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You And Me (Swasan OS)


I made my way through the busy corridors to the class. Somehow I ended up spending more time than I intended in the parking lot and now I am running late for the class. It’s college and it’s not mandatory to attend the classes bit I really don’t want to miss this particular lecture.

I pushed past the people cursing them under my breath when they took time to move. Somehow I made it towards the class and sighed in relief as even though everyone’s settled Mr Das has not started yet.

I quickly got in and made my way to my usual seat. The one at the back. I dropped my bag, settled down and took out a pen and paper.

I hate this class. I hated everything about it. It was boring. I would rather be out, drawing, running, playing sports, hanging out. But something sitting on the table just beside mine scribbling fastly made me do this.

Swara Gadodia. The only reason by which I am here pretending to listen to the lecture and writing notes. Somehow this one is, as I have noticed her favorite subject.

I observed her carefully as she took notes frantically. It was an amusing sight. A smile crossed my face as I examined her features. I looked at her dark brown eyes behind those glasses. I looked away just as I was going to drool all over her.

She was pretty. Her body has all those perfect curve and I believed she could attract many guys if she wasn’t so fidgety around them and made eye contact. But that never stopped me.

I looked at her soft pink lips and just the next second I was thinking about how they would feel against mine. My face turned red slightly at my own thoughts. I eyed her pale skin and I instantly knew it was very soft. I wanted to poke it just to see.

I moved my eyes to her hair which was long and messy. It looked like crow’s nest if I say the truth. But all I wanted was to dig my hands into it and never take it away.

I laughed a little which made Swara look in my direction. She met my eyes and I instantly smiled at her. I saw her face turning an impossible red. She blinked and quickly looked down to her paper. She started to play with her fingers which made me chuckle at her shyness.
“Mr. Sanskar.” I turned my head at the sound of my name and stared at the Mr Das. He had an angry look on his face. He said menacingly, “Would you mind repeating the last sentence I said.”

I sighed and quickly glanced at my paper which completely blank except some random patterns my hand made when I was busy checking out Swara. Well, I didn’t even knew what the topic was.

“Umm.” I side glanced at Swara’s paper in which of course she had written everything perfectly. I stared at it for a bit before repeating it. He blinked with disbelief and I smirked slightly. He stuttered a bit before moving on to his lecture once again.

I heaved out a silent sigh and I glanced towards Swara to find her staring at me. Her lips were in a thin line as she adjusted her glasses. I raised my eyebrows and she quickly turned away blushing.

I continued staring at her with a smile plastered on my face and she didn’t even notice. After minutes of staring and observing, the bell finally rung and both Swara and I jumped in our seats. I glanced around and grinned at the fact that I spent half the hour watching Swara.

It was nothing new. I do it everyday trying to bring out the courage to actually talk to her. Conversing was never a problem to me. Words always came to me naturally. But surprisingly when I was close to her I lose all of it and turn to a lost puppy.

I glanced at Swara again and saw that she was quickly packing all her things. Her book fall down from her hand in hurry and I heard her curse under her breath.

I quickly leaned down and took the book and handed it over to her. I watched as she shyly put it in her bag blushing.

“I’m Sanskar Maheshwari.” I said, introducing myself to Swara.

She glanced up at me and her blush remained. “I..I’m Swara.” She stuttered.

I chuckled at the shivering in her voice. It was music to my ears.

“I know.” I smiled and she blinked blushing deep red. I was proud of the effect I was having her.

“Nice to meet you.” She politely said left the class leaving me grinning like an idiot.

I was rooted to that spot as I took in what all happened. I talked to her. I actually talked to her. I have been trying for a lot of time but I was not able to do it. Until today. It’s happiest day of my life.

After a few seconds of contemplating everything, I grabbed my bag and left the class in hopes of catching up with Swara.

The corridors were immensely crowded. People coming out from the classes and all filled it. I went ahead searching for her in the crowd. Even with my average height, it was almost impossible to find her in this sea of students.

I cursed under my breath and pushed past them and after a few minutes of searching I found her stuck in the way to the canteen, trying to get inside.

I smiled instantly as I saw her and shoved people who were in my way without caring about their reaction. I finally got to her to find that she had not even managed to move a single step from her previous position.

“Need some help?” I stated more than asking. She glanced up shocked at my voice. She opened her mouth to reply but I had already grabbed her hand and was making way towards the canteen.

She followed me silently and I managed to get her inside the canteen safely. I was sure that she would have not got here today if it was not for me.

“Th..Thanks.” She whispered turning red and a small smile palying on her lips.

“I got you past all these crowd and all I get is a simple thank you. Shame!” I said shooking my head at her and holding my chest with one hand with fake disappointment.

“What do you want then?” She asked, her voice not stuttering and seemed more confident. I smiled as I realised she have started to feel comfortable around me.

“I want to have lunch with you.”


“You heard me. I want to have lunch with you.” I said firmly.

She glanced down and began fiddling with her fingers. “R-Really?” She asked with her eyebrows knitted together and eyes blinking with disbelief.

“Yes, really. But why the questioning?” I gave her a confused look.

“Well, N..No one have ever wanted to have lunch with me before.” She said looking down and at that moment I knew what she was saying.

She was not one of those girls who were always surrounded by a group of friends. She rarely hungout with someone and I have definitely not seen her having lunch with someone. She was akways alone, minding her own business. Many times I have wanted go towards the table she was sitting and have lunch with her but I never had the courage. And now I regret it.

I laughed slightly to not make her feel that I am showing pity on her. “I guess they all are a bunch of jerks and you should ready yourself for having a lot of lunches with me now.” I gave her a closed eye smile and I could hear her laugh.

My eyes opened and I eyed her. “You should laugh more. You look cute when you do it.” I told her and dragged her to find a table for us.


I was in the library, where me and Swara usually meet up. Because of her the library is finally blessed with Sanskar Maheshwari’s presence.

Months have passed since that day I talked to Swara for the first time. We have become friends. We hung out everyday and things were all great.

We have grown so close during this time. After the phase of initial shyness is over Swara’s like a ball of energy. She’s naughty, enthusiastic and everything. All these just made me like her more.

She helps me with my studies. But most of the time it would be me watching her the whole time. But I can’t help but agree that my grades have improved a lot since I started hanging out with her. Maybe I wanted to impress her.

I sometimes helped her with her shyness too. It didn’t really change her though. But it didn’t effect me because she never had any problem in opening up in front of me.

Saying that I fall for her would be an understatement. I really fall hard for her. It was not a small crush anymore and it was consuming me whole.

Every time she neared me or I neared her, I always found my heart beating recklessly. My heart fluttered when she smiled her small smile. She mesmerized me. Everything about her was so beautiful that I can’t stop thinking about her.

It has been a hard job controlling all my feelings. All my guard just fall down when she’s some five feet near me. But the problem is that I am selfish. I want to tell her how I feel. I want her to know that I don’t want to be just her friend. I want to be more. Many times my tongue had tried to slip it out accidentally but the fear of losing our friendship if she don’t feel the same way, stopped it.

Friendship’s better than nothing, isn’t it?And then, there was I, putting on a brave face in front of her, teasing and making her blush. I was trying to be okay it with until she started to push me away.

Lately, she had been really quiet and talked less than before. She refused to looked at me in the eye and whenever I neared her, she would just scoot away from me like I’m have some plague.

And god, it hurt!

I am so used to be with her and this distance is making me crazy. It’s been days since I had a good nap. I tried a lot to find what’s wrong but until now I have failed miserably.

But that’s not what will happen today. I am not going to let her walk away until she tell me what’s going on in that cute brain of hers.

Speaking of devil, she entered the library that instant. She quickly found me and passed a small fake smile. I didn’t bother returning it and stared at her.

She looked away first and made her way towards me. Her expression has changed to serious. She was biting her nails which hinted me that she’s nervous about my behaviour. I placed my hand on my heart and breathed out before relaxing again.

She scooted down on the chair and took out her books.

“Hii.” She said awkwardly fiddling with her fingers. Her ears had turned red with nervousness.

“Hi.” I shot back with no emotion in my voice.

She was surely surprised by my tone but didn’t bother commenting on it and she buried herself inside a book. The tension was evident between us and I figured she had even turned a page over in the last ten minutes she was sitting there.

Suddenly she got up from the seat. I watched her as she began walking away from there. I stood up quickly and yanked her towards me holding her wrist.

“What are your doing Sanskar?” She yelled at me.ย  I felt my heart paining when she said those words. But I covered it up with a dry laugh.

“What am I doing?” I laughed without any emotion. “I am not doing anything. It’s you who is doing things.”

“I am not doing anything.” She shot trying to wiggle away from my grasp but I was too strong for her.

“Yes, you are. You are avoiding me purposefully. What’s going on with you?” I shouted at her. But she was rescued as librarian came and throw us out for making noise. She ran out of there and I followed her. I catched up with her and stopped her from going away.

“You have not answered my question.”

“No I am not Sanskar. I’m not avoiding you. It’s just I have been so stressed about the studies.” She said glancing down. She really don’t know to lie.

“Really? Because as I have seen, you were just walking away from me. Again.”

“No I was not. I just remembered stuff to do. I have to feed my dog.”
“You don’t have a dog.” If it was some other situation I would have teased the hell out of her on her inability to lie. Her excuses were always so lame.

Her eyes were again dropped down. She heaved out a sigh closing her eyes.

“Look,” I said calming myself down. “You know you can’t lie and I will somehow find out what you’re hiding eventually. So please tell me. Whatever it is tell me. I know you are really bothered but it really hurts when you are shutting me out. Whatever it is, don’t worry. I will always stand by you.”

“That’s exactly why I am not telling you Sanskar.” She screamed and I was suddenly taken aback by her raection. “Because if I say it you will leave me.”

“Never Swara never. I would never leave you.” I assured her as tears started to flow down her cheeks. I tried to cup her face and assure her out she pushed me away shocking me.

“Don’t touch me.” She screamed at me. “You have no idea what it does to me. It turns me on. I am so happy when you are around me Sanskar. You make me happy. But it does crazy things too Sanskar. I have feelings for you damn it. I have never felt this way before Sanskar. And I didn’t knew what to do with all of it. I was afraid of it Sanskar. That’s why I have been trying to stay away from you. I thought they will go away if I stay away from you but god damn, it is not happening. I couldn’t possibly tell you because I know you just see me as a frien-”

I catched her soft lips with mine kissing her gently. She stiffened with the sudden contact but then she was kissing me back tentatively standing on her toes. I hold her putting my hand on the small of her back and she let her hands wander through my hair messing it. I would have been upset any other time when someone mess my hair. But it was least of my concern now. I don’t know if there’s something that could be called perfect. But if there is I would say that it’s this moment.

We pulled away out of breath but I didn’t let her get out of my hold. I cupped her face with my hands and touched her forehead with mine.

“You could never be more wrong Swara.”

I felt her relax under my hold and a huge smile formed on her lips. I had never felt more happy in my life. Finding out that, this girl who’s everything to me have the same feelings for me is completely insane and unbelievable. But it was the best.ย  The smile on her was everything for me. I don’t think there’s nothing in this world more important to me then her happiness. I just want to be with her, her and her for the whole life. And I knew just what to do.

“I love you.” I whispered. She looked up at me and I saw her eyes tearing up.

“I love you too Sanskar. I love you too.” She said and captured my lips again kissing me with full force and huger.

And I gave myself into it, not caring that the whole college was watching us, not caring that some were wolf whistling, not caring that some were shouting at us to get a room. Because I was promising her. This moment was just for you and me. And no one can spoil it.


Well that was longest OS I have written.
Really hoping you guys will like.
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