YoU aRe MiNE SuKoR – part 10

Hai peeps? i am back with another epi?….HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all???? …may this christmas bring lots of happiness to our lives…..hope every one enjoys the epi……and thankyou soo much for your immense love and support.

vimli and tejaswini are superb happy….. flash back is shown how they get to know about kn-rag-jan plan

tejaswini came to ragini’s room to call her for dinner,ragini was busy in call with their family lawyer and did’nt notice tejaswini,ragini also called some men and told them to bring chakor tomorrow to haveli after hearing this teju rushed to vimlis room and explained everything,they were shocked to know that sukor are planning to divorce……vivaan promised teju that they will unite sukor any how…..vimli went to the lawyer as the lawyer was loyal to kn with no option left imli came to him in her hitler avatar ,they blackmailed the lawyer and found out a way to stop divorce and bring them together

suraj : i don’t want to stay with this girl!
chakor : i am also not intrested to stay with a jerk like you
suraj : i told you before bandhuva cat,don’t race your voice its my house
chakor : i also told you that i am not anyones bandhuva……
suraj : ohh really,you can hide this mark with the scaf but you can’t hide the truth….. the truth is you were ,you are and you will be a bandhuvaa…..
tears are flowing down from chakor eye but more than her suraj is hurt,he wants to hurt her but by doing this he himself is getting hurt

vimli was shocked hearing all this they have no idea that what happened suddenly which turned everything upside down……kasturi was crying seeing chakor’s state and bhuvan was consoling her… was in trauma wheather they would make chakor stay ! after seeing they fighting like mad they thought there won’t be any problem if chakor stay here and they can add more fuel to their fight and can have fun……
kn : suraj ,you stay with this girl for 3 months……
suraj: but i don’t wan’t to …….he shouted at him,everyone got scared
kn : only 3 months then you will be free from this girl,think suraj its for your own good!
suraj thought ,its really a good oppurtunity to make her life worse than hell, i will give her such pain that she will never ever forget in her entire life……its payback time ,you have hurted me badly chakor now its your turn,welcome to lions den,you will be hunt slowly but badly ………..he thought while smriking
suraj : yaa papa you are right.
kn,ragini and ranjana smiled
chakor shouted: but i am not ready to stay with you
suraj : who asked you your permission ?don’t you know bandhuvas don’t have right to take decision they can only obey …..only obey
kn,ragini and ranjana were laughing hearing this…
chakor was about to leave haveli ,when suraj hold her hand …she turned and they have an eyelock….”you are leaving huh got scared or what? he said while holding her hand tightly and she is wincing in pain ” you only wished for divorce right, allow me to fullfill your wish ” he said looking at her .
chakor : i just don’t wanna be with you

Suraj : i am also not dieing to be with you…..i am stuck with you…….i thought you got scared? or i guess you have started having feelings for me that you are backing off from divorce…..
chakor : neither i am scared of you nor i have any feelings for you
suraj : then proove it …stay here
chakor looked at bhuvan and kasturi ,they also noded in +ve so chakor said: okay….
suraj pointed towards the room…..chakor with full on attitude walked to the staircase followed by suraj ,now they ar walking together giving death glare to each other
sukor are having their telepathy ,i mean they are talking through mind after reading what each other is thinking
suraj in mind : welcome to my hell wifey! i will make your life hell
chakor in mind : we will see who makes whose life hell dear hubby!
suraj in mind : i will break your guts
chakor in mind : i will break your nuts
suraj in mind : let’s see
chakor in mind : you just wait and watch what i do
they reach their room and suraj was about to step into the room when chakor pushed him aside entered the room with full swag while suraj stumbles and holds on to the door…..chakor then turned back and looked at him
chakor in mind : how was my first dose and smriked at him
suraj in mind : Now its my turn and glared at her

suraj entered the room and closed the door with a THUD and smriked at her leaving her confused……he then started to unbutton his shirt and smiled naughtily, with half unbutton shirt he started approaching her…..chakor got really scared and started moving backward….both of them are having eyecontact……he was enjoying looking at her scared eyes….he could also find the shyness in her which she is trying hard to pull off from her face…..their heart beat started raising as they came closer….chakor now hitted on the bed….but still she could find suraj coming closer to her…she sat on the bed and started moving backward while their eyes are still meeting suraj was also now on the bed and is moving towards her…. chakor stopped at the end of the bed ,before she could move off he blocked her….both were looking at each other suraj was already closer to her…he thought to clear the left out distance too……chakor closed her ……he is still coming closer…with his muscular hand he moved aside the hair strands on her face …and slowly he took his hand and pulled her hair tightly making her wince in pain……she opened her eyes in shock and pain when suraj smriked at her

suraj : its just the beginning bandhuvaa cat… know what, with this divorce i will get free from you…what about you? you won’t get free from me …you know why because you are my bandhuva…you are mine!
chakor glared him angrily and shouted leave me you idiot …..leave me
suraj hold her hair more tightly : is it paining chakor? i am hurting you …aww so sorry……..this pain which your feeling is nothing compared to mine
chakor : what pain did you have? you gifted me with pain from childhood…but now no more…leave me or else you will regret
suraj : what will you do ? and he smriked at her
chakor who got angry said ” you are gone idiot ” and then she started pulling his hair ,making him wince in pain…..and she said ” tit for tat Mr.Rajvanshi” and smriked at him
Both of them are pulling each others hair like monkeys
suraj : leave my hair you monkey girl!
chakor : you are the one who pulled my hair first… you are monkey, duffer monkey man! first you leave my hair.
suraj : No first you leave.
chakor : No,you
suraj : No ,you leave…

both are giving death glares to each and are pulling eachother’s hair …chakor is pulling suraj to her side while suraj is pulling her to his side and both are blabbering something…chakor smiled devilishly……suraj found it to be wierd……chakor then pulled suraj’s hair with one hand and started tickiling him with her other hand,suraj leaves her hair and started laughing ……….hahaahaaa……heheehee………he is also laughing and giving death glares to her helplessly …..
chakor : told you naa you will regret and she gave a victorious smile…and tickeled him more…suraj is moving and shaking and laughing…..seeing him chakor is also laughing….
suraj : haaa ……leave me you wild cat haaa hhaaa…….he said while laughing
chakor : What will you do? and smriked at him…..aww you are stuck honey!!she then showed her tongue and started making wierd cute faces making him angry but what could he do other than laughing…hahhaa ……heeheee
suraj : i won’t leave you….hahaaa hhaaa
chakor : “i won’t also leave you my cute hubby”………and started tickling more…….”okk i will leave you say sorry to me”……

suraj : haaa …i will die…haaa …but won’t say sorry to you wild cat…haaa..hehehe…
chakor : Then get ready to die of laughing………
suraj :haaa……. you are heartless…haaa
chakor : you are ruthless…..
after so much tickling and teasing chakor leave him…..suraj was taking a sigh of relief……and chakor was leaving the bed but stumbles and fall on top suraj…….suraj felt like a truck had fallen on top him…..
suraj : Mummy…..ahhhhhh
chakor : Hey you cry baby shut your mouth
suraj : Hey you elephant ge off me, Are you planning to kill me?
chakor : How dare you call me elephant! and glared at him
suraj : stop staring my beautiful face moti,you are soo heavy…get off before i die out off oxygen..
chakor got up and glared at him
suraj : Thank god i am alive!

chakor’s mouth was wide open hearing ,she hitted him with pillow
chakor : you go for gymming and have six packs….but its off utter waste ,you can’t even hold my weight
suraj : Hello in gymm we excercise using weight plates not using elephants….
chakor : how dare you call me elephant you buffmonkey
suraj : stop barking you doghipoo he said holding her shoulder both are having a eyelock…….They could see their journey together in eachothers eyes,from enemies to friends then back to enemies,life has always changed the equation between them…….from their silly arguments till yesterdays fight… has helped them to know each other,their diffrenet layers of characters but both of them did’nt utilize it completly….their eyes are moist….pain,anger and aggression have also occupied along with them…..
sukor composed themselves without uttering a word suraj left the room and chakor sit their crying……

At kn Room
Ragini : Whats next ?
Ranjan : I am working on my brain!……she said while eating frymes
Ragini: go and make pickle using your brain
Ranjan : Why? Is it tastey?
Kn: will you shut up ranjana and work on your food.
Ranjan : Thats better…
Ragini : uff…what will i do with this bimbo? papa you tell what will we do next?
Kn : we should keep those two away and make sure that the misunderstanding that we have created is not cleared…..if they talk and sort out thing then its over for us
ragini : ya you are right we will do something to keep them away…and not only that we should keep an eye on them
kn : yes!

AT Kitchen:
Imli was cutting vegetables when vivaan came an back hugged her
imli in shock : You shamless creature leave me!
vivaan : why should i feel shame to romance with my wife…..he said naughtiley turning her facing him and holding her by waist
imli : what if someone sees go from here she said by leaving from his grip
vivan : NO…he said cutely
imli : Vivaan ….she said while blushing
vivaan : Give me my morning kiss
imli ‘s mouth was wide opened : What? i already gave you right?
vivaan : So what ? I want one more…..he said like a baby
imli : No way go
Vivaan : Before i go from here you should give me, otherwise i won’t talk to you….he said turning his face in fake anger

Before imli could say anything tejaswini entered kitchen
tejaswini : vivaan beta,did you have break fast, you gotta go to mill right?
vivaan : yaa ,i had break fast
tejaswini : did you both talk to suraj and chakor?
Vivan : no…he said looking at imli showing fake anger
imli : no.. she said looking at him
tejaswini : don’t know what happened between those two! she said worriedly
Vivaan : gotta find out soon, whatever it may be it is pretty serious otherwise they won’t fight like this……
imli : we should talk to them seperately..
tejaswi : ya imli is right
vivaan: i will talk to suraj
imli : i will talk to chakor
tejaswini : hope everything sort out betweeen them and they stay happily like you two ,she said keeping her hands on their head and blessing them
vivaan : don’t worry badi maa everything will be fine, and yaa i am leaving he said while looking at imli and smiling inside seeing her innocent tensed face…..
tejaswini said okk beta and turned to drink water, suddenly imli give a peck on vivaans cheek and begin to cut vegetables as if nothing happened……and vivaan was standing numb holding his cheek….tejaswini after drinking water looked at vivaan who was standing holding his hand on his face
tejaswini : What happend to your face ?
imli acting concerned : Vivaan what happend ?……and smriked at him without tejaswini noticing it
vivaan : A mosquito has bitten me…….he said looking at imli
imli glared at him and thought to teach him lesson when he come back and resumed her work without looking at vivaan….vivaan left the kitchen smiling ….


PRECAP : Vimli talking to sukor trying to findout the reason for their bitterness.

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