YHM Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga kam epi 13

Dear ishan thanks a tonne
I will keep ur every suggestion in mind always
so kind of u to take out time n help me figure out problems with this ff
Radhikaji thanks a lot ur words encouraged
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Recap-On ishra’s marriage day Raman meets with accident
Toshi tells Ishita about panditjii asking to cancel their marriage to save Raman’s life, Toshi asks Ishita to leave n go away from Raman’s life
ishu leaves a letter saying that she cannot marry Raman as she cannot take care of him, Raman is heartbroken to see the letter

One Year latter
Ishita n appa r shown to be moving around in corridor of hospital they seem worried,
A Doc comes
Doc-Mrs iyer is better now her Bp had increased suddenly please keep her away from stress and tension

Ishita nods
Ishita enters ward
Amma is lying on hospital bed
ishu goes close to her
Tears fall from Amma’s eyes
Ishita-Amma y u take so much tension relax Amma
Amma (lump in throat)-How should I relax ishu
one year has passed ishu
u still have not moved on in life u still think about Raman
ishu one year ago u decided to leave Raman u decided to listen to Toshi
if u loved Raman so much u should have stayed with him, u should have married him
Ishita-Amma please understand
Amma-What should I understand ishu? Ishu u cannot spend ur whole life like this, u need to move on
I just want to see u get married otherwise y should I recover to see u in pain I cannot if u dnt want to marry let me die

A young man enters ward
Man-What rubbish talk was this? Dnt ever dare say such things
N who told u that ishu willnot marry
yesterday itself I n ishu decided to get married but before we could tell u
u got admitted to hospital actually u dnt take care of urself
Amma (with hopeful eyes)-Really Abhi u n ishu r getting married r u saying truth
(That young man is my lucky charm vivek dahiya aka Abhishek)
Ishu is shocked she looks at Abhi
Abhi-Ofcourse its real y will I lie n it all depends on how fast u recover
Amma-Am perfectly fine now also
Abhi-no no u need to hve medicines properly

He makes her eat medicine
Amma is extremely happy she hugs Ishita n Abhi

In Garden
Abhi-am sorry ishu without asking u I said about our marriage but I couldn’t see Badi ma in pain ishu I read dairy u gave me, I know u love Raman alot trust me I will never try to take his place in ur life
ishu I dnt mind being ur friend for my entire life
This marriage will give happiness to our families
still final decision is urs

Abhi leaves
Ishita looks at Ishra locket n cries remembering her moments with Raman

Ishita n Abhi’s marriage rituals r shown
Ishita’s garhpravesh is shown
A young lady brings kalash
Lady-Ishita bhabhi welcome to ur new home bhabhi if today mummy ji would have been alive she would have welcomed u in this way

Lady does Ishita n Abhi’s Arti
Lady-please make this kalash fall with ur leg n enter

Ishita n Abhi enter

Abhi-Mihika thanks alot for all ur arrangements ma might be so proud of u

A young man hugs Mihika
young man-Ofcourse after all she is my beautiful wife Bhai please no getting emotional today
today is happy day

Abhi-yes Romi but am missing ma alot

A old man places his hand over Abhi’s shoulder
Old man-Beta I give u n Ishita double aashirwaad one mine n second ur mother’s

Abhi hugs him
Ishita looks on
Mihika touches her stomach
Mihika-Bhabhi even our chotu says welcome chachi he is kicking me

Ishita laughs

(So friends Abhi’s mother has passed away, Romi is his younger brother, Mihika is Romi’s wife Mihika is pregnant)

Abhi is shown sleeping on sofa Ishita sleeps on bed
Ishita is shown taking care of Mihika n her father in law
Ishita cooks food
Ishita is shown spending time with her in laws
Abhi keeps admiring her
Mihika gives birth to baby boy All r happy n excited

Mihika-Bhabhi please please keep his name
Ishita hugs baby
Ishita-Can we keep his name Aditya
Mihika, Romi n Abhi smile

Ishita is shown to be loving baby n taking care of him

Mihika gets a call n seems worried

Ishita-what happened Mihika
Mihika-Bhabhi there r some legal issues in our japan factory n as its in my name Romi was saying we will have to go to Japan but Adi is so small how can he travel so much
Ishita-If u dnt mind leave him here I will look after him

Mihika, Romi, Abhi r shown leaving with bags
Ishita with baby waves good bye

Newspaper Headlines
Flight between India Japan Crashes

ICU is shown
Abhi is shown with oxygen mask
Ishita looks on tear eyed
Abhi holds her hand
Abhi (unable to speak)-ishu sorry cdnt be with u more please take care of Adi n urself n please never tell him that he wasnt our son
I love u ishu

His eyes close n Ishita breaks down

(So Adi isn’t Abhi n Ishita’s son but Mihika n Romi’s so how was it)

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  1. Amazing! The story was a little sad though… Anyways keep updating regularly.

  2. Nice dear I liked it update soon

  3. Radhikaji

    Wonderful …awesome. ….

  4. what a twist superb adi is not ishita and abhi kid he is mihika and romi kid they died in plan crash with abhi so ishita took care of him

  5. Hmm..not so great for Ishra to be separated. Madhu is to be blame for Abhi, Romi and Mihika death.

    Raman meet Adi when Adi is lost and will help him to find Adi’s mom. Raman ask information for help that Adi is looking for his mom then the information announced for child missing and mother to come to meet. Ishu rush to information desk to get Adi. Adi get happy and call mom. Raman see Ishu and get shocked to see her. Raman will get to know about Ishu previous marriage to her cousin Abhi and had died in plane clashed. Raman believed that Ishu is Adi mother but did not know that Adi is Romi and Mihika son so Adi is Ishu nephew. Adi grow up and still call Ishu mom. Raman will breakdown hearing Adi calling Ishu mom but did not know full detail. Ishu see Raman and get shock to see him. Ishu leave with Adi and cried.

    Raman goes home and informed his family about Ishu married and had son that shock Bhalla family. Toshi blamed herself for separated her son from Ishu and order Ishu to leave Raman’s life. Raman pleaded to Ishu that he want to meet her and need to talk but Ishu refused then agreed. Ishu bring Adi to coffee shop and send him to play and wait for Raman. Raman arrived then sit with Ishu. Raman tell Ishu that he loves her so much and missed so much and ask her why did you leave me and went away from my life. Ishu remain silent and told Raman that she is responsible for your accident so that she can’t give more risk in your life. Ishu tell Raman that she is married and now her husband is dead in plane clash. Raman ask about Adi. Ishu tell who Adi’s parent and tell about Adi’s parent with her husband and they lost their lives. Adi is now my son. Raman feel Ishupain and accept her and Adi.

    Raman tell families that he want Ishu as his wife which did not make Toshi and Madhu unhappy. Vishwa and Mr Bhalla get happy to give Ishu another chance then Raman and Ishu get married again. Raman feel on cloud 9 when Adi call him papa and get happy. Ishu take care of Adi while Raman wait for Ishu to let Adi sleep then Raman start his romance with Ishu which Ishu blush. Ishu get pregnant with Raman’s daugher. They name their daughter Ruhi. They get happy.

  6. Niceee

  7. finally suspence reaveled…so adi is mihika and romi’s child…now story is back to present track…exciting…am really feeling happy that u take my comment possitive way….

  8. episode is bit emotional and different story u have choosen

  9. Kumud

    Woow didn’t expect this taught her was ishu and raman son really touching tho

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