YHM Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam epi 10

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Dear maanvi, isuri, kumud, radhikaji, ishan, parichary, lisa, baby lisa, thanks dear all
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Recap-ishu is stuck up in floods
Raman walks in heavy rains to help Ishita
ishu is being molested by security guard Raman saves her
Ishra spend night in lib n move out next day
Raman lifts Ishita n walks in rains

Raman is lying on bed
Toshi is keeping damp cloth on his forehead
he continuously sneezes
Toshi is worried for him

Ishita is shivering
Amma covers her with blankets

Toshi makes kada in kitchen
She is murmuring something to herself
she seems angry

Amma is giving medicines to Ishita
suddenly voice is heard
”oye madrasan oye madrasan”
Amma comes rushing n finds Toshi yelling

Mihir comes rushing to Raman
Mihir-Bhai jaldi iyer house chalo siyaapa ho gaya

Amma-Kya hua? y r u shouting
Toshi-what did u say to my son that he left in rain to get ur daughter back, look at his condition, he has high fever n is sneezing continuously,
Amma-I didn’t say a wrd to him y would I? He had work in office …..
Toshi-Do u think am fool, what wrk he would have in floods
Amma-Ask him n stop blaming us
Toshi-I know u ppl r like that, u know to trap family boys,

Ishita overhears them n gets tear eyed
Raman-ma stop all this drama, stop blaming am fine am alive
(He sneezes)
Toshi-u r fine what u r fine I can see n understand everything u went especially for Ishita u walked in rain u walked back
I have experience I have seen many such ppl dnt get trapped by their innocence
Raman-ma enough please enough yes I went there especially for Ishita, yes I agree
ma I love Ishita I love her from very first day I saw her n I know her she is an independent girl she will never think of such things please stop blaming her stop this drama

Amma, appa, Toshi, mr Bhalla,Mihir, n ishita are stunned
Raman closes his eyes
Ishita runs towards her room
Toshi is hurt she walks back tear eyed
Mihir-bhai what sort of love confession was this? ma is hurt
Raman-I cdnt stop myself she was blaming Ishita for no reason

Toshi is weeping in her room
Raman comes there
He sneezes
Raman-ma my head is paining my medicine
Toshi-u r an adult u know everything u dnt need me go take medicine urself

He holds her hand
Raman-ma I know u r angry am sorry very sorry please please talk to me
u remember u also said that Ishita is sweet

Toshi-putaar its not about Ishita
Am ur mother there was no need to lie u could have told me
today u said in front of everybody but u dnt trust me
Raman-ma ma, trust me I didn’t realize when this happened, I always felt something spl about Ishita, I enjoyed our arguemets I loved her smile, her activities, her voice
I really didn’t came to know when she became so imp to me…
(Raman starts thinking about Ishita mein toh tere rang mein rang chuka hun plays in bg)
Toshi-Raman u dnt feel need to share things with me, please leave me alone go go

Raman leaves disheartened
Mihir looks on
Mihir-bhai dnt worry ma will cool down soon

Ishita is in her room.
Raman’s confession echoes in her ears
The time that they spent in lib flashes before her eyes

She blushes, she smiles

Toshi n Mr Bhalla walk in Iyer house
Appa greets them
Amma is non reactive
Toshi goes to her
Toshi-am sorry that day I said too much, iam I mother I got concerned I hope u
Amma-Its ok please have seat
Mr Bhalla-Mr Iyer actually I I I Toshi-Bhalla ji let it be I will talk
we wanted to keep proposal of Ishita n Raman’s marriage

Amma is shocked
Amma-ile ile Raman n Ishita
Mr Bhalla-yes Raman loves Ishita n she is perfect to be our daughter in law
Amma-but we are tamilians and u Punjabi
Toshi-so what madrasan, in love all this isn’t seen
Toshi-but what u cannot get son in law better than my Raman
Appa-yes, yes but we dnt know what ishu feels we cannot take decision on her behalf if she agrees we have no issues with this rishta
Amma-Vishwa. ….
Appa-nothing matters more than my ishu’ s happiness

Toshi-Y will she disagree?
Mr Bhalla-Toshi ji we kept our proposal now let them decide lets leave

Ishita overhears them
she is blushing
she runs to her room she hugs her pillow n dances
Aaj mein upar asmaan niche plays

Raman is smiling
Raman-Mihir our parents r best
Mihir-par bhai decision bhabhi ke haat mein hain will she agree

Ishita is singing song n applying nail paint
she hears noise from her balcony
she rushes there n sees Raman
Ishita-what r u doing here?
Raman-I wanted to know ur ans
Ishita-which ans
Raman-you know what am saying
Ishita (notorious smile)-no Amnot getting anything what u want
He sits on his knees
Raman-miss Ishita iyer I want to grow old with u I want to be son in law of ur parents n a father to our children
jansi ki rani will u marry ravan?

Ishita blushes
she gently holds his hand
Raman’s eye sparkles
He hugs her

Next Morning
Appa-ishu beta what r ur feelings
Ishita (blushes)-Appa Raman is good
Appa smiles
Amma-ishu plz dnt make any hasty decision u dnt know Raman
Ishita-Amma I didn’t knew him till that day amma he didnt care for himself, he had chance he could do anything with me but he protected me.

Amma nods.

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  1. Nivedha

    Raman confession???????Awesome yaar… Then y they got separated????Eagerly waiting for next

  2. Nice story. Love it!

    Mrs Iyer defend Ishu while Toshi blame them for trapping family boys. Raman defend Iyer then confession his feeling for Ishu and make family stunning by his confessed. I am laughing at Mihir get confused of Raman antics. Bhalla family accepted Ishu as their bahu which make Raman happy but Mrs Iyer is unhappy. Raman enjoyed watching Ishu activities and listen to her sweet voice which Ishu sing while paint her nail. Raman become naughty to jump in Ishu balony like a little boy. Raman want Ishu answer if she accept to marry him and Ishu defend then smile when Raman tell her that he want to spend his life with her and Ishu agree and accept.

    Hope Mrs Iyer agree to give Ishu to Raman and will arrange the marriage for Ishra.

  3. superb episode yaar…first raman said everything about ishu infront of every one and later he proposed to ishu…wow…eargerly waiting for next update…

  4. Kumud

    Awesome yaar

  5. Superb dear waiting for next epi

  6. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  7. Superb as alwaysss

  8. Radhikaji

    As always. …fantastic. ..

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