YHM Yeh pyaar Na Hoga kam epi 9

Thanks alot dear all for ur support and amazing comments.
Friends sorry for late update, am trying to make epis longer am sorry am bit involved in my studies.

Recap-Ishita wrks in lib n Raman wrks in office above her lib
Raman has developed attraction towards Ishita
He finds Ishita to be teekhi n meethi both
he tries to makeout her feelings

Its raining heavily
Ishita is arranging books on shelf
One lady-ishu look outside window there is water all around ohhh my god how would we go home

Ishita looks outside window, she is worried
Raman is at home, he tries to peep in iyer house
Amma seems worried
Raman-Aunty is Ishita back?
Amma-no its raining so heavily n her phone is switched off

Ishita-I will go upstairs Raman my neighbour wrks here I will request him he will drop us home

Raman’s pov-I wish I had gone to office, Ishita might be alone
there is water logging n traffic everywhere how will she manage

Raman moves out
there is water till his knees
Toshi-Raman putaar whr r u going its raining so heavily Raman
Raman-ma I have urgent work I will be back let me go
Raman looks at his bike
He finds impossible to start it
he starts walking n walking he repeatedly makes calls to Ishita
her phone is switched off
Raman is completely wet

Ishita goes to Raman’s office it seems empty
she gets tensed
she tries to switch on her phone it doesn’t get switched on
Ishita returns to lib
Lady-what happened ishu
Ishita-His office is empty
Lady-I was telling u few hours ago that we should leave u said lets arrange these bks see everybody left n we r stuck up here in floods
Ishita-relax seema please let me think

Raman’s pov-ohhh god when will I reach her lib she might be alone

Its getting dark
Ishita-seema lets stay back here in lib itself see on road we may face prob because no vehicle will work we have to walk n what if
Seema-No no how can we stay back ishu no way its not safe
Ishita-We will lock lib nothing will happen wait I will fill water to drink n come

Ishita goes to fill water
She notices hand on her shoulder
Ishita-yes seema
male voice-wah jii wah aaj kismat achi lag rahi ek mein aur ek tum ish pure office mein akele aur bahar romantic weather

Ishita is horrified to see a security guard
she runs
He runs behind her
Ishita(shouts)-seema seema seema
she enters lib n notices seema isn’t there she tries to lock door but security guard pushes it n enters
Ishita runs
she throws bks on him
she runs
she slips as there is water on floor
Guard laughs
Guard-Abh kahan jaoogi janemaan?
He is above Ishita
Ishita is crying
he takes off her duppata
Ishita screams
He holds her n is about to lip lock
somebody pushes him
Ishita opens her eyes n sees Raman
she is relieved
Raman keeps beating security guard in anger
guard is bleeding
he runs n runs
Ishita gets up n rushes towards
Raman she hugs him tight
”Tere Dil ka Mere Dil se Rishta plays”
Ishita is crying
Raman makes her sit
He wipes her tears
He makes her wear duppata
Raman-hey jansi ki rani tears dnt suit u
Ishita-please dnt call me jansi ki rani
Raman smiles n nods
He calls Amma
He asks Ishita to talk to her
Ishita-Amma please dnt wry am in lib am fine Raman is with me

they talk Raman smiles

Ishita-Raman how come u here Amma said u were at home
Raman-u were here alone how could I
(he bites his tongue)
I I I had wrk in office

Raman starts sneezing
Ishita-Raman u r wet what wrk u had offooo
Raman sneezes non stop
ishu takes off her duppata n wipes his hair
ishu is very close to him
Raman smiles his sneezing doesn’t stop
Ishita-take off ur shirt its wet ur sneezing willnot stop
He sneezes he unbuttons but is unable to remove shirt
his eyes turn red
Ishita feels helpless
Ishita unbuttons his shirt she closes her eyes n removes his shirt
She takes his hand in hers n tries to pass on warmth
Raman gets lil relief
Raman-thanks Ishita
Ishita-I will light a candle

ishu gets a candle
Raman is sitting shirtless n ishu comes with candle
He looks at her she looks at him through candle they have intense eye contact
There is loud thundering
Ishita hugs Raman

Raman-Ishita u please try n sleep dnt wry am here, we cannot move out till morning

Ishita takes support of pillar
N tries to sleep

Again there is loud thunder
Ishita holds his hands firm
she is in his arms
Raman admires her

Its morning Raman n Ishita r sleeping in eachothers arms
Ishita wakes up n turns pink she moves away from Raman
Raman also wakes up

water level on roads has reduced
Raman wears shirt
he holds Ishita’ s hand n they start walking

Ishita is all wet n unable to walk she gets tired there r no vehicles
Raman lifts her n walks

They reach
Amma, appa, mr bhalla n mrs Bhalla r shocked to see Raman walk with Ishita in arms
Ishita is unconscious
Raman makes her lie on sofa
amma tries to get her back in senses
Raman is exhausted
Toshi holds him.

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  1. Lovelyyyyyy❤️❤️❤️

  2. Lisa

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Ishra scenes…wowww…Rushi…thnk u so much for giving ishra scenes… Baby Lisa is dancing…yeah…yeahhh..yeahhh….Puleez update soon

  3. Radhikaji

    Oh.. was waiting. .loved it. ..

  4. Wow superb dear update soon

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  6. wow…superbbb episode…ishra was awesome today…eargely waiting for next one…

  7. amazing update..like it…

  8. So superb story and I enjoying reading this.

    Ishu busy with bks to setup in lib and forget about time and weather.
    Raman leave office and did not ask Ishu if she need to go home before leaving.
    Seema get worry of how to go home during bad weather and ask Ishu for help.
    Ishu think that Raman is in his office but to her disappointed that Raman’s office are empty.
    Seema don’t want to stay back so she let Ishu go get water and left Ishu alone with guard.
    Raman get concern for Ishu is so sweet and check on her if Ishu is home but get to know about Ishu’s amma worried and consol her then leave home to get to his office to check on Ishu.
    Mrs Bhalla get worry and ask where Raman goes in bad weather but Raman lied to his mom that he is going for work but did not know that he want to get his neighbour daughter Ishu.
    Raman becomes restless then decided to go. Raman walk from home to office are very long distance but knowing that office will not be safe for Ishu and keep calling Ishu mobile but goes in vain that makes him more stress.
    Ishu should take Seema with her and she could be safe but did not think about it. Guard can molested young and beautiful girl who is alone without someone there.
    Guard followed Ishu and try to flirt that scared Ishu. Guard was about to rape Ishu while Ishu get helpless but scream is very helpful but knowing that no one will hear Ishu screaming.
    Thankful to Raman arrived on time and hear Ishu scream and goes to recused her on time before guard start his rape on Ishu. Raman beated the guard badly by protecting Ishu. Guard failed his plan to finished Ishu and ran off.
    Ishu ran to Raman and hug him tightly and cried heavily while Raman consolled her with calm and know that Ishu is now safe in his arm.
    Raman phone Iyers house to let Ishu talk to her parent to let them know that she is fine while Raman listen with smile. Raman will not leave Ishu unsupervised.
    Ishu get to know from her amma that Raman was home and ask him which make her off-guard that he was worry about her but he bit his tongue and saying that he has some work, how cute!
    Raman get sneeze because of his wetting clothes then Ishu start taking care of him. Dry Raman’s hair with her duppatta and ask him to remove his shirt. Raman had difficult to unbutton his shirt while his sneeze becomes heavy. Ishu feel discomfortable to see and touch Raman chest but think to do something. Ishu get idea to close her eyes while unbutton Raman’s shirt by feeling the button. Ishu unbutton Raman shirt and get something warm to keep him warm. Raman stop his sneezed and get relieved.
    Ishu ask Raman to stay while she get candle. Raman wait for Ishu to comeback with the candle and see her returned with candle. Raman admired Ishu beauty and fell in love with her. Great almighty to thunder get Ishu scared and make her to hug Raman (lol) .
    Raman cuddle Ishu in sleep until the morning. Ishu feel warm and secured in Raman’s arms.
    Raman take Ishu hands to go home but Ishu did not eat anything since long which make her weak which worry Raman. Raman carried Ishu to home without vehicles help. Iyer and Bhalla families get shocked to see Raman bring Ishu home and they get worry. Raman get much tired because of long walk while carry Ishu.

    What a lovely story? Please continue with the story……

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