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at night
A girl was finding somthing madly in the room.she stood up on the stool to reach up the cupboard but fell down.she got hurt o her elbow and knee but she dont care and again start finding the thing.after 1 hour she got tired and threw herself on bed.she felt somthing hard in the pillow.she took up that and noticed a secret type of somthing like pocket.she checked it and there was a secret diary on which was written “my boyfriend” and she also find some earings,a heart shape locket,and a liplos,she eyes that lovingly with lots of pain.she started reading that
“hey myself mahi,today was my bday but it was my worst bday.only because of this i even changed my bday date.all the day,i was crying because of noo reason.i feel like my mother never wants me to be happy.eveerytime someboday spoil my happiness.i just talked her i a high pictch so she hurt me by a stick ”
“hey baby,you know today is a big day.i changed up the biggest decison of my mind.i want to love heart,someone special for whom i can give up my life.who can make me happy whenevr i am sad.
“hey handsome.i kept a fast today for my life i call him lifesaver as when he will come in my life,he will add a lots of happinessin my life”
“today i met yuvraaj luthra and we became friends than best day i recognize my love for him.i wa ssooo happy as from when he enterd in my life,things are beingchanged.i had started to become happy,it is like he always know what are my wishes”
“hey hotie ops not hotie
zindagi hai pncil,kismat hai rubber
i want to give you an important khabar

my would to be husband is a very jelious type of person.yes i am going to marry yuvraaj luthra. ”
so finaly my marriage take place and now i am Mrs yuvraaj luthra
“yuvi is acting a bit wierd nowadays.i dont know why,he is ignoring me,even we had not our marriage to our next level as he always says that he is not comfortable”
“today i entered a secret room in luthra mansion,there were all my sisters picture and i saw yuvi there talking to the pic ‘you are only mine twinkle only mine’,saying this he kissed her lips,i was like the floor skipped from my foots,my yuvi,my lifesaver dont loves me,he love my sister and for only this he marred me.i slaped him hard and he again says ‘mahi i will see you later,first i should talk too my twinkle’ and i again slapped him and this time very hard as even i was a little bit scared ‘mahiiiiiiiiiiii,i will not hurt you infront of my twinkle she will feel bad,you come with me saying this he drag me too a hotels room and threw me on bed,he come closer to and said ‘you know how much i love my twinkle’he keep coming closer to me he hold me by my hairs and kissed me on my was a small peck he now threw me on ground and said my kisses are only for my twinki.and then he was gone.i cried and after about half an hour a man with some bad intentions started to come close to me ad he kissed my lips,i was protesting but he continue his kisssing,he bend down and pin off my duppata and kissed my cleevages this was enough for me and i pushed him with all my force and he fell on his anger was at his peak.he took a rope out of the cpboard and tied my both hands with bed while i was protesting to free myslf with legs.he took off his cloths and then head towards me i was screamed very loud so slaped me and it was soo hard that my voice just finished as i can never speak now he took off my cloths also and i protest with legs,he stopped that motion also as he came upon me and kisses me and continue his torture as it was a plessure for him
after about 3 hour he was done with me sooo he left me and wear his cloths and got out of the room. i had dicided to kill myself as happiness will never come to my life
bye handsome”

the girl was all crying when somone patted on her shoulders
girl “kunj you …at this time”
kunj ” plz twinkle dont feel as it was all your fault.i know you are feeling very guilt but plz”
T “how do you know that?”
K “you are my BFF,i would not understand you soo who hmmmmmmm ranbir kapoor will understand you!”
T smiled a bit
K “thats like my sherni,twinkle but what happend why were you crying?”
twinkle give the diary to kunj and he reads it
Kunj “i will kill him,seriosly , what he did with mahi di”
twinkle started crying and hugged him tightly.sagna we plays . kunj tries to break the hug but twinkle tight her grip and said
T “plz kunj let me be in your arms as i feel good,you give me strenghth too…..
she broke the hug and said
T ” too take th revenge from that yuvi.i will take revenge from him for what he did with my mahi di”
K “yup he should be punished.”
T” ya and i will give him the punishment.get ready Mr yuvraaj your life is going to become hell. to kunj “we are going back to india,amritsir”
K “ok then get ready tommorw we are goning to india to take revenge.till then …..
again hugs her and this time tighter than her
K “you stay in my arms”
T ” why ?”
K ” becuase it gives you strength’
she hitted im wit a pillow and huged him
T “always be withh me kunj.plz never leave me…never ”
K “your bestie is always with you”and they sleep in each other embrance

Credit to: misha

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