YHM Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam epi 14

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So lets get back
I will give a short summary of this ff as it has flashback n present mixed up

so this ff had started in present Aliya is Mihir n Simmi’s daughter
she falls in love with Aditya (Ishita’ s son).She changes herself for Adi, They get engaged on engagement day Ishita comes to know that Raman is Aliya’s uncle
Story moves in Fb
Raman falls in love with Ishita their marriage gets fixed but on wedding day Raman meets with accident Toshi tells ishu about panditjii asking to cancel their marriage as it will risk Raman’s life
ishu goes away from Raman
on Amma insistance ishu marries Abhishek
Abhi n ishu never share husband wife relationship they r just friends
Abhi’s sister in law Mihika (His brother Romi’s wife) gives birth to baby boy
Romi, Mihika n Abhi die in plane crash
Before dying abhi confesses his love for Ishita
Abhi ask Ishita to take care of Adi n never let him know that is real parents were Mihika n Romi

Now story will come back to present

Ishita closes dairy
Tears drop from her eyes
she is holding ishra locket
Raman is shown crying holding ishita’s pic

Raman-Ishita y u left that day y y
Mihir enters room
Mihir-Bhai bhai bhai control urself
Raman breaks down.
He hugs Mihir
Raman-Y she left me y what was missing in my love? she got married n has son too maybe she never loved me, but y y y did she do this to me

Aliya is in her room
she smiles looking at her finger n ring in it
Simmi comes
Aliya-mom what happened to Chachu he left suddenly didn’t he like Adi?
Simmi-no Y wnt he like Adi?
Actually he is like that, he doesn’t mix up much he always remains sad
I have asked Mihir so many times but Mihir changes topic
Aliya-mom there might definitely be something thats y Chachu didn’t get married also
Simmi-yes he always likes being alone n keeps himself away from woman dnt know
u dnt worry take rest dear

Adi knocks at Ishita’ s door
Ishita panics n hides dairy
she wipes her tears
Adi-u missing papa na?
Ishita-hmmm u have grown so big u r getting married adi
Adi hugs Ishita
Adi-Ma by changing topic u cannot hide ur pain
Ishita’ s pov-How can I tell u this pain isn’t for ur papa but for somebody else I just dnt know how to tell u truth n if not how can I hide it?

Amma is looking at appa’s photo n weeping
Amma-I never thought, this will happen to our ishu 30 yrs have passed n her past has come back dnt know how will I handle this vishwa?

Its morning time
iyers r having breakfast suddenly door bell rings Adi opens door
A lady’s voice is heard-ohhh so u r the one my grand daughter wants to marry, touch my feet dnt just stare me am ur dadi saas

Amma comes n notices Toshi
Adi touches Toshi’ s feet
Toshi n Amma r dumbstruck to see each other
Adi gets a call he excuses himself
Ishita comes n gets stunned to see Toshi
Toshi-Ishita? ????
Ishita-please come in
Toshi-u did all this purposely all this was planned ur son trapped my grand daughter because u wanted to come back in my son’s life
Amma-We were clueless about all this
Toshi-u think am fool u have destroyed my son’s life
Amma-ile what ishu did u asked her to leave Raman
Toshi-u r ishu has well settled life she has son my Raman never married all because of ur daughter

Toshi leaves
Ishita breaks down
Amma pacifies her
ishu-he loved me so much? he
she sobs

Raman enters Toshi’s room
Toshi is weeping
Raman-ma u had been to iyer house? ma Aliya loves Aditya alot ma listen we cannot punish Aliya n Aditya for Ishita’ s mistake please dnt tell anybody anything

they hug each other

adi is talking on phone about some medicines
Adi-yes doc I will check ma’s medicines

by mistake he opens wrong drawer
he notices dairy n ishra locket falls Adi looks on

Ishita-Amma Adi should never come to know truth

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  1. Superb dear very interesting update soon

  2. lovley and emotional update

  3. superb but sad. Adi will read whole dairy and get shock that Raman is Ishu’s lover not Abhi. Adi get sad and tell Aylia and she get shocked. Aylia conform Raman about his love for Ishu that stunning him. Adi and Aylia plan to reunited Ishra which will make Madhi and Toshi angry.

  4. superb and emotional one…that time ishita get to know about raman still didn’t marry and living lifeless life…what will she do…bt definetly adi aliya will plane to make them together as a couple…

  5. Nivedha

    Nooooooo Raman…. Don’t cry Na… Sooper FF Rushi.. You are really unique in ur FFs.. Keep rocking

  6. Ur ff is very good!! I feel so bad for raman and is hit a, especially raman… Still nice episode..

  7. Radhikaji


  8. very intresting yaaar

  9. Amazinggggggg

  10. Kumud

    Too good y do u always leave everyone in suspense

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