You are Mine Ch. 13

My Aisha. .my Aisha got married to someone else…I was so stupid. .at least I told her that I loved her she will be with is all my fault…I cried out phone started ringing. .

“Yeah mum”
“Did u meat her?” She was curious
“No mum…can I talk to u later? I m feeling sleepy” I lied.
“Okey..sleep well” she hung up thee phone.

I lay down on my bed and hugged Aisha’ s photo..

Nivin came to my appartment with my breakfast.
“What happened to u yesterday? ” he looked straight to my eyes

“Nothing” I didn’t made an eye contact with him.he held my shoulder.

“Zayn. ..r u in love with Aisha” his words are he know that I love Aisha.
“How do u know Nivi? ”

“Ur eyes are saying what’s in ur heart..when I told that Aisha got married u went from there without uttering a word”
He continued “and look at ur face…I am sure u were crying in whole night”

I sat on the coach with holding my head.

“Why didn’t u tell her that u loved her??” Nivin’s voice was like he was angry.

” it happened in a sudden and I didn’t realize that I loved her..I thought I just like her” I was feeling guilty

“When did u realize ur love then Zayn? ” Nivin was super angry..why he is so angry?

“After left for London. ..I missed her every I realized that Iove her” I said

“At least u could call her and tell her..if u did so she was happy now..” Nivin seems unhappy

“What happened to her nivi? Is she ok?” I was worried for her

“No she is not..she married to a man who didn’t trust her.he always doubts on her.even he warned herbtp not tall to me” Nivin was looking really sad

Because of me my Aisha is suffering.

“How can we meet her nivi?” I want to meet her badly

“Ashima told that she is coming after two days. .we will meet her then” Nivin gave a hope.

After two days

We meet Aisha. She was looking pale.the glow which was on her face is no more.she completely changed.she gave a fake smile.

“Why are u suffering him Aisha? ” I spoke finally

She just stared me

“I told him everything” nivi informed her

“For my parents” she told without any expression

“Tell the what type he is” I was impatient

“They won’t believe coz he always acts sweet in front of my parents”

This case is something different buy I will handle it..I will make my Aisha happy again..

Third person’ s pov

Aisha’s husband got an envelope. It was contained Aisha’s photos. Her single photo and her and Nivin’s and their bangalore trip pix.her husband got angry co Aisha was with boys in photo.he inquired aisha about it and badmouths her.he asks Aisha did she slept with them..Aisha felt dizzy..she slapped her husband hard and told him I am not like u mr. (Am not mentioning her husband’s name)she went to her home. She talked to her parents about it..but her dad didn’t believe her.he thinks that his daughter misuse the freedom he gave her.

Aisha broke her relation with herhusband..Aisha’s father stopped talking to her.Aisha was broken. Nivin comes to her room and started cheer her up.but she was gloomy.

Nivin told Zayn about Aisha’ s state. .they both made a plan to make Aisha happy.


Credit to: Ruby

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  1. Nice episode dear. How can he behave like that ,so sad for Aisha.

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