You are Mine Ch. 14

I want aisha to be happy. I looked to her room. She was sitting while holding her she upset for her relation? I don’t know why Aisha is gloomy afyer her divorce? Aisha give up on her dream.after her marriage she stopped working because of that moron.

I called to sasi and talked about ‘our’ job.he was happy that I am back.he wanted me to join his company again.I talked about Aisha’s job.he said that he is feeling bad for Aisha. She was such a talented girl anf she left her job.sasi added that Aisha can join here anytime.

In morning I got two envelope from was ‘our’ joining application. I went to Aisha’s home.

“Aunt..can I talk to Aisha? ” Aisha’ s mum was giving tea to her dad.

“Sure son, she is in her room” she indicated me to go.

I knocked on the door.

“Coming” Aisha’s sweet voice hited my ear.I opened thw door and enter.Aisha was in front of her closet.she was finding someclothes. She wasn’t wearing a hijab.I fake coughed to got her attention. She turned to my side.seeing me she wrapped a hijab on her made me laugh.but she was still looking shocked.

“Come with me” saying this I held her wrist and grabbed her to downstairs. .

“Aunt. .I am taking Aisha somewhere..don’t worry she will be safe with me”

Her ammi gave me permission. But her dad was staring in our hand.I let go off her hand.she was looking at her dad for permission. I sat on my bike.

“Abbu..can I go with him?” She asked finally

“U can go anywhere with anyone. .coz u already did it Aisha” her dad went off from there.she sat on my back.I drove off to sasi’s company.

I gave her the envelope.she gave me a fake smile.we went to sasi’s cabin.sasi welconed us.Aisha said that she don’t want working. Sasi, the superman said

“Aisha, u can’t leave this job.we gave u scholarship for u to working for us” man…he is really something. If Aisha wasn’t in front of me I laugh out loud. Sasi’ s lie has some power. .Aisha agreed for doing job.

“Aisha..u wait for me..I will be in two minutes” Aisha went from sasi’s cabin.I gave him a bear hug.
“Thnx bro” I don’t know what am saying n doing. .I was in cloud nine.
“Bro,??I am ur boss man” he made me remember.

“Oh sorry…boss” I rushed to Aisha. She was waiting for me in parking area.I went to her and startes the bike.

Now I will bring my Aisha back. .I smiled. ..

We reached her home and get off from my bike.

“Zayn. ..” She called after so many months I heared my name from her mouth

“I know sasi was lying. .and I know u want me to be happy. .I tried to be happy but I can’t” she went before listening me.

I didn’t move from in front of Aisha’s house.her words started ringing in my ear.

I came back to my sense when Nivin tapped on my shoulder.

“What she said”
“She said ok”
“Now next step”

Our plan’s first step is successful. Now second step. ..

Forgive me if I didn’t reply to ur comment..I am ending this story too but not too fast..keep reading and commenting

Credit to: Ruby

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  1. Pls dont end it .. its amazing

  2. Superb episode ruby. Waiting for next update. Luv u ??…

  3. Paavo because of him only she is in this position

  4. Aww….So happy dat aisha left dat jerk!!!nw zayn n aisha can b one…i knw 4 sure “being d zayn mansuri” he will win aisha’s heart..waiting 4 dat moment…but plz don’t end it… sooon..
    Luv u..lots of hugs n kissesss….

  5. Ruby thanx for the back to back updates.. It was really gud.. So zayn and Nivin are planning something.. Why are u ending it so soon ruby…
    Loved it it.. Carry on dear..

    1. idu end cheidale Humsafar post cheyyan patu

  6. superb…. dear… back to back 6 epi… all are really awesome…

  7. Dont stop yaar, plz continue, dont do this again continue yaar its very very intresting,im very crazy about ur ffs so passanating, there r number of silent readers r here.

  8. Awesome swt hrt..your story is amazing…Thank u for such a wonderful story..I loved Aisha’s decision to leave that fellow…Girls should b strong n nvr leave their self respect…

  9. Wow nice decision Aisha …. Hmm feeling really from heart sorry for Aisha …..
    Now the sentence of u is correct If u love someone don’t B late to inform and also make the other realise ur love …. Thank u Ruby …. And do finish of emerald dear just fb series left … PLZ PLZ eager to read the last bit of it …

  10. thnq so much for ur comments frnds. .it means a lot to me..I am writing day and night like I will die tomorrow 😛 😛

  11. Pavam aisha ….she is heart broken….aa dhushtane ente kayyil.kittiyal njan avante katha khazhikkum …..zaynte character enikku othiri ishtamayi,…..nivinum oru heroine introduce cheyyumo ….pls …

    1. sure ippazalla..

      1. Ok,…….adutha chapterinu njan kathirikkukaya…….pinne thnks for theses fast updates …………

  12. I dnt knw y ..itha..I hve flng whle reading this ..sme hw this stry s related to urs..nd nce epi…sory itha…fo lte cmnt…ths s ma lst lil busy…am reading ua all stories…

  13. Wow nice decision aisha …. Hmm really feeling sad for Aisha frm heart …
    Now the sentence u gave is true I realize it ….
    ” Wen u love someone then dont delay in confessing it or make the other one realize ur love..”
    Thank u Ruby ….
    One request dear do finish of emerald its just a last bit more to finish. … The fb series eager to read it ….

    1. I will post it but after one week..coz I want to send them the complete story. .so u guys can read it back to back ..I already sent them chapter 15

  14. Hi ruby dearyyyy, it’s superb episode, hope zayn bring aisha back to normal soon….why ending this story….it’s really superbbbb. ..I love you loads and very tight hug

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