You are Mine Ch. 12

“Yes I love Aisha” I blurted out.tears came from eyes..I triedto hide it from mum.

“Don’t hide ur tears son…if u want to cry..cry out..u will feel better” she cupped my face and gave a kiss on my forehead.I hugged her and burst in to tears..she patted her hand in my back in a consoling manner.

My mum always supports me in every situation. Not only mum but also zayra and dad too.I proudly can say that I have a great family.

Mum informed dad everything.

“Go and confess ur love to her” dad gave my ticket and tapped on my shoulder. I hugged him.he hugged me back.

“I love u dad”
“I know puttar” he gave me a broad smile.

“We will come after u and will meet her parents” mum told as she hugged me..I hugged her back..

“Bhai” my little sister Zayra never calls me bhai.she used to call me Zayn.

“Wow my little sis..u grown up..u started calling me bhai” I teased her

“Now I realise that u r grown up and u became a big brother” she gave me a bear hug and said in my ears “I am sure Aisha also loves u”

“I hope so”

I said salam to everyone and take off my flight. Aman and his parents too came along with me.

I am going to see my Aisha after four months..:-D the happiness was written on my face.I took a cab and went straight to Nivin’s home.

Nivin’s father was sitting outside. I greeted him.

“Nivi…look who came to meet u”uncle ramesh called Nivin.

“Coming appa…” Nivin came.when he saw me he got surprised.

“Bro” he jumped on me and hugged tight

“Where were u?” He broke the hug

“I am sorry” I apologize to him.

“What sorry. ..u left us without informing. .I forgot for one sec that u left us” he made an angry face.

“Nivi…don’t say like that when u don’t know why he left..first ask him the reason” Nivin’s appa suggested.

Nivin took me to his room.

“What happened buddy that day?”

“My dad got cardiac arrest that’s why I went without informing. ..I am sorry”

“It’s u came..but haa..convince Aisha once..she is angry on u..we thought that u didn’t concider us as a friend”

Listen Aisha’s name my heart started to skip.

“Is Aisha in home?” I asked with hope..I want to see her…I want to talk to her.

“No, she isn’t” Nivin said in low voice..he was sad.

“What happened Nivi.? Where is Aisha? I want to meet her right now” I shook Nivin’s shoulder

“Aisha…SHE GOT MARRIED” Nivi looked at me with an expressionless face.

My heart stopped beating. Nivin was saying something but I couldn’t hear anything I was shell shocked. I went from without saying a word..

MY AISHA IS NOT MINE 🙁 tears rolled down my cheeks. .


If you love someone let them know your love,
Otherwise it will be late.

Credit to: Ruby

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