You are my Everything (RagLaK)

Story till now:
Ragini and Laksh has re birth after 600 years. Both remembers their past and both marries but eo don’t know that they know past. Laksh initially rejects Ragini taking revenge that she rejected him in past life. But, Ragini has strong reason for that, after knowing it.. Laksh feels guilty. He requests Ragini saying sorry, but.. Ragini being shattered doesn’t excuse him. Finally, she is now on her sweet revenge on Laksh.

I have written this previously in raglak fb page as rajkumari ragini. I’m submitting the final part here.

You are my everything
(Last part)

Laksh looks at Ragini confused.

“why did you get that doubt Ragini..? I really love you..! don’t you know it..?” he asks.

Ragini raises up from his chest.
“I’m not understanding Laksh. If you have loved me in real, you wouldn’t have hurt me this much..!” she says.

Laksh looks at her, Ragini turns her face aside.

“I know, something which happened 600 years back.. you are taking revenge now. but, does true love will have revenge?” asks Ragini.

Laksh stops the car aside,
“Ragini.. but I said sorry naa. Leave it know. It was over.”

Ragini gets down from car in tears. Laksh looks confused and he too gets down.

“Laksh, it was 600 years back or now…do you know, how desperate I was to hug you and confess my love.? In past, fate has separated us. But.. in this life, it’s you Laksh. Why can’t you understand me. Ok, you felt as I ignored you.. but, if you have loved me for true, you wouldn’t have repeated it for me.”

Ragini holds the car door in tears and bending her head. Laksh comes to her.

“I agree Ragini. I was foolish to do all that. excuse me for this time. I will never ever repeat this..!! Ragini, our love is very strong..!! that’s why, in this life we met again. And, we both remembered our past.. if my love was not true, this all wouldn’t have happened. Please Ragini, forgive me.” Laksh holds her hand.

But, Ragini seemed still dissatisfied.

Laksh: fine Ragini, tell me what should I do to prove my love? It’s not lust.

Ragini takes gulp and wipes her tears.

“Be far from me for one week.”

Laksh looks on.

“prove me, that you love my heart… but not my body.” Ragini says.

Laksh laughs.
“that’s so simple Ragini..”

Ragini looks at him in red eyes. Laksh stops laughing and looks at her deeply.

Laksh: this will go on your wish Ragini. But, before proceeding into this challenge, I have one wish..! and, you aren’t going to say no to this..!

Laksh moves towards her and Ragini looks at him confused and moves back. She gets blocked by car. Laksh comes forward to her and he places his hands on both sides of her. blocking her.

Ragini keeps looking at him. Laksh leans to her making himself touching to her completely. His face is now too close to her. Ragini’s abnormal breath keeps touching his face. With her warm breath Laksh closes his eyes in smile. Ragini gets a smile on her lips unknowingly. As he is proceeding further, she too closes her eyes. Laksh moves his hands which are far from her to her face to hold her. Ragini’s hands raises to hold his back. Raglak joins their lips together to have a smooch. Laksh keeps sucking her lips as pineapple piece and Ragini too does the same. Both are just lost in their own environment, they can listen only to the tiny groans they make and they are just tasting each other’s tongues.

Both of their eye corner shines due to tears because they are going to miss each other for seven days. Yes, it is really a big separation for the soul mates who are mad for each other. Ragni places her hands on his chest to move him far when she feels his teeth just touched her lip. After breaking the kiss, both look at each other.. and Laksh again pecks her lips.

“Ragini, I can’t stay away from you even just for second. Can you?” he asks.

“This is a must to prove your love Laksh. Now, your time starts.” Ragini says. Laksh moves far from her looking at her in redish eyes. Ragini silently sits in car.

Laksh drives the car to house.

“Did I do right? Moreover, I’m princess Ragini once. Shouldn’t get down that easily..!” Ragini raises her eye brow in attitude. Laksh opens her door after getting down.

“Hello Rajkumari ji, will you get down?” Laksh says. Ragini amazes.. “can he listen my heart?”

Ragini comes out suppressing her smile. Laksh really wanted to grab her and kiss her hardly that she would never forget, but.. now, it’s a challenge..!

Challenge of being far to prove his love. (a seven days challenge)

“Laksh, be ready to face my sweet revenge now” Ragini smiles wittily.

Day 1

Laksh wakes and Ragini was still sleeping. She was looking so cute. Laksh is about to touch her cheek, but he remembers the challenge and goes into washroom.

Laksh takes shower bath and comes out. He looks at Ragini who was sleeping still. As she has turned at one side, her saree falls from her waist and it is visible completely up to navel. Laksh blinks his eyes in mesmerize. Laksh unknowingly moves near her to touch her stomach. His hand comes very near to her waist.

“if your love is true..” he remembers and takes his hand back. Laksh turns back.

“Lucky, control yourself man. You are a prince once..! you can do this..!!” Laksh says and leaves. Ragini opens her eyes and chuckles as she did it intentionally.

Day 2

Laksh was applying zandu balm to head. ‘it’s very hard to control feelings when hot wife is around. But, see my situation..!!” he says in himself.

It was already night.

Laksh: Ragini, come fast. Let’s have dinner..!!

Just then Ragini was descending the stairs. Laksh opens his eyes wide to see Ragini is wearing a black one piece which is above her knees. And her shoulders are bare. Neck is deep.
‘why are you torturing me like this Ragini..!’ Laksh thinks and rubs his nape.

Ragini sits opposite to him on dinning. Laksh was looking at her. ragini raises her Smokey eyes to look him.

‘shall we start’ she asks. Laksh takes gulp and nods his head.

“Ragini, you are trying to make me lose challenge. But, I will not lose that easily.” Laksh thinks.

Laksh completes the dinner very hardly and goes to room. Now Ragini laughs like anything.

Day 3

Laksh comes from office at as usual time. He looks at Ragini who was seeing TV.
“Hai Ragini..” Laksh calls.

‘what?” Ragini questions angrily. Laksh shocks, ‘are you ok?’

Rag: will you leave me alone??

Lak: rag, did I do anything..

Rag: let me watch TV Laksh. Plz..!!

Laksh bends his head sadly and goes into room. Ragini looks at him.

Later Ragini goes into room and finds Laksh is sleeping. Ragini slowly kisses his forehead.

“I’m just taking sweet revenge on you Laksh. Don’t get hurt my sweet heart..” Ragini says thinking he slept. But, Laksh listens to it. when Ragini sleeps he smiles looking at her.

Day 4

This day, Ragini completely ignores Laksh going out for shopping with her friends. Laksh misses Ragini very badly.

Day 5

Laksh was busily doing work in laptop, Ragini who is wearing a saree comes and sits in his lap.

‘Ragini, but you asked me to be far…’ Laksh says.

‘I said you to be far. Not me..!!’ Ragini says wrapping her hands around his neck and she kisses his cheek.

Laksh closes his eyes, ‘so, if I do anything now..’ Laksh says.

Ragini rubbing his cheeks with her finger, ‘you will lose the challenge’
Laksh sighs, Ragini laughs and kisses him some more time sitting in his lap.

Day 6

“Only two days..!! Ragini is taking revenge on me..!! I will take my sweet revenge on her later.. wait for it dear.!!” Laksh smirks.

“Laksh..” he hears Ragini’s voice. Laksh goes to room and finds Ragini in towel. He turns away his head blushing.

‘Ragini, you naughty girl’ Laksh says.

‘Not naughty. Select which dress should I wear.’ Ragini asks.

Laksh looks at the dresses and he is saying something, Ragini comes near him and steps on water which makes her skid and Laksh holds her without falling. Ragini shocks and both have eye lock. Laksh gets mesmerized looking at her wet body wrapped under a thin towel. Laksh pulls her up resulting she falling on his chest. Ragini remains calm looking into his eyes. Laksh moves closer to kiss her,

‘If your love was true, prove it Laksh. Prove that you love my heart but not body..!” he remembers Ragini’s words. Laksh soon leaves Ragini and turns other side. ragini was looking at him.

“If my love wasn’t true Ragini.. I wouldn’t have born for you again..!! our rebirth itself proves everything..!!”
Laksh says and leaves the room. Ragini looks on…

That whole day.. both are silent.

Day 7 (last day of challenge)

“It’s not like I don’t believe you Laksh. I love you truly as you do. You took revenge on me initially rejecting me. For that, I wanted to take sweet revenge on you. It’s not revenge. But, it’s love. How will you understand me Laksh?”
Ragini writes in a piece of paper and keeps it on Laksh’s study table.

Ragini looks at Laksh from the door who was doing some work in other room. She goes near him and stands silently.

“Hmm, are you worried how to face me after 12’ O clock..?” Laksh says.

Ragini looks at him amazed. The time is 11.55 in night. Just 5 minutes, the day 7 completes.

“You are taking your sweet revenge on me, I will give a good punishment to you..! just wait for it..!!” Laksh says and goes somewhere.

“He just said, what I felt in heart..!!” Ragini thinks and runs to room and she tears the paper and throws it.

“Yes Laksh. I’m waiting for 12.” Ragini blushes.

Suddenly Laksh comes from somewhere and hugs her from back. Ragini need not look time. She believes him, and she gives up herself landing on him.

“Now, face me.” Laksh says and starts planting several kisses in her neck making her lost.

They have their first love for which they have waited since centuries. And, now their love was succeeded, throwing all misunderstandings aside and now only love.. love is around them…

The End.


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