YHM Yeh pyaar Na Hoga Kam Happy Ending

Hi my dear readers,

With heavy heart I inform u all that this is last epi of this ff
Reasons for ending this mainly includes as usual story planned is over no use to prolong plus I guess due to my time constraints am not able to do justice to this ff

Talking about this ff
as u all have also noticed n I too felt it had something amiss may be storyline, maybe my presentation or may be irregular updates
still I will miss it n miss u all
jasmine n lisa am missing u alot
my dear ishan, radhikaji, prapti, parichary, maanvi, jyoti, kumud, isuri, Nivedha, sowmy thanks alot for ur continued support n words of encouragement (though I feel I didn’t deserve it for this ff )
thanks alot dear silent readers

Am sorry

So lets just see what happened

Recap-Adi made out that he isn’t Ishita’ s son he breaks engagement with Aliya n leaves iyer house
Ishita meets drunk Raman in lift n realizes that Raman still loves her alot n thinks she has betrayed him

6 months latter

Amma is making Ishita wear gajra Ishita is dressed as south Indian bride
she appears in deep thought

Amma-ishu what happened? u appear worried?
Ishita-Amma its so strange I mean at this age all this
Amma-ishu u didn’t get what u deserved at right time but my dear child its never too late

Toshi comes
Toshi-For first time I think madrasan has spoken something so very true

Amma makes face

Toshi-Ishita my house has been dark since past 30 years only u can illuminate it
Actually am the culprit for whatever happened
I guess I dnt have right to apologize too I have hurt u alot Ishita putaar because of me u have …….

Ishita hugs Toshi
Amma looks on with smile

Raman has dressed up in shervani

Mihir(serious tone)-bhai this is really not fair u have not done good

Raman (confused)-Mihir please stop thinking about n just think about our family

Mihir-bhai am not criticizing ur decision am saying u have put us in dilemma whether we belong to girl’s side or from boy’s side
so much confusion

Raman hugs Mihir
Mihir-Bhai am so happy for u this is just perfect decision

Adi is getting ready
Ishita walks in
she is tear eyed
she admires adi
Adi hugs her
Adi-No tears today ma please please
Ishita-Adi I never realized when u grew so big n became so mature
I am so blessed to have u


Adi has left Iyer house
He is staying in some hotel

Raman knocks at door

Raman-Aditya I want to talk to u
Adi-please leave me alone sir I have always been taught to respect elders I dnt wish to lose control over myself n disrespect u so please
Raman (angry tone)-y wd u disrespect me? what wrong have I done? Aditya u can hate me I dnt care but u cannot hate Ishita today because of u she is in hospital
Aditya she has sacrificed her whole life for u
u cannot ignore her u have to come to hospital
Adi-I willnot come
Raman is about to slap him
Adi-y r u so bothered about her did u bother in past 30 years
did u??

Raman breaks down
Raman-I know it was my fault I know I know one misunderstanding ruined everything but I cannot see Ishita this way Adi u cannot be so rude
she is ur mother, she has brought u up

Adi-please leave Amnot coming

Raman-Actually there is no meaning in explaining u u dnt have heart u r selfcentred u cannot love anybody

Raman is about to leave
Adi-Do u know the meaning of Love? Can u do justice? will u marry my ma? will u give her the happiness n love she deserved? will u hold her hand

Raman is shocked

Adi is shown apologizing Ishita he hugs her makes her have food

Raman enters Ishita’ s ward Ishita turns her face

Raman (with lump in throat)-ishu am sorry very sorry I have just given u pain
ishu I love u I love alot yeh pyaar kabhie kam na hua tha aur kabhie kam nai hoga
even when I understood u I tried to hate u but could not my love could never die
I want to marry u ishu

Ishita is shocked Adi smiles

Adi n Aliya meet
Adi-Aliya am sorry I have hurt u alot but for me my ma’s happiness was priority I just wanted Raman Sir to realize his feelings and admit it I hope u will still marry me

He makes her wear ring they hug eachother

*************Fb ends***********
Aliya brings Ishita to mandap n Adi brings Raman
Ishra marriage rituals r shown
”Tu kabhie soch na sake”plays

Adi n Aliya get married

Ishra Room
Raman hugs Ishita

Ishita-Raman we have lost so many years we have grown older dnt know how much time we have

Raman-ishu we have lots of time we have become one for saath janam,

He lies over Ishita n kisses her she blushes

Raman-yeh pyaar na kabhie kam hua tha
Ishita-aur na kabhie kam hoga

Some Love stories are ETERNAL

Frnds ur opinion, suggestions
Any thing u want to say

Am waiting for ur comments

Acha chalti hoon duaaoo mein yaad rakna bye bye bye

Miss u all
Take care

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  1. We will really miss this

  2. nice ending will miss you

  3. Superb really miss you dear
    Please come back with new ff

  4. So superb story!!!

    Love it and so sad that it had to end so quickly.
    Glad that Toshi realised that Raman don’t want to leave Ishu and so is Ishu. Adi and Raman conformation was nice and Adi understand what is going on and bring Ishra back together. It is very appreciation ff.

  5. actually am not happy with your decesion ending this ff like this…yes something missing in this ff comparing to your other ff..bt obviously it’s not related to your talent…don’t feel bad yaar there is lot of new readers who enjoyed with this ff…yes some of old fans responds not like before bz your ff r so close to their heart be happy about it and be strong…like to see u come back with new ff…take care dear…

  6. What’s this how can u end this ff so fast although this is my first comment I used to wait for this ff loved it a lot and thanks for this ff I am gonna miss it

  7. Kumud

    Will really miss this ff lovely ending

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