YHM Yeh pyaar Na hoga kam epi 15

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Recap-Story is back in present
Ishita wants that adi shd never come to know truth
Toshi comes to meet adi n is shocked to make out ishu is adi’s mom she alleges that adi has trapped Aliya in love because ishu wanted to come back in Raman’s life
she blames ishu for ruining. his life
ishu breaksdown on realizing that Raman never got married
Adi has come across Ishita’ s dairy titled ishra

Adi is shown reading dairy in his room
His eyes r red n filled with tears

He looks at Ishita n Abhi’s wedding pic
He tears it

Morning Time

Ishita calls out
Adi, Adi Adi Adi
she comes to his room
he isn’t there
Ishita’ s pov-where did he go so early morning?
Ishita calls him
His phone is ringing on table
Ishita is confused
Ishita’ s pov-How careless didn’t take phone didn’t inform anybody I will scold him let him come

Ishita is about to leave
suddenly she notices
pieces of Her n Abhi’s photograph under Adi’s bed
Ishita is shocked
she rushes to her room
opens drawer
she panics on not finding Dairy n locket

Ishita gets tear eyed
Ishita’ s pov-He read it? he came to know everything how could I forget to lock this drawer
Adi my Adi

she weeps

Ishita looks in Adi’s phone
She sees that he has last called Aliya
Ishita’ s pov-maybe Aliya knows where is Adi?

Ishita calls Aliya but Aliya’s phone is switched off
Ishita is very worried

Ishita arrives in Aliya’s building
she gets in lift in hurry
she notices that Raman is in same lift
she panics n tries to stop lift
but it has started
Raman has drunk alot
He isn’t able to stand properly
His eyes r completely red
Ishita is shocked
Raman (inebriated state)-I have gone mad, fully mad, I see Ishita everywhere am feeling this lady is Ishita
ha ha ha ha ha ha
he slaps himself
Ishita is taken aback
she notices that lift has got stuck up
it isn’t moving
Ishita rings bell
Raman-Raman forget that Ishita forget her she never loved u she got married she has son she cheated u Raman forget her forget her

He keeps slapping himself
Ishita is tear eyed
she tries to stop him
but Raman continues to do so
He finally collapses
Ishita’ s photo falls from his pocket
Ishita goes near him
she tries to get him back to senses
Ishita-I loved u I never cheated u
she is sobbing
Raman in inebriated state hugs her

Dil kabhie rukta nai chalta hi jaye re tu dil ki bhi sun le kabhie pal pal badegi yeh mohabatien


Ishita releases herself from hug she tries to make Raman stand up
some technicians open lift

Ishita supports Raman
Raman is murmuring something
Ishita rings doorbell
simmi opens
she is shocked to see Ishita holding Raman
Simmi-bhai what happened bhai

she takes Raman in room Raman collapses on bed

Simmi-Ishita jii actually actually bhai bhai I mean sorry bhai might have had extra drinks

Ishita-its ok, is Aliya at home
simmi-no she left somewhere early morning she was in hurry, n her phone is at home

Ishita gets tensed
Simmi-is everything alright?
Ishita-yes I had some wrk was passing from here so just thought to meet aliya

simmi smiles

Ishita is in tension n walking on road

Aliya hugs Adi
Adi-Aliya I have no identity am orphan
Aliya-Adi Adi Adi control urself please adi first u calm down please

Ishita enters a temple
Ishita (teareyed)-Mata rani Adi is a gift u have given me dnt snatch this gift u have always snatched everything from me be it Raman, Appa, Abhi n now adi no u cannot do this I deserve justice I deserve it

Aliya-Adi whats most imp is ishi ma’s love for u adi she has always treated n loved u as a son
Adi to love isn’t crime
u n I also love eachother
u cannot punish Ishi Ma
u cannot punish me

Adi-my decision is final
am sorry

Adi removes his ring n gives it to Aliya

Aliya is crying
Adi leaves
Aliya breaks down

Ishra dairy is in her hands

Ishita comes home
she is shocked to see Adi pack his things

Ishita-Adi where r u going? Adi? ?

He doesn’t respond

Amma comes there
Amma-Adi what is all this adi answer

Ishita is weeping
Adi- I cannot stay here anylonger I have taken many favors from u both please dnt stop me am an orphan n cannot stay here

Ishita is dumbstruck

Aliya is hugging Mihir n crying
Raman looks on from room

Ishita tries to block Adi’s way
Adi turns around n moves out from back door

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