You are only mine- ragsan- part 11

Hi sissy’s. Welcome to next part. I hope u r liking the changes in ragini. Lets start

@ragini room

Nai: so wat plan u r doing no. Not again anything Ragu.

Rag: no cheeku. I told na I’ll not do anything now. M happy now. Only one thing left.

Nai: wat?

Rag: I want to hear those 3 magical words from his mouth. I’ll wait for that.

Nai: u shud promise me that u won’t do anything to make him tell I love you to u. U’ll wait till he accepts u himself.

Rag: ok. I promise.

Nai: one more thing u forgot.

Rag: wat?

Nai: sanskar’s family. They also shud accept u.

Rag: oh ya. I forgot that. Thank you cheeku. So sweet of u. Let’s buy gift for them tmrw. M really waiting to meet his family.


@sanskar room
Sanskar was moving to and fro. Karan was watching him sitting on chair.

Kar: it’s been half an hr that u r doing like this. Tell atleast wat r u thinking.

San: that only Yaar. How to get rid of her.

Kar: oh. K think. I’ll also think.

Sanskar gets call. Opp person tells him to meet in park after 2 hrs.

Sanskar goes with Karan. He was searching that person in park. He found that person.

San: yes Naina . Y did u call me. Wat was that much urgent.?

Karan was admiring her.

Nai: I want to talk to u abt Ragini.

San: now bossy over, another bossy came.

Nai: u r taking me wrong. I know u r hurt. I know through wat pain u gone. But pls. Ragini’s love is true. I accept that her way to approach u is totally wrong. But she admits it now. So plz try to understand her. She’s gud by heart. If possible try to love her. M sure u’ll love her one day.

San: gud by heart? Wow. If she is gud by heart then she wud have not hurt my family. U r saying try to love. Have u heard anyone saying that m trying to love. Love happens and love can be won by love only. I can’t love her.

Nai: I left it upto u. U r angry now. I can understand u. But can I ask u one thing?

San: u ask. But I’ll give if possible.

Nai: pls don’t hurt her. U don’t know abt her anything.

San: and I don’t want to know also. As u r also like my friend, I’ll try to not hurt her. But m not sure. I can’t promise.

Nai: this is enough for me. Thanku. Bye

San: bye.

He sees at Karan. He was still in same position. He shakes him. He comes to sense. Both go to home.


San: wat do u think abt Naina’s words?

Kar: wait.

Karan took out his earphones and listen something for few mins then says.

Kar: I agree with her. U shud try not to hurt her.

San: wat u did just now.

Kar: when u were talking i was lost in her. I didn’t listen ur talks. So I had recorded whatever u both spoke, and know Heard that.

San: throws pillow at him. This is not time for joke.

Kar: sry. But I lost my sense whenever I see her. It’s not my fault. My heart doesn’t listen to me.

San: fine. Now think something.

Next mrng karsan woke up and joined for breakfast. Just then they saw nairag coming with shopping bags. Both were shocked.
Ragini comes and touches Sujata’s feet.and hugs uttara and laksh. Trio were luking at sanskar. He didn’t knew wat to say.

Rag: mom. M Ragini. I hope u know me. Sanskar wud have told u. M ur DIL.

All surprised. Sujata luks at sanskar like wat.

Rag: baby. U dint tell them anything?

San: actually I forgot. Mom. She’s Ragini, I decided to marry her.

Rag: but mom. U all shud accept me first. I got something for u.

She gave them gifts. Sujata got happy seeing her and her nature.

Suj: if sanskar doesn’t have any prob then y shud we? And I liked u so much.

Uttlak: we too. Bhai ur choice is really best.

Ragini blushes.

San in mind: she came till my home. And all accepted her. It’s becoming more difficult for me. But I can’t do directly anything. My family is innocent. They don’t know anything. I won’t let them know. Sanskar think something soon.

Rag: mom. Can I see baby’s room?

Suj: who’s baby?

Lak: mom she is calling Bhai as baby.

Suj: oh. Ya. Now he’s ur baby only. Sanskar, take her to ur room and show her.

San: ok mom.

Both went to Ragini room.

Done with this part. Waiting for ur likes and views.
Love u all😘😘

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