YOU and ME..!! – Third Shot


YOU and ME..!! – Third Shot

Today is Swara’s twenty first birthday..!! So lets’ see what is happening over here..!!


Ragini was very excited, she had gathered up most of the old gang and they were at Swara’s college.

They had heard that Swara was now living in a three bedroom house on campus with two roommates, but was pretty vague about it all, and they couldn’t wait to see it and meet them.

They finally found the house and decided to go in and surprise Swara, maybe jump on her bed and wake her up.

They went inside and were surprised by the somewhat male scent in the living room, Ragini brushed it off though and suggested that they look through the first bedroom door, to hers and everyone else’s surprise it was a guy’s bedroom that was very messy, with a guy sprawled across the bed. (actually it was Lucky’s bedroom)

Ragini was a little disturbed by that, but figured it could be a coincidence; maybe he was the second roommate’s boyfriend who happened to have his own room.

Ragini suggested they try the next one and nervously tried the doorknob, but discovered it was locked which threw all of them, but Natasha had remembered that Swara had mentioned that one of her roommate’s was always throwing parties, so she locked her room at night and that there was a spare key on the doorframe in case of an emergency.

Shanaya was the tallest, so she felt along the doorframe and found the key along with a quantity of dust.

They opened the door and once again there was a boy’s room behind the door, but this one was neat and orderly and there was no boy in bed. (And this was Sanky’s bedroom)

Natasha started laughing hysterically.

Natasha : What if this is the wrong house? If it’s the right house, why is Swara living with two guys..?? Do you girls think that…??

Ragini got quite a bit concerned by that implication.

Ragini : Of course not. This is Swara we are talking about.

Natasha giggled.

Natasha : Yeah, you’re probably right, she never called me crying hysterically.

Komal who had been pretty quiet up to this point suggested that they look behind the last door in the hallway, that it might actually be the right house.

They all filed out of the room, relocked it, put the key back on the doorframe, and came to a stop outside the last door.

Ragini was once again the one to try the door and once again found it locked.

Shanaya got the key off the doorframe again and Ragini opened the door, it was clearly a girl’s room and had Swara’s belongings all over in it, so they all went inside.

They all gathered around the bed and saw the rise and fall of who they could only assume was Swara breathing underneath her comforter.

They all grabbed a section of the comforter and together yanked it off, much to their surprise it wasn’t just Swara who sat up in shock, but Swara’s fiancé Sanky as well and he didn’t have a shirt on.

Natasha broke the suddenly awkward silence with her little scream laugh, Swara laughed so hard she fell back onto her bed, and Sanky smiled in response and helped her to sit up and stay up.

Ragini was almost panicked, wondering if maybe she hadn’t been a good influence on her.

Ragini : little sister…,

Ragini couldn’t even speak and apparently no one else could either.

Swara sighed and stood up.

Swara : Come on girls, let’s go get breakfast. There is the best pancake restaurant just a few blocks away.

She didn’t even change out of her pajama shorts and t-shirt, she just put on a warm sweater and slipped on her biker boots.

Sanky disappeared long enough to put on a sweatshirt and some skater shoes.

Swara was confused or at least she thought she was confused, but she couldn’t be sure, she was still way too tired to be conscious.

She and Sanky were leading the way to the pancake restaurant and Swara’s friends were slowly walking behind.

They probably didn’t make anyone, especially not Ragini feel any better about the situation when Swara had stumbled yet again and Sanky just had her jump on his back.

They got to the restaurant and Swara immediately ordered a highly caffeinated fountain drink to help her wake up a bit so she would be able to comprehend the questions that were sure to be thrown at her in a few moments.

They all got pancakes and Swara and Sanky had started to eat, but Swara’s friends hadn’t they just sat there, staring at both of them.

Swara was disappointed to have to stop eating her delicious golden and very fluffy pancakes, but she did with a sigh.

Swara : Alright, fire away. Ask your questions that won’t allow you girls or apparently me, to eat.

Ragini burst out..,

Ragini : Swara, I thought I had warned you to not go into college like I had.

Swara apparently hadn’t had enough caffeine yet because what Ragini had just said made absolutely no sense, so she took another drink and felt the caffeine tingling through her veins, or that could have been because Sanky had just found her right hand under the table and was now holding it and rubbing the back with his thumb.

Swara couldn’t help it, she smiled at Sanky, but apparently it had been one of those gooey, mushy, all lovey-dovey looks because Natasha started coughing and everyone else was bright red.

Ragini tried a different approach.

Ragini : Shona, I don’t think that this is a good idea. You refuse to date the boy and now that you are in college and not around your parents, you start having s*x with him and that is not fair to either of you.

Swara was frowning and shook her head.

Swara : You know what..?? It is too early for this.

She had rubbed her eyes with her left hand and was confused when Ragini gasped and then the others did too.

Ragini grabbed Swara’s still raised hand and pulled it towards her and fingered Swara’s ring finger and without looking up said.,

Ragini : Shona, are you two engaged..??

Natasha, Shanaya, and Komal gasped, but Swara just smiled and nodded slowly

They all four together asked,

“Swara, when did this happen..??”

Swara : Last night, Sanky took me out on an especially nice date and proposed.

Ragini : Hmm I see, well Shona, you didn’t out of excitement happen to…??

Swara was really confused now, what did Ragini mean..?? Sanky as always could sense that Swara was confused and was very helpful.

Sanky : Swara, what she means is did we have s*x last night..??

Swara felt her face go very warm and felt a bit panicked

Swara : What….?? I..uh……Sanky..??

Sanky put an arm around Swara’s shoulders, which really calmed her and he addressed Swara’s all friends,

Sanky (calmly) : No, we did not have s*x last night, not that it is really any of your businesses. I get that you all think of each other as sisters, but you are not actually and even if you were, I wouldn’t want her telling any of you about things that only concern the two of us. Before you can interrupt, yes we were in bed together, but that is it, the same thing that we have been doing for months.
Also, you all shouldn’t be so harsh with Swara, it’s her twenty first birthday today, and she is supposed to be happy, not struggling to explain herself for something that doesn’t require explaining.

Everyone was pretty shell shocked by Sanky’s speech, but especially Swara, who finally managed to speak

Swara : OMG.. Sanky..!! I did not expect all of that, but Man was it attractive.

Natasha did her little scream laugh again.,

Natasha : You know Swara, I think that I preferred you before you met him and definitely before you two got together. You two are fairly embarrassing and slightly nauseating to be around. I really hope you pick me to be your maid of honor though..!!

Swara smiled, looked at Sanky who nodded, and looked back at Natasha

Sanky : You know what Natasha..?? I think that sounds like a great idea, you have the job.

Natasha (excitement) : Yay..!!

Ragini still didn’t look pleased, but this time both Swara and Sanky were clueless as to why, she asked Sanky a very important question that Swara was just starting to think about.

Ragini : Okay, so Swara has her maid of honor. The question is, who is going to be your best man..? You don’t have guy friends, you have Swara, us of course since we are all kind of a packaged deal, and I’m guessing that you probably are not on good terms with that other guy we discovered this morning.

Sanky nodded.

Sanky : Yeah, that’s true enough, but you know what..?? I can think of someone I can ask, if you are alright with it Swara..??

Swara struggled and failed to find a guy in her memories who Sanky could possibly ask to be his best man, someone who he wasn’t completely sure if she would be alright with.

Swara : Who is it..??

Sanky looked away, almost in embarrassment

Sanky : To be honest, the closet thing I have my good guy friend who could be my best man is…Well, it’s Sahil (Swara’s ex bf).

Swara felt a flood of many different emotions :- shock, dismay, betrayal, panic, and lots more she couldn’t even identify.

She pushed all of those emotions down and tried to be reasonable and it took her a while, but she came to the realization that what Sanky had said was true, she took a deep breath.

Swara : Alright Sanky, I’m okay with Sahil being your best man. Go call him and ask him if he’s willing to do it.

Sanky pulled her against him in a tight hug and whispered in her ear.,

Sanky : Thanks babe. I know that it wasn’t easy for you to approve of my request. Love you more…!!

Sanky kissed her forehead and walked away to call Lucky, after he was out of earshot Ragini piped up.,

Ragini : Okay Shona, you are not alright with Sanky getting your super huge jerk of an ex-boyfriend to be his best man, you shouldn’t have lied to him.

Swara sighed.

Swara : It’s true, I’m not thrilled about it, but Sanky was telling the truth, Lucky is the closest thing he has to a best man, so I can deal with it.


That was it..!!

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    1. Sanswa

      Actually 2 mistakes I have done in dialogues, correct 1 r :
      1st: sanky walked away to call Sahil
      2nd: in last dialogue of Swara that Sahil is the closest thing he has to a best man

      That means Swara’s x is Sahil.

      Till also if cnfusn nt cleared den let it be..

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