YOU and ME..!! – Fourth Shot


YOU and ME..!! – Fourth Shot

Time passed and swasan got more closer in their relationship with growing feelings for each other even more deeper.

Now it was last year of their college, Their first day was interesting, two new students showing up on the same day and in all the same classes was different, and everyone stared and whispered.

Finally lunch came along.,

The duo swasan slowly walked into the cafeteria and were looking for an empty table when a girl came over to them.

She was around Sank’s height, with a long black blond ponytail, flawless skin, a good-looking body encased in a very short plaid mini skirt, a low cut white V-neck t-shirt, large golden hoop earrings, a fine chain necklace that probably had a charm on it, but if it did, apparently it was playing hide-and-seek down her shirt, in her ’valley’.

She was smiling in what Swara was sure was an attempt at friendliness, but the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes.

She invited them to sit with her and was being overly friendly, especially to Sanky.

She was bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet and chewing her gum worse than a cow with its cud.

She saw their hesitation and used that to her advantage to drag them over to her table filled with ‘pretty people’, cheerleaders, football players, Popular, etc.

Sanky pulled out a chair for Swara and pushed it in, prompting the gum chewing blond to say as she was smacking her gum

“Oh, aren’t you just so sweet, pushing her chair in for her. So, like are you two siblings..?? cuz like you come here the same day and were you two homeschooled cuz you have like all your classes together, and you two, like act like you know each other. So, are you single..??”

Sanky thought for a moment causing his brow to furrow and finally said

Sanky : Well, umm, what’s your name..??

She smiled shyly..Scooted closer to him, put one hand on his right leg and the other around his neck

“I’m Kavita, Hot Stuff.”

Sanky pulled her arm off his neck, brushed her hand off his leg, scooted closer to Sanky, and said,

Sanky : Well Kavita, Swara and Me aren’t siblings, we are very close friends. So, yes we do know each other, quite well actually. And for your information I am not a single, cuz just six months ago I proposed Swara and she accepted and fortunately we got engaged…And if we were not engaged then also I’m not interested in you because I care about this girl who I know.

Kavita’s expression cooled, she shot a venomous look towards Swara, and looked back at Sanky, saying in a fake cheery tone

Kavita : Oh, like that’s cool, anyone I know..??

Swara had this tight knot growing in her chest during the conversation, got up hastily and all but ran from the cafeteria.

In a way, dreading finding out who the mysterious girl..her fiancé had feelings for would be.

She got a ways away from the lunchroom and came to a stop at a cute little bench in a wing of the college that she had little idea how she had gotten there.

She was attempting to catch her somewhat panicky, gasping breath.

Not very long later, Sanky showed up, studied Swara’s hunched up form sitting on the decorative garden bench, sat down next to her, and put his arm around her small shoulders and asked her what was wrong.

Swara bit her lip..Her forehead crinkled in thought, and just shook her head.

Sanky groaned in frustration, dropped his face onto her neck.

Swara went into a startled stillness and her breathing went all erratic again.

Since Sanky’s face was against her neck, he felt her pulse race, he pulled his head up, but his face was still right next to hers and he whispered,

Sanky : Swara, you were upset about me saying that I have feelings for some girl huh..??

He stared at Swara’s face, saw her flush brilliantly and she gave a minute nod.

Sanky nodded slowly, stroked her ruffled hair back the way Swara liked it

Sanky : Swara, you shouldn’t have gotten upset, alright..?? You see, the girl I care about, is you only. So, you don’t have to worry about losing me to someone else. I know you’re afraid to risk our love relation, so I haven’t insisted on becoming more, but I want you to know that I do care about you, I will always be there for you And the most important thing that I LOVE YOU to the core.

Swara sighed and leaned her head onto his shoulder,

Swara : Did you see and hear how bad Kavita was smacking her gum and seriously was she obvious enough in her drooling over you..??

The love birds laughed at a few more instances where their new peers acted crazy and weird.

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  1. wow……………..kavita is again here to create trouble
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    Nyc part…

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    superb……hope kavita doesn’t become a headache for swasan n us

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    hot stuff ??? don’t say she is a stove

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