You are mine (prologue)


“so it was your plan????” she shouted at me..she was fuming in anger..I deserve this anger..

“because of u I am suffering. .my father is nit talking to me and u r enjoying ur life” she said

“no Aisha. .i am…” she cut me off with her hands

“enough Zayn. .enough of ur acting..”

she grabbed me by my collar

“tell me Zayn, why did u do this???”

“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU DAMMIT” I shouted..her grip loosen

“how many times I told u Iove you” I said

“its not love Zayn. .it is selfishness. .u acheived what u wanted..but don’t think that I will love u like I did ” she stormed to our room and shut the door behind her..

everything goes from my I can’t do anything. .she will hate me…I cried like a child..I can’t live without her..whatever I did I did it for her betterment. ..I know I am a selfish but only towards her..



Zayn mansoori: 25 year old handsome boy.he is a photographer. his family lives in London. he has dad, mum and little sister Zara.

Aisha Rahman:is 23rd..not good looking girl but she has a good heart..her passion is photography..she has father, mother, two sisters and a little brother.she is married and living with her in laws..

Nivin:Aisha’s best friend..he is involved in every plan she makes..

feel free to comment. .can I continue it ?

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  1. Ruby of course u should continue… Love all ur stories dear..

    1. thnq so much dr..u always encourage me lot…love u

  2. Plzz continue di. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY EVERYONE. 🙂 🙂

    1. thnx dr happy republic day

  3. Happy Republic Day…..
    Nice starting…..liked it alot….plz do continue….waiting 4 nxt part…tc

  4. Continue

  5. all the best

    1. thnx meera

  6. What she is married but she and zyan are in love na how it is possible… ruby dr lot of questions in my mind yaar

    1. u will get to know dr

  7. pls continue…

  8. Continue…it’s intrstng.nd hppy republic day to everyone

  9. heyloo ruby ithatha… i’ve read ua anothr ff fragrance f lov… n i must say dat t wz realy awezom… i jz luvd it.. i couldn’t reply then coz ma semestr xamz were on ful swing.. n i ws bzy wid it… i wz all de mor in lov wid mehrin’s charactr n de way yu portrayd it…
    pls itha.. continu wid dis ff.. i’l try ma best to comment on a daily basis..

    1. thnq so much zaira..ur comment means a lot dr…

  10. richa (titli)

    i kneww from the picc itss uuu rubiii 🙂 LOL nyc 1

    1. thnx dr..ise kahte hai ‘bahnapan’ 😀

  11. Hai ruby,
    heartly wlcm 2u.njan thanne sharikkum miss cheythu.njan mattulla ella ff um vaayikkumengilum aarkum cmnt ayakkarilla ariyo?thanikkan njan kooduthal cmnt ayachittullath.ALL THE BEST.

    1. that’s why I love u dr..enik ivide varanjit oru sugollayirunnu..ellavarudem comment kandappo happy ayi…thanks dr

  12. Awesome ruby…I knew it’s you…I can recognize you from your words. …wow…lovely prologue. ..very interesting story already can say that…plzzzz continue dear…waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. it means a lot dr…lv u tc

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