You are Mine Ch. 11

I reached the hospital where my dad got admitted.he was in mum, sis and my bua and dad’s and brother in law was there.seeing me mum and Zayra started crying. .they were really shattered. I hugged them both.I was controlling my tears. .I don’t want them to seeing me broken.

My dad was strong and healthy then how he got cardiac arrest? ?

“Mum. .what happened to him? He was strong.”
“Robert betrayed ur dad and stole money”
“Robert??? ”

Robert was dad’s best trusted him a treated him as dad’s own brother.whom dad trust most hebetrayed my dad.I won’t leave him.

Mum told me to handle our business.

I took my camera aside for my dad.I looked at the pictures which I captured.seeing all this a pain came to my heart.AISHA..
I couldn’t tell her what I felt for her.yes…I LOVE MY AISHA who changed me to an attitude boy to a simple boy.I remember her words “if I have to leave my dream for my family. .I will leave it” …Aisha, now I am leaving my dream for my family. But I can’t leave you.once everything get okey I will tell u my feelings.

Aman and his family too came to visit my dad and they stay in our home.his sister and brother didn’t came along with them coz of their school.

After 2 months my dad got well.I didn’t gave him any tension. .I handled everything.

Once dad told that
“Zayn u changed..u r not the same Zayn who used to be happy in every situation”
I told him that I became a little professional that’s all.we both know thta it was a lie.

We were having our breakfast.
“Yes dad”
“If u don’t want to come office. .ita okey beta” he thinks that I am depressed coz of business. .bt am not..
“No dad…I am okey with it..I am enjoying” I gave him a smile but it was fake.
Dad didn’t said anything.

Dad was still taking rest.I became like my dad.I forgot everything and focused on our business. every night…I used to remember my time with Aisha and Nivin. But I didn’t text or callher.I want to tell her face to face.
It has been four months I left from Kerala.Zayra tried to cheer me up.I fake I am happy.
It was a Sunday. I waa doing some work on my laptop. Mum came and sat beside me.she put her hand on my shoulder.

“Beta…what happened to u? Why r u gloomy?” She asked concerned
“Mum.. I am ok” again I lied to her

“He is lying mum” it was Zayra.

“U know why he is sad?” Mum inquired her

“Yeah mum..” Zayra begin to talk

“Zayra..” I stopped her

“Zayn. ..I am talking to her..don’t
Talk in between” mum warned me.I nodded

“He is in love mum” Zayra said as if she know about Aisha.

“How did u know” mum questioned her.I was praying that it is only Zayra guessing coz I don’t want my parents to know about my love and they will regret themselves for not understanding me.

“Here” Zayra gave some photos to mum and continued her talk
“Every night I saw zayn crying while looking at this girl’s photo” Zayra gave me a ‘I know ur pain’ look
.mum looked at me and handover the was Aisha’ s.I lowered my gaze.

“Did u love her?” She asked. I keep quite

“Mum he loves her that’s why he used to cry for her every night” Zayra interfeared.

My inner voice said ‘yes the zayn who never cried for anyonehe cried for a girl..for his girl’

“I am talking to u Zayn” mum was serious.I nodded in yes

“I want to hear it from ur mouth” she seemed impatient

“Yes…I DO LOVE AISHA” I spit it out.

The untold love gives every time pain. -Ruby

It is great when u realise ur love for someone,
It is greatest when u make realise ur love to ur loved one.

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Vivi

    Ohh…3 chaptrs in one day….i’m going crazy…but still zayn could have called dem….ya he was in bad situation….hope its not tooo late 4 him….coz tym nvr wait 4 anyone we have to grab it wen its b4 us…..write soon…
    Love you!!!tc

  2. Lakshmi

    Superb ruby. Wow…he really changed alot,he left his dream n also he cried for her being zayn mansuri?. Will be waiting for next update. Luv u …….

  3. Jwala

    Superayittundu. …….oru aankutti karanjittudenkil athinu oru pennanu karanam ennu pranjukettiteyullu ippo sherikkum manasilayi ………zayn aishye vallathe miss cheyyunnu ….pinne prologill
    Aisha married anennundello …..??? ….athu varan pokunnalle ullu …she is currently single rgt

  4. Devga

    Awesome … Haha nice idea Ruby … Two three epi with short updates … But anyways this is awesome …. Wer is humsafar u forgot about it? Anyways continue …..

    • Ruby

      it was six chapters bt they only post three. I didn’t forget about Humsafar. .actually Humsafar’s next chapter is combined with you are mine epilogue. that’s why I didn’t post it

  5. Devga

    Really being the zyan mansoori he cried for a girl !! Hmm felling sad and at the same time happy for zyan …. Sad coz he is sad and happy coz he realized his love….

    During these 4 months PLZ also write wat all happend wit Aisha and nivin and wat all they felt abt zyan etc …….

  6. Ananya

    Pavam zayn.. He really miss Aisha.. But he could have told to her.. Any way its gud becoz he realised his love for her.. Eni Enthu sambavikum annu ariyanam.. Will be waiting for nxt chapters to get posted..
    Ruby u r going gud dear.. Love you stories but don’t forget humsafar in between… Love you…??

    • Ruby

      hey anu dr..Humsafar marannitilla..already ezudi vechitund bt adu mixed are mine complete ayadin seshame post cheyyan pattu..

  7. Roma

    Awesome episode, o my rubyyyy it’s superb, but why he didn’t call or text or email her just once? Now it’ll create misunderstandings…and more if in this period she got engaged to somebody else then????….love you loads rubyyyy

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.