YHM Yeh pyaar Na Hoga Kam epi 12

So today’s epi will has the major twist that is
how ishra separated n what happened
please let me know ur opinion on this twist
if u dislike also please let me know coz today’s epi has crux of entire ff
somehow am feeling u all are not liking this ff as much as u had liked my earlier ffs
so if there are suggestions my dear readers please let me know

Thanks all my dear frnds isuri, jyoti, maanvi, kumud, radhikaji, lisa, baby lisa, Nivedha, parichary
jasmine, sowmy, ishaan for ur continued support through ur encouraging comments
thanks my silent readers would like to know ur take also

Recap-Ishra’s wedding preparations are going on
A pandit advices to cancel this marriage to save Raman’s life
Raman says he cannot live without ishu so Toshi doesn’t stop marriage
Amma is not happy with alliance she wanted ishu to marry her cousin Abhi (Abhi is Vishwa’s cousin bro’s son)

Raman is dressed as groom
(must say he is looking dashing in shervani)
Mihir looks at him with smile
Mihir-kya lag rahe ho bhai
Raman-Teri bhabhi se joh compete karna hain

Raman (suddenly)-ohhh god
Mihir-What happened bhai?
Raman-I had to collect ishu’s gift from shop I wanted to give her on our wedding night
Mihir-No worries give me shop add I will collect
Raman-no Mihir ma n papa might need ur help n am ready I have no other work I will go n collect it
Mihir-Bhai its ur wedding
Raman-aree shop is close by I will return in 15 -20 mins

Raman goes to shop
He holds a show piece it is love birds below it ISHRA is engraved
Raman smiles
Raman is shown driving car
Amma is making Ishita ready
she makes her wear red bangles
it falls n slips from ishu’ s hand bangles break

A speeding truck collides with Raman’s car


Amma (tear eyed)-ile suhaag’s bangles broke its inauspicious

Ishita-Amma relax nothing will happen u please dnt cry

ppl have gathered around Raman’s car
show piece has broke
birds have separated n ishra cracks

Toshi is talking to guest
she receives a call
she is dumbstruck

City Hospital board is shown
Bhalla’s n iyers rush in
ishu is in bridal attire

Toshi is crying inconsolably
Amma pacifies her

Doc comes out

Doc -We could save mr Raman as he was brought here at right time
He has lost lots of blood
injury in knee is massive
he may take time to be able to walk properly

All r dumbstruck
Ishita looks through door at unconscious Raman tear eyed

Ishita is praying in hospital temple
Toshi comes
Toshi-Ishita putaar do u really love Raman
Ishita is confused
Toshi-Today I will ask something from u please dnt say no n give it
Ishita-What is matter mummy ji?
Toshi (tear eyed)-please please go away from my son’s life please

Ishita is dumbstruck
Toshi-panditjii told me that ur n Raman’s kundali doesn’t match this marriage shdnt happen if this marriage happens Raman’s life wd be in danger
Raman told me to hide this from u n let this marriage happen
I agreed
for his happiness
but see panditjii was right see what happened thank god Raman is safe
putaar I cannot risk my son’s life Ishita give me my Raman I beg u

Toshi breaks down
Ishita is unable to react

Raman gains consciousness
Bhalla’s r in his room
Toshi caresses him
Mihir-bhai r u fine?
Raman-yaah where is Ishita?
Toshi-Raman putaar u rest
Raman-I will bt where is ishu
Mihir (teareyed)-Bhai we didn’t inform bhabhi she wdnt be able to bear we lied that some of our relative passed away so we will have to postpone marriage n go immediately
Raman-oh good u did she loves me alot she might have got vry worried
we will tell her everything once I get discharged

Toshi leaves room weeping

Raman is brought back home on wheel chair he notices iyers house locked
Raman-whr r Amma appa n ishu
Toshi-Lets go inside first

Raman (angry tone)-will somebody tell me whats the matter? ishu is also not answering my calls?tell me

Mihir-Bhai sorry I lied Bhabhi knew everything infact she was in hospital but gave me this letter n suddenly left

(He gives letter to Raman)
Dear Raman,
I think getting married wasnt in our destiny
Raman u will nt be able to walk for few months
I dnt have patience, I cannot take care of u
Raman I dnt think I can spend my life with u
Am going please dnt come behind me Forget me n move on

Letter falls from his hand
Tears fall

Tadap Tadap ke ish dilse ahh nikalti Rahi aisha kya gunah kiya toh loot gaye teri mohabat mein

plays in bg.

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  1. Very emotional one I must sayy????

  2. Nice dear but unite ishra again

  3. I expected these kind of twist so no worry..bt today is emotional….don’t feel bad yaar bt i can’t enjoy your this ff like your other ones…i know u also felt the same and u want some suggestion…in this story u started with adi aliya and after 5 or 6 episode you came to main plot..i felt mainly that’s went wrong with lot of fans…most of them ishra fans…the beginning is the key to success serial or a ff..that should focus to lead and u shold give your best for it…then fans will fall more for it…definetly that is the main reason u to success your previous ff’s..u tuched fans hearts very beggining….in this ff ishra fans missed that heart touching beggining they r unable to enjoy with adi aliya…bt don”t lose hope u still have time..u should try to touch fans heart with your talant…give heart touching and emotional scenes between ishra give a lot of time to the scene that can give real feelings to fans…irregular update also one of the reason for fans to lose their interrest u may be busy bt compare to other your ff it also missing…don’t lose hopes try to give your best that is the key to success..do love your mistakes and be happy…

  4. it’s very emotional and ur description is very nice ra please dont deel bad when u are writing. carry on what you want to say and itgets successful all the best my dear

  5. Radhikaji

    Oh…This is how ishra separated..so sad. …you know how much I love ishra and YOUR WRITING. …here the problem the main lead have grown to be elderly. …even when they become a couple they are an elderly couple. …so…otherwise everything is just perfect. …waiting for raman to know the truth and propose ishu….Once again. …

  6. Kumud

    Really emotional don’t like how toshi separated them

  7. Amma pay the pandit to tell lie that the marriage will not happen so amma plan to breakup between Ishra. Toshi believe in pandit and blame in Ishu for engrave dangerours in Raman’s life. Amma did this to break the bangle that fell off from Ishu hand and saying that there are bad omen in which Raman involved in accident.

    Raman refused to stop the marriage as he loves Ishu very deeply. Toshi will get other girl to marry Raman and Raman threw the girl out and shout that he never want other girls in his life as much as he want Ishu in his life. Mr Bhalla understand Raman. Raman tell Mihir to find Ishu otherwise he will die. Mihir agree to help Raman to find Ishu.

  8. emotional update pls bring ishra together

  9. its very small why don’t u give long episodes

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