You are Mine Ch. 10

Aisha’s pov

I got up for my prayer.Nivi was sleeping. .but where is Zayn? ?? He wasn’t in room. Maybe he wwnt for morning walk .I did my prayer. .Zayn didn’t returned. I called him several times but his phone was switched off.I wpked up nivi and told him Zayn is missing.

Nivin told that he is not missing he left with his luggage. We inquired in reception.they told that he left in midnight and gave their the spare key of our room.

Why did Zayn. Left without informing us??? What was the urgent? I called sasi and asked about Zayn. He told that Zayn sent him resignation letter has he has some family he left for London.

I did all my work alone..Nivin helped me ..we concider him as our friend. .but he didn’t concider us as his friends. can I forget that he is a billionaire’s son and we are middle class family.

I felt really bad…I don’t know why I am feeling bad when he hasn’t any feeling towards us.I and Nivin returned to our hometown. I was gloomy. .Nivi too…we didn’t talk anything about Zayn. . I know Nivi toofeels the same as I felt.

Zindagi chalti rahi
Par na mila koi rah..

Hazar logo se milti rahi
Par na mila koi humsafar

Credit to: Ruby

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  1. Yes ayleast ek baat tho kar letha na

  2. Gud ruby wat can i say aisha’s feeling

  3. Nice episode dear.He should have left a letter if he don’t want their sympathy.

  4. Wwow those lines are awesome in the last …

    Hmm its really difficult to feel tht a FRIEND dint bother to inform you about his prob …. I too feel bad wen my FRNDS do such things … I feel am I not tht imp to tel …
    And feel more bad wen I come to knw it frm someone else … 🙁

  5. Hey zayn should have said somthinh to them before leaving. Or at least contacted afterwards when he reached… I too will be feeling bad if I was in Aisha and nivin’s place. Keep going ruby..

  6. He should have left a text or email at least …. being zayn Mansuri he should’ve that much common sense. …love you loads rubyyyy

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