YHM Yeh pyaar Na Hoga Kam epi 11

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Recap-Raman confesses in front of everybody that he fell in love with Ishita at first sight
latter Raman proposes Ishita
ishu agrees
mr n mrs Bhalla keep ishra’s marriage proposal Amma Isn’t much happy

Bhalla’s are in iyer house
Ishita is wearing a beautiful sari
Toshi goes to Ishita
Toshi-Am so proud of my son n his choice, Ishita putaar welcome in Bhalla family

she makes ishu wear gold bangles
Ishu smiles
Raman looks adoringly
Mihir hugs n congratulates him

Amma looks at bangle
Amma-It seems so heavy n its edges will hurt ishu
Toshi (angry tone)-its bangle of shagun n I have been wearing it for so many years it has never hurt me
Ishita (softly)-Amma anything which is given with love never hurts or harms, its beautiful

Toshi smiles
Amma smirks
Appa (whispers to Amma)-madhvi what is ur problem our ishu is so happy please
Amma-she would have been more happy if she would have accepted Abhishek’s proposal
Appa-shhhhhhhh madhvi dnt talk about this now please

Amma goes in kitchen

Mr Bhalla-Iyerji is Mrs iyer not happy

Appa is unable to ans

Toshi-This madrasan has prob with everything

Ishita-no aunty actually Amma is happy but she is upset because once I get married I willnot stay with her she knew this will happen some day but never thought it would happen so soon I hope u understand

Toshi-Arre bas itni si baat putaar we r neighbors so she shdnt get so upset u will keep coming here

Raman-y she will (he bites is tongue)
Mihir (teasing ly)-Bhai wants bhabhi to be with him full time
Ishita blushes

Ishita is in garden
she is walking n smiling
she thinks about Raman’s proposal
She is lost in her own world
suddenly somebody holds her by waist
(Its Raman)

Raman-u were thinking about me right??
Ishita blushes
Ishita-Raman what u r doing somebody will see
Raman-so what??u r my would-be wife I have full right to romance
Ishita n Raman have eye lock
They r lost in each others eyes
(mein toh tere rang mein rang chuka hon mera mujhemein kuch nahi Sab tera plays in bg)

Raman-close ur eyes ishu
Ishita-u called me ishu
Raman-yes u said by love u r called ishu so I love u lots n lots n more than anybody could love u in this world I love u
now jansi ki rani meri ishu rani without more questions close ur eyes

ishu closes her eyes
Raman makes her wear a chain
it has ISHRA locket
He kisses Ishita whispers I love u n goes
Ishita opens eyes n is happy to see chain she smiles

Amma is angry she is ironing clothes in anger
Appa-whats wrong with u ?
Amma-am ishu’ s mother vishwa I want best for her
vishwa we dnt know these Bhalla’s plus they r Punjabi’s we knew Abhi so well n
Appa-but ishu n abhi r cousins how could we consider their marriage?
Amma-he is son of ur cousin so marriage could happen he loves ishu
Appa-Raman loves her too n she too loves him
Amma-Vishwa I feel this Raman will just break ishu’ s heart from day talks of their marriage have started am uncomfortable I feel something wrong will definitely happen
Appa-madhvi have faith in god n just think positive see our ishu her happiness ur all fear will go away

A pandit is sitting in Bhalla house
All look worried

Toshi-panditji There might be some solution for this

Panditjii-The best only solution is that this marriage should n’t happen

Raman gets angry n leaves

Toshi comes
Raman-Ma today panditjii said if we, marry my life will be in danger but let me tell u I cannot live without ishu if this marriage doesn’t happen I will die so please please dnt stop please

Toshi is teareyed

Bhalla house is getting decorated
Toshi is sitting in one corner she seems upset
Mr Bhalla-Toshi jii dnt worry rab sab changaa karega have faith

Mehendi is being applied on ishu’ s hands
she is glowing, giggling
She receives Raman sms”ishu come on terrace need to talk something urgently”

ishu gets worried she makes excuse n goes to terrace
she calls out for Raman
Raman comes with mehendi cone in hand
He makes heart n writes ishra on it
ishu-u scared me what was urgent in this
Raman-generally husband’ s name is written n am incomplete without u so before somebody would have written only my name I called u over here

Ishita blushes n hugs him

So friends what u think will get married? what will happen nxt? ur guesses
I hope u all r liking this ff
Any suggestions?

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  3. lovely update love ishra scene hope aditya is ishra son pls update soon

  4. So beautiful story!

    I think that Amma bring Abhi to Ishu wedding so Abhi family make created to break the marriage between Ishra. Ishu get hurt and Raman get fumed. Appa get angry on Madhu for bring Abhi and his family to Ishu wedding.

  5. Niceeee

  6. superb episode…amma may be played big roll seperating ishra…

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