You are my life (RagSan) Shot 2

Shot 2

Heyo Twisties I’m back with the second shot.

-Sanskar’s pov-
When I opened the door, I saw Vikram standing infront of me. “Hi Vikram.” I said with an hateful tone and he asked me, “hello Sanskar, do you know a girl named Sandhya Agarwal?!” Why is he asking me about her. “Sorry Vikram, but I don’t. Why are you looking for her?!” I asked him suspiciously. “Because she is my wife and she ran away from home,”
“Why would she do that?!”
“Because she accused me off cheating as well raping her.”
“Oh,” I said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.”
“Bye Sanskar.”
“Bye Vikram.” Then he went I hope that he will never come back here ever. That guy is so weird. I was pacing here and there, while I was lost in my thoughts and I didn’t notice, that I walked into someone. When I looked at the person, I didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry Ragini. I’m sorry Sandhya.”
“Sanskar, you don’t have to apologize as I should be the one apologizing.” She said, so I asked her, “why?!”
“Because I lied to you. Yes, it was always me Sanskar. I am your Ragini and I always will be yours.” She said. I happily hugged her and she hugged me back. After the hug, I kissed her forehead at first, then her cheeks and at last but not at least her lips. The kiss must have told her the story about how I have lives without her, about my sorrows and about the happiness, I’m feeling right now, knowing that she is alive. “How?! When?!”
“The day I breathed my last breathe was faked,” She said while tears were flowing down from her beautiful eyes, “to make sure that you think that I’m dead and it was all planned by Vikram as he lusted for me in every way. It was him, who had attacked me. Because of him our baby is dead Sanskar. He tried to rape me, he did and because of him, I lost the twins.” My eyes had welled up and I craved for a touch of her, so I initiated the kiss of sadness and pain. I wrapped my arms around her waist, while her arms wrapped around my neck. “Baby everything will be alright, we just have to contact a trustworthy police officer and tell him, what had actually happened and hopefully Vikram will be hanged to death.” I said looking into her eyes, she looked into my eyes too and nodded. So I called my bestfriend Laksh, who is like a brother to me.

After ten minutes the doorbell rang, I opened the door and Laksh was standing infront of me in his civilian clothes. Laksh came in and then he stopped as he saw Ragini. “Bhabhi welcome back.” He said happily, Ragini smiled at him and said, “it’s nice to see you too Devar ji.”
“Guys calm down, we need to discuss a few things,” I said while looking at Ragini, “the stage is yours milady.”

-Ragini’s flashback and still in Sanskar’s pov-
“So the day I “died”, I went to shop some groceries as we didn’t have them at home, Sanskar insisted to come with me, but I refused and told him to stay at home, so that he has enough time to get ready for an important meeting.” She said, I looked at her and Laksh noted everything down. “So what happened next?!” Laksh asked her and she replied back, “then I went outside, someone blindfolded me as well taped my mouth shut, so that I couldn’t scream. I tried to kick that person, but I couldn’t. Soon the blindfold was taken away from me and that person locked me in a room. A few minutes later that same person came back and this time I could see him.”
“Who was it?!” Laksh asked her. “Vikram Kapoor was standing infront of me with the biggest smile, I have ever seen.” She said angrilly. “What that slimy creep was the one, who kidnapped you?!” He asked he rand I could see that he was angry. “Yes, it was him.” Then I said, “he came by today, looking for a girl named Sandhya,” Laksh and Ragini looked at me, so I continued telling them, “I told him that I don’t know her.”
“Who is Sandhya?!”
“Her and Ragini were the same person.” I answered back. “Oh my god and he still is after your wife!?”
“Seems like it.”
“We need to do something against that creep.”
“Let Ragini finish telling us, what happened that day.” I suggested my dear bestfriend agreed. “He was coming closer to me, then he ripped my clothes of me, I tried to defend myself, but I couldn’t as he was too strong, he touched me everywhere with his filthy hands and he raped me! Then he dropped me off in a alleyway, so that Sanskar finds me and that he can fake my death infront of Sanskar. Because of Vikram, I lost the babies as he raped me until I was unconscious and bloodied.” At this part we all were crying, but I wanted revenge from that guy as he ruined our lives.
End of her flashback

After that we started planning our plan and hopefully it will work out for us. The plan is really easy, Ragini will go to Vikram’s place as Sandhya, she will seduce him, but it will look like Vikram was the one,
who forced himself onto her. Ragini has lost her confidence, because of him. Laksh and I tried to boost it up a bit and it helped her and now she is ready to kick his sorry ass tomorrow. Laksh told us a bit more about Vikram and that the police commissioner Singh knows him as he was married to his daughter. Laksh is gonna talk to him and maybe he will agree to take that a*sh*le down.

So after that we bid goodbye to Laksh and he went after everything was noted down. I locked the door, after he went, then I went to Ragini and I asked her, “promise me that you will never leave me?!”
“I promise that I never ever will leave you as I need you like the way you need me!?” She promised, I then hugged her, before capturing her lips with mine. “I want us to try for a baby as soon as Vikram gets the rightful punishment.” She bluntly said, I looked at her for a second, before saying, “that would be a dream come true!?” She whispered into my ear, “Sanskar,” her hot breath tickled my ear, “you are my life!?” I leaned towards her until our lips were only an inch apart. “You were always my life Ragini,” I whispered into her lips, before kissing her again, “will you be my Sangini forever?!”
“Always and forever!” She exclaimed and I leaned my forehead to hers. As soon as she yawned, I scooped her into my arms, carried her to our bedroom and laid her down onto the matress. I lay next to her and soon she fell asleep while holding me close to her. After a while I drifted off to sleep.

An hour later we woke up as Laksh texted us that the police commissioner Singh is in with the plan. Ragini was so happy that she hugged me for a long time by saying, “I love you Sanskar, because of you we will be able to finish that creep off.”
“No, it’s happening, because of you Ragini.”
“No.” She whined.
“No.” I said.
“Yes.” Then she said and I just said, “ha I gotch ya.”
“You are a cheater.” She complained like a child and I answered back, “I’m not.” She childishly stuck her tongue out at me. I just didn’t react to it and said, we should go to bed as tomorrow is an important day.” She agreed, we went to bed, laid down and slept.

The next time we woke up it was already time to proceed with our plan, so Ragini got ready in seductive dress for that. “How do I look Sanskar?!”
“Stunning.” Was the only word that came out of my mouth. She blushed and I kissed her cheek after teasing her by saying, “aww my cutiepie is blushing.” She softly hit me on my chest for a few times and then she just kissed me, before she went away.
End of his pov

Disclaimer: To be continued…

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