YHM vs KMKV analysis


Hi guys.. This is Varsha.. This is not a ff.. Its just my analysis on yeh hai mohabbatein…
It is also a comparison between yeh hai mohabbatein and its Tamil version titled kalyanam mudhal kadhal varai..

I know that there are many tamilians here… Those people love to watch yhm… The serial is telecasted on star plus. The Tamil version with a different cast and crew is telecasted on star vijay. In spite of the serial being telecasted in Tamil, why do tamilians watch yeh hai mohabbatein??

Its mainly because of the cast.. The cast of yhm is far better than that of kmkv (kalyanam mudhal kadhal varai).. Some of them could watch yhm to know about the future story of kmkv.. But over the tamilians ought here 80% watch it for the cast.. For the little ruhanika.. Mesmerizing beauty divyanka and handsome and charming karan Patel..

I hope the tamilians here agree my view..
Its a comparison between yhm and kmkv..
So let’s get in to the characters..
Raman kumar bhalla – Arjun swaminathan
Ishita bhalla – Priya arjun
Ruhi bhalla – Pooja arjun
Aditya bhalla – Aditya arjun
Shagun – Vandana
Ashok khanna – Ashok
Suraj Khanna – Aravind
Mr. Bhalla – Mr. Swami Nathan
Mrs. Bhalla – Dhanam Swami Nathan
Mr. Vishwanath iyer – Mr. Unni
Mrs. Madhavi vishwanath iyer – Mrs. Manjula unni
Mihir – Jai
Mihika – Vaishali
Romi – Manoj
Sarika – Anu

Simmi – Suganya
Parmeet – Eshwar
Vandita – Kavita
Bala – Bala
Sorry if I had missed any names.. These are just a information to Hindi veiwers..

So let’s go to the cast

Raman. Arjun

What a beautiful, handsome and a charming smile Raman has.. But arjun cannot take the place of Raman.. Never ever.. Raman suits in all his looks.. A caring father.. Lovable husband.. Truthful son.. And also raavan Kumar..
But I hate arjun’s smile.. When he smiles broadly he looks like Chinese monkey (sorry if had hurted any arjun fans). Even I don’t like him when he cries or gives a romantic expressions.. He is just good in comedies..

OK… Next with the heroine..
Ishita Priya

Comparing to arjun, priya is far more better.. But can never reach ishu..
Ishita is such a talented actress.. A beautiful woman.. Lovely wife.. Caring and loving mother.. Faithful daughter in law.. Devoted daughter.. Sincere doctor.. And so many… She shows a numerous shades of look.. In ghost drama.. In shanaya role.. She just proved her talent and attracted people towards her.. There are many who still watch yhm for ishita..

Priya does her roles well.. She does what she has given.. But lacks some wow factor.. In the cast of kmkv i would say priya does her job perfect.. But she cannot be compared with ishita.. Ishita gives lots of advices.. But priya talks more like a tape recorder.. Sometimes it seems irritating for us.. And some men would think that they should not get a wife like priya..

Next to the little angel
Ruhi. Pooja

Both the kids are cute.. But ruhi is damn damn damn cute.. Ruhi is such a lovely artist.. The way she loves her ishima is awesome.. She is the most loved person in the family.. Everyone loves her.. Ruhi’s innocence is the best part..

Pooja does nearly 75% of ruhi’s role.. But she lacks the cute and lovely innocence of ruhi.. Pooja too loves her priya maa a lot.. But ishru bonding is million times stronger than pooja – priya bonding..
I think u people accept this…

Oh god!!! Next to the ex…
Shagun. Vandana

I will really appreciate shagun in her character.. In both negative and positive role she did justice to the role.. Her positive role was too good.. She supported ishita and Raman a lot..

But I never ever like this vandana… She looks like the evil of old saas bahu serial.. In spite of the designer sarees she wear she doesn’t suit the role…

The lovable cute trio..

Oh my dear friends!!! Just say who looks cute..
I like the serial kmkv.. But when I started to watch yhm I was just lost in it..
Priya and Arjun can never match the pair of ishita and Raman…
Ishra forever… Lovely couples.. Made for each other…

Friends this is just my analysis.. Any more points or any negative reviews for my analysis are most welcome.. I do need all of your comments.. That would encourage me a lot.. Friends pls comment…

Credit to: Varsha

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  1. yes varsha. i agree with u that ishra is very superb than arjun and priya. both the serial are excellent. i like yhm cause of the characters like ishita,ruhi,raman. i am watching kmkv for priya and pooja. she is too acting good but not upto ishita. i like kmkv because of its comedy. yhm is very superb than kmkv and i agree ur point of u very much. and very thanks for this analysis varsha, this is very great.

    1. Thank u so much for ur comment akshaya.. Even I watch kmkv for pooja and priya.. And for its comedy sense.. So I just got a thought to write about it.. And thnq once again…

  2. Oh god.., I to felt the same. Initially I was not aware of yhm. Only few months back I started watching yhm. Once I have started watching it I was really impressed by the pair and bonding of Ishita, Raman and ruhi. Theni stopped watching kmkv. Divyanka is really a very talented actresses. I started viewing the previous episodes in hot star. It was really awesome. I felt it stands out of other serials as it was totally practical. But now they are spoiling the name of the serial by these foolish tracks. Even though I am watching it only for Raman,Ishita and ruhi. Waiting to see my cute pair ishra and ruhi together

    1. Same feeling for me also ragu.. Anyways thnx for u comment

  3. Yes dr yhm and kmkv cannot be compared. I’m not tamilian I am a malayali but I have watched a few epu’s of kmkv. It’s really irritating but I don’t you may have watched it’s mal version pranayam.
    I will vomit seeing that. compared to pranayam , kmkv is far more better.

    1. Yeah!! I have watched only 2 or 3 clips of pranayam… I didn’t even like the cast.. They r just spoiling the story.. I agree that kmkv is better than pranayam..And thnx a lot Mona for ur comment..

  4. Hey!! Your absolutely right…there are soo many flaws in kmkv. This not only in the case of kmkv but also in the kannada version of yhm…it’s called avanu mathe shravani. I must say, it also has the worst cast ever! I get soo irked when I see these two serials…never can these dumb serials be compared to our yhm!
    Good job! U nailed it….

  5. Your absolutely right…there are soo many flaws in kmkv. This not only in the case of kmkv but also in the kannada version of yhm…it’s called avanu mathe shravani. I must say, it also has a very poor cast. I get soo irked when I see these two serials…never can these serials be compared to our yhm!
    Good job! U nailed it….

  6. jasmine Rahul

    I find Pranayam very nice.But YHM is much better.Casting is very nice compared to the tamil version.Most of the malayalees say that Sharan is better than Karan Patel.But I feel that Both r equally good.But Ishita is much better than Lakshmi.Though Lakshmi is acting well her dressing is very poor,not gorgeous like Ishita.But Lakshmi has a pretty face.but due to poor make up face looks dull.But she looks much better than Priya who does’nt look charming at all.Kavita acts well,but her looks do not suit Shagun as Shagun is supposed to be an attractive lady.I feel the tamil Shagun is more attractive.The biggest disappointment is the kids.Ruhi,Shravan and Adi are a big zero in Malayalam which is really irritating.

    1. Thnx jasmine rahul.. I have watched only some clips of pranayam.. That too with old laksmi.. So I doesn’t knw more abt it.. Sry..

  7. 100% true…. the fact u said abt priyas dialog… nah.. its bcz of the language only… means… have u seen bade acche lagthe hain tamil version… i used to like priyas ialog… but when it got dubbed.. i was like.. is it really was those dialoges… yuck… basically they used tp dub the exact tamil version of hindi dialgus.. i mean.. y… cant u just make dialog precise and attractive??… also.. when i saw kmkv.. i thought wow.. they r rwmaking it .. not dubbing.. it will be awesome… but the very first epi was just yuck… butbut i did like kuyilis act… it was perfect like santhoshi in yhm… but the hero heroins dialog.. they used to guve the exact tamil dub… it s really irrtng.. i saw kmkv only for kuyili.. that too one -two epi only.. more than i couldnt see….

    1. Thnq Arshi akka… But now kuyili is not in the serial.. So can’t see it anymore..

  8. I hv nt seen kmkv bcz i m nt a tamilian bt stil i cn cnct wd ur analysis bcz ruhanika and divyanka r d best?

    1. Thnq angel

  9. Absolutely true…
    One more point is in yhm it is north vs south – Punjabi vs tamilian
    But in kmkv It is actually south vs south – Tamil vs Malayalam
    Thats y it looks weird sum times
    Gives a feeling like for wat r they fighting wen they r both from south
    But wen toshi nd madhu fight its all about madrasi and Punjabi
    I hav been watching yhm from the time it started nd wen I watched kmkv I felt sick ( no offence) but arjun really doesn’t know to get angry wen Raman gets angry almost even the viewers get scared
    Even mihika has done a good job wen she gets angry on eve teasers and all..conveying ki mihika se pange mat Lena but in kmkv its totally off
    And according to me ishu gives a natural lecture but Priya ‘s lecture sounds like a mugged up one
    But I’m really sorry if I hurt anyone
    Its just my view….

    1. I totally agree with u.. Thnx keerthi

  10. Yeah . Yhm is the best . Best ever.
    It can’t be compared with kmkv.
    I like ur analysis. Especially about ruhi..

    1. Thnq jol

  11. I totally agree with u varsha even though the yhm is getting boring now am watchng for ishra and ruhi only . I didnt watch kmkv so much but i watch their cmdy scenes tht was so nice in tamil serial industry thr is lot of handsome actors y they choose this arjun i dont like tht guy am sry if i hate any one here

  12. I agree wit u i am great fan of yhm i thought they dub it but kmkv is lagging behind it it cannot take yhm place

  13. I Agree with u totally………..ISHRA is the best………….No one can replace their Chemistry…………I love them sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh………..

  14. You can compare two serials of same language, but how can you compare two serials of different language. The reason is budget and audience range. In Hindi, you get big budget and the lead pair are experienced, but Tamil the lead pairs are not that experienced. They will get their once they attain more experience. But comparing the two kids, is a bad taste. You are saying Pooja is 75% of Ruhi, but lags in innocence and cuteness. Common yeah, all the kids are cute and innocent. I feel kids means cute, there is nothing like this is better and that is better in world of kids.

    1. Completely agree withu

  15. jasmine Rahul

    I agree with you ARR.Budgest matters a lot.In malayalam serial industry clothes are not provided,they have to get costumes for themselves bcz of which Varada’s dressing is very dull in Pranayam.But in hindi Divyanka is given the best costumes n make up.

    The 1st Lekshmi was not upto the mark.The new Lekshmi Varada is good and has an amazing chemistry with Srinish.Srinish Varada are a romantic jodi malayalam serial industry got after many years.But yes they can’t reach Ishra.Infact no south indian jodi can reach a Hindi serial jodi.Only Hindi serials can create magical romantic jodies

  16. Hey just lists ok.

    ..i too love ❤ yhm than kmkv but u should not blame them…….u can c it in ywitterthat aftr old sm the best pair is Arjun priya only……………hw do u say like tis………of course yhm is the best than kmkv but the characters r doing ther best n trying their best to act like them…………..south vs south means watsthe problem???? even in todays life itself all r fighting within a city itself………….but I should say kmlv has got a very much rapid response from the audiences…….dont say to me that the story is gud……..story isgudbut acting also nice in that…………Ieven to tell truth I agree wid u in only one thing only tat Arjun is nt right fr it………….? so plzzzzzzz don’t misunderstand me…….being a tamilian itself I too luv yhm than kmkv…….. But kmkv is not tothat level of yhm but its also trying to match tat level…………75% kmkv has done its level best to that of yhm…………….so plzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t agree wid tat……………kmkvs alsodoing best only ? ? ? plzzzzzzzzz forgive me all to talk like tis……..especially fr the updater……sry???

  17. yes varsha I agree with you.
    yhm cannot be compared to this stupid kmkv.
    I hate all the characters in tamil.
    Iviewed only 2 episodes and I stopped watching it.
    yhm is always best best best. …
    I eagerly waiting for ishra ruhi adi and pihu reunion.


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