YHM Yeh Pyaar Na hoga kam epi 8

Dear Radhikaji sorry for making u wait thanks
Isuri, maanvi, kumud, ishan, parichary thanks alot
lisa am missing u alot
thanks all my dear silent readers,
Recap-Story is now in 30 yrs fb
n focusing on ishra
amma n toshi argue Ishita intervenes n ends their fight Raman is impressed latter they
have sweet nok jhok

Ishita is on Raman’s bike
Raman applies brake there is jerk Ishita holds him, her hair r flying Raman sees in mirror
Raman smiles
Ishita leaves him
Ishita-hey dnt u dare apply these tricks I know all u boys r like
Raman-Hello madam, I didn’t do anything deliberately, its rainy season there r potholes n btw u r not any actress that I would want u to hold me u r just an ordinary irritating girl who forcibly sat on my bike
Ishita-u stop it Amnot interested in sitting on ur bike u made me miss my bus
Raman-bak bak bak miss bak bak ur lib has come get down n no need to say thanks as am never going to give u lift
Ishita-I dnt need also n nxt time dnt waste my time
Ishita gets down n starts entering she notices Raman following her
Ishita’ s pov-y is he following me offoooo he seems to belong to decent family then y

Ishita-Hey y r u following me?
Raman-offo stop living in misconceptions am going to my office
ur lib is on ground floor I wrk with kt group on first floor should I show u my co id?
Ishita’s face turns pink
Ishita-Zamaana kharab hai girls need to be careful
Raman-yeah yeah but thats implied for only beautiful girls
Ishita-Get lost Ravan
They start walking in different directions
Raman sees Ishita entering lib
He notices her greeting everyone n nicely arranging books on shelf

A smile appears on his face

During lunch break

Raman’s pov-y is my mind thinking about Ishita that jansi ki rani,
let me just go n check if she is still in lib
no no no
she is so arrogant she will create drama
bt yaar I feel like seeing her

Raman goes
He notices Ishita sitting on one chair in lib she is surrounded by small kids
Ishita is reading story n kids r listening

Raman admires her
He is lost
suddenly he feels pat on is shoulder
he turns around to notice Ishita
Ishita-y r u spying me
Raman-I I I actually was curious to know wat u do in lib
Raman-after all we r neighbors I shd know
Ishita-oh really I work here In lib
Raman-n those kids?
Ishita-they r my kids
Raman (shocked)-seven kids
Ishita-yes in two years
Raman-in just two yrs of marriage?
Ishita-ha ha ha ha ha u r an idiot see I made u fool am their teacher from two yrs
Raman-u teach them god bless them
Ishita-Raman pl no jokes about them they r blind I read stories n make them study during my lunch break
Raman-oh sorry my break is over talk to u latter
Ishita-no thanks am better without talking to u

Raman’s pov-How can somebody be so sweet and fighter both
she is meethi tikhi (spicy)

Raman looks from his window he notices Ishita watering plants in her garden she talks to flowers n plays with butterflies
he is lost

Raman n Mihir go to restaurant
Mihir-Bhai wat will u have
Mihir-Bhai how come chole bhature replaced with dosa I think u have started liking south Indian things a lot tea replaced with coffee?
He winks at Raman
Raman-yes I love south
(he bites his tongue)
u say anything Mihir I just want variety
Mihir (naughty smile)-I know I know u love standing on window whole day ur lunch brks r outside lib I understand everything bhai

Raman blushes
(Mein toh tere rang mein rang chuka hun mera mujhe mein kuch nahi sabh tera sabh tera plays in bg)

Raman enters lib
He looks out for Ishita
He notices her sitting on one side reading book
Ishita-Hi Ravan
Raman-Ishita I need ur lil help
Raman-I wanted book for my friend a romantic novel
Ishita-wait i will get best one
Raman’s pov-she didn’t even bother to ask for whm she has absolutely no feelings for me.

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  1. Amazing!!!!! Nice ishra scene!!!!! I think Raman has fallen in love with ishita…cute…Please update soon and please give longer episodes!!! I wanna know how they get seperated and how ishita got married to abhishek… overall: 10/10. I am very excited for the next episode.

  2. Kumud

    So cute and interesting

  3. Very interesting dear so cute ishra scene.update soon

  4. Interesting story but funny.

    Ishra fight and ignore.
    Mihir becomes naughty to teased Raman of why he like South Indian things and spy on Raman and see Raman try to get close to Ishita.

  5. Now it seems interesting!!! Loved it!!!

  6. Superbbb one dear….raman has fallen for ishu and ishra scene was so cute…

  7. Radhikaji

    Loved it….waiting for next. …

  8. Lisa

    I’m sooooo sorry I didn’t read the last two updates …I used to come nd see but due to change of cover pic I thought its another story ….as I come here only to read ur story….I’m sorry just read the two updates nd this one….Thnk u so much for bringing raman….their pasttttt….there is past…goddd….there might be some crying upxates na…this update was awesomeeeeee….i just loved it…their nok jhok nd raman’s feelings for ishita was super cute..nd yes baby lisa sad …..u only missed lisa u didnt miss baby lisa…baby lisa is crying…???????…katti rushi…u only misshhh lisaaaa….not meee?

  9. arrey wow fabulous naughty raman and serious ishitha

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