You are Mine Ch. 9

I and Aisha were doing our works while Nivin roamed around the city..after taking a break from our work. .we decided to hang out…we eat street foods.I borrow a bike and came to Aisha.

“Wanna ride?” I know she will say yes.

She jumped in joy and said yes.she sat on the bike, I sat on her back and I started teaching her…

“Hey…stop stop…stop” Nivin stopped us and he jumped to the bike. .he sat on my back..

“Let’s go” he tapped on my shoulder. ..a new feeling for me…our triple journey was awesome.

I got a call from Zayra at night.

“Zayn. ..” Her voice filled with worry

“What happened Zayra. .r u k?” My heart started beating fast and all negative thought came to my mind

“Dad…dad..had a cardiac arrest”she was crying

“Hey..moti don’t cry..he will be ok ..I am coming in next flight”

I booked a ticket for London. .I thought to say Aisha and Nivin but they bith were sleeping. Aisha was sleeping in coach and Nivin was in bed with me.

I don’t aant them to feel pity on me.I left without informing Aisha and Nivin. I sent my resignation letter to sasi when I sat on my seat in flight.

I prayed for my dad’s safety…I and my dad always fights but we love each other so much. He is my first priority.

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Credit to: Ruby

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  1. So sad of zayn so pity nice twist my love

  2. Aisa kaise bina bataye chal gai yaar

    1. vo aisha and nivin ko disturb nahi karna chata tha

  3. Oooh……Spr..enjoyed …

    1. I missed u dr

  4. Nice episode dear.

  5. Even I fight with my family bro mom dad etc …. But can’t bare anyone just pointing a finger on them …. Then they will have to face my kaali avatar ….

  6. Ruby loved the bike ride dear… Aju, kunju and kuttetan…
    Felt sad for zayn…

  7. Awesome episode, loved their triple ride on bike…I hope everything is OK with zayn’s dad…but he should at least left a note or text to them…love you loads rubyyyy

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