suhana i will talk to…..

Suhana interrupts:it’s about Ragini


Aliya saw ragini being broken
Aliya goes to her and sees the cards and photos

Ragini signs her :will you take me to suhana


Ragini signs:please!! She told her hand

Aliya nods

Suhana was in the promotion party of her upcoming songs

Aliya calls her and tells her to meet immediately…

Suhana agrees

They meets in suhana’s home itself

Suhana:Aliya why did you call me? She sees ragini

Aliya:she wants to talk to you

Suhana:anything important?

Ragini signs something.. Suhana didnt understood.. Ragini signs Aliya to tell her…

Aliya looks and her and tells:do you love sanskar?

Suhana looks shocked

Ragini signs

Aliya tells :sanskar still loves you… You can… Only be his life partner not me… I am sorry that i came in middle.. Please if you could forgive me.. Believe me…. (Aliya stops)

Ragini signs her to say

Aliya:Nothing is worsened.. Everything will fall into it’s place.. (ragini sounds) He was never mine trust me…. I will go faraway from your life…

Suhana held her hands and nods in no.. Ragini frees her hand

Ragini signs again:he can never live with me… Because he dreamt to have a future with you…. And i cant this him with me

Ragini this from there…. And Aliya follows her

Aliya hugs ragini… And Ragini cried in her embrace!!

Fb ends

Suhana:don’t miss her sanskar… Even i didn’t love you to this much.. Don’t miss the girl who is so innocent that she is ready to leave you when she has none behind her.. Except you… Never miss her who asks sorry without her mistake.. Or tackles every problem with smile.. Never miss a girl who shows her emotions openly….

Sanskar remembered ragini who asked sorry several times even without her mistake and her smile.. Her antics

Suhana:most importantly she loves you so much… Mend this relation sanskar.. She needs you and your desperation for her shows you too need her…

Sanskar:i will talk to you later…..

He goes back home he sees Aliya but not ragini

Sanskar:Aliya where’s Ragini?

Aliya didn’t say anything

Ap:Aliya bhaiyya kuch pooch raha hai

Aliya:she went back to her dada ji

Sanskar was about to go

Aliya held his hand:let her live there bhaiyya.. When you love suha…

Sanskar pushes her a bit

Aliya:why are you going bhaiyya when you don’t move on with her.. Then why?

Sanskar stops… He was froze

Aliya :why to tie her with you.. There would be someone else who would give her those rights..

The last sentence hurt him

Sameer :i agree with you Aliya…

Aliya:now she have cleared everything

Ap:wat cleared? I didn’t understand…

Here ragini was with her dada ji who was very ill.. Nurses were treating him.. Doctor comes

Ragini was crying.. One side she lost her love and other side her dadaji’s condition


He goes to his room.. He was not this hurt when he left suhana.. But now it’s hurting him a lot..

He just remembered her giggles.. Her smile.. Her antics.. And asking sorry for small small things

After 3 days…

Ragini’s dadaji breaths his last….

Sanskar and his family comes there..

Ragini was crying

Sanskar does his last rights

After a day

Sanskar goes to ragini…

Sanskar held her hands.. And signs her to come..

Ragini nods in no…

Sanskar leaves from there…

Annapurna stays with ragini

Sanskar and his siblings goes back…

It’s been one month being Ragini’s dadaji died

Annapurna or Aliya used to stay with Ragini even when Ragini refused..

And sanskar realised he has moved on from Suhana.. And Ragini has filled the space in his heart

Media has spread the news of sanskar has some relationship with a girl (ragini) and even some people are naming their relation.. As it’s his timepass or something unwanted and even trolls too

Sanskar couldn’t go out due to media.. Same day he has a concert

He somehow goes to ragini.. And drags her with him

Ragini was trying to free her from his grip.. But he isn’t in the mood to leave her

Sanskar makes her sits in the car..

He too sits in car and drives..

He reach the concert….

Bodyguards cover them from fan..

Sanskar takes her to the stage..

Ragini was scared seeing the crowd

While the audience were having a gossip seeing Ragini with him..

Sanskar takes the mike :guys…

All gets silent

Sanskar:many have a question regarding her right…

Ragini sees him…

Sanskar looks at her and signs and speaks:she is my wife.. And my love

Ragini looks at him shocked

Every audience are shocked as nobody knew sanskar being married

Sanskar:i love you… He signs her… I won’t say i would die without you.. But my life would be incomplete without you..i dont love you for what you are but what i am when you are with be.. Because you have become half of me.. My time isn’t a happy one without you.. Me myself isn’t me if you are not with me… Would you accept this stupid husband of yours?

He signed her…

While Aliya and sameer translated his sign language..

Ragini smiles through tears.. He wides his hand for a hug… Ragini hugs him……

She breaks the hug and signs:i love you too….

He smiles.. He kisses her forehead….

All his bashers and troll makers got answer

His fans were happy and was proud and also took him as an inspiration

While Aliya and sameer were happy!

Annapurna blesses them

After the concert

They while returning…

Sanskar takes ragini with him…

He sees Aliya and sameer in his car…

Sanskar:what are you doing here…

Sameer teasingly:we thought to join you…

Aliya:actually this car has more comfortable

Sanskar sarcastically :is it?

Both nods…

Sanskar:ok then you both go in this…..

He was about to turn

Aliya:arey.. But why?

Sameer:bhaiyya… Tell us that we have become haddi for you…

Aliya dramatically :haa… Iss zaalim duniya se aur kya expect kiya jaa sakta hai…

Sameer:hamara iss duniya mein hai hi kaun…

Ap twists both of their ears

Both turns to go

Ap:if this melo drama is finished.. Let’s go now…

Ap sees Ragsan

Ap teasingly:if there is some space in car.. We can come.. What day?

Sameer Aliya:yes

Sanskar :even you too..

While ragini was looking at them blankly.. She was lost in the thought

Ap:ok ok.. We are going…

Trio goes…

Ragini held his arm when he was about to move holding her hand

Sanskar like at her…

Ragini signs :you love suhana right…

He looks at her…

Ragini looks around to write something

Sanskar held her shoulders then he signs come with me..

Ragini again signs:when did you study sign language?

He smiles and signs :you stayed away from me for more than a one month… No more questions..

He makes her sit in the car….

And drives….

After sometime.. He stops the car at one place

Ragini sees suhana there

Suhana smiles at her

Ragini gets down the car

Suhana:before you get confused i want to clear you one thing

Ragini looks at her blankly

Sanskar signs her what suhana said

Ragini again looks at her

Suhana points to the direction.. A guy is standing there

Suhana:do you know who he is? He is my love.. Like sanskar found love in you same way i found love in him

Sanskar explains her by sign language

Suhana:you told me sanskar is mine.. But he was never meant to me.. But you.. You are his future…

Sanskar signs her what she said

Suhana smiles and was about to go… Ragini held her and hugs her

Suhana smiles and then goes with her love

Sanskar signs :now every Confusions are cleared right

Ragini smiles and nods

They goes back home

Ragini gets down the car runs in….

She sees Aliya

She really runs to her and standing and pushes her from side

Aliya looks at her with smile

Ragini held her hands.. And dance with her

And she leaves her and moves to sameer and coveres his eyes through her palms…

Sameer smiles

Ragini leaves him and dances.. He too joins

While sanskar was admiring her..

She moves to ap who was in kitchen.. She hugs back

Ap caresses her cheeks…

She then goes to her room..

Runs around the room like a free bird… She just remembers Sanskar’s proposal

Sanskar was standing at the door by folding his hands..

Ragini notices him.. And turns immediately and bites her fingers

She slowly turns but he wasn’t there.. This time he pokes her from behind

Ragini smiles she immediately hugs him…

Sanskar wanted to remarry ragini in a grand function

Days passed

RagSan Aliya and sanskar were playing carrom

Ragini and sameer was in one team
Aliya and sanskar in one team…

Sanskar strikes the queen and he wins..

Ragini immediately hugs him and was happy

While sameer and Aliya were shocked

Sameer signs her :you are in my team..

Ragini lightly hits her head.. While sanskar laughs..

Ragini signs innocently:but i am already in his team na

While trio laughs…

Sanskar brings the coffee for him..
Ragini grabs it from him..
But he grabs again and smiles victoriously.. She takes out a straw puts in his cup and drinks it while he was left shock..

Later he smiles

Finally the day comes.. Ragsan’s remarriage..

Ragini was looking like an angel in a peach colour lehenga

Sanskar was no where to be seen

All gets worried..

Suddenly the light goes and spotlight falls on Ragini..

Then at sanskar..

Sanskar smiles at her…

He sings by signing

Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte
Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera
Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte
Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera
Tujhse Juda Gar Ho Jaayenge
Toh Khud Se Hi Ho Jaayenge Judaa

While all adores them.. Ragini smiles through tears.. He moves to her and places her hand on his chest.. She could feel his heart beat

He then moves back… And signs while singing

Kyunki Tum Hi Ho
Ab Tum Hi Ho
Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho
Chain Bhi, Mera Dard Bhi
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho

Ragini smiles and kneels infront of him and signs:if i get your one look.. I dont need see any other thing then your eyes
If i get your smile.. I dont need any flowers
If you hug me.. I dont want the other place then that
If you are my love.. You are my everything


Sanskar smiles happily.. A guy proposing a girl is common but a girl proposing a guy is somewhat a special thing
And no one or sanskar himself couldn’t describe how he is feeling!

He makes her stand and takes her into a bone crushing hug..

Son they gets married…..

Ragini was appointed as cartoonist in the India’s big cartoon book
And her handicrafts were kept in an exhibition with the help of sameer and Aliya

Everything was all right…. AND RagSan satayed happily ever after


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