Hello dear friends soo today we will witness the real twist
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By mistake mehendi wali writes Raman’s name on Ishita’ s hand
mihika confronts Ishita abt her feelings for Raman
Abhi is shocked to see how well Raman knows about Ishita’ s choices
simmi asks Raman to stop Ishita
Raman says he will survive without Ishita if she is happy

Haldi rasam is going on
appa applies haldi to abhi
abhi-thanks appa for all this I mean I thought I have nobody
appa-ile ile u r our son abhi
dnt say such things

Raman, Mihir all apply haldi to abhi he smiles

Ishita is looking spectacular in yellow lenga n ornaments made of flowers
amma, Toshi, mihika apply haldi to her

Raman is supervising cooks
Mihir observes
simmi comes there
Mihir-simmi I cannot see Raman like this
simmi-I know Mihir but bhai is adamant he will not tell anything to Ishita
Mihir-I just hope god does some miracle n unites Ishita n Raman I have seen love for Raman in Ishita’s eyes too

Raman’s phone rings its Ishita
Raman doesn’t pick
she calls again he cannot resist

Ishita-Raman please once just once come n meet me please I want to talk to u Raman
Raman-Ishita am busy with supervision
Ishita-Raman dnt make excuses
am waiting please dnt ignore me
please meet me once before marriage

Ishita is looking glamorous in her bridal attire
amma n mihika smile looking at her
but somehow Ishita is unable to smile
she is thinking something
amma kisses her n puts kala tika to protect her from evil eye
Mihika-Akka u sit her be relaxed amma n I would just greet some guest n come back in sometime

Raman comes there
He looks adoringly at Ishita
he is mesmerized by her beauty

Ishita looks in mirror n sees Raman looking at her
she smiles

Raman-u look
Ishita interrupts
Ishita-Thank god u came Raman

she hugs him
Raman is confused

Ishita-Raman I am feeling like running away I ……I dnt know whats wrong………..Raman

Raman-Ishita relax what happened did abhi said something

Ishita-no Raman no .Raman u value our friendship
Raman-Ofcourse I do
Ishita-swear on our friendship n tell me do u consider me more than a friend
Raman-Ishita whats wrong with u
Ishita-Answer me Raman answer
Ishita looks into his eyes its moist red full of tear

Ishita(emotionally)-Why didn’t u ever say thank god I got that diary in which u have written everything right from day we first met in school
Raman (shocked)-which diary

Ishita gives him a red diary
Raman-who kept it here


Simmi has that red diary
simmi to herself-Am sorry bhai but I feel Ishita oughts to atleast know about ur feelings I know u have written everything in this

simmi keeps it in Ishita’ s room

flashback ends

Ishita is crying
Ishita-Raman y did u hide atleast once u should have said
Raman-Ishita u r getting married today no use of discussing this
Ishita Abhi loves u he loves u more than me u will have wonderful life with him
Ishita-what about u Raman?
Raman-Ishita ……………. u rnot in my destiny Ishita please please dnt think abt all this please.Amma n appa are happy u r happy all r
Raman-Ishita if u ever considered me as friend u will not think abt all this n enter new phase of ur life with smile promise me

he put forths his hand
he takes Ishita’s hand n places it over his

Raman-promise me
Ishita is sobbing
Ishita-what abt u Raman?
Raman-I will live with our memories

both r tear eyed they have an intense eye contact

Iyers welcome Abhi
Abhi sits in mandap

Raman sees Amma n appa doing rituals with Abhi

Ishita is hugging ganpati idol n purse Raman had gifted her

Tere dilka mere dilse (sad version) plays in bg

Simmi is praying to mata rani to do some miracle

Diyas are shown outside ishita’s room some children r playing n running some diyas fall on wire n it catches fire n fire spreads
n spreads

Aag aag dulhaan ke kamre mein aag lag gayi

All r dumbstruck
Ishita is coughing amid fire
All rush upstairs
Abhi panics some ppl bring water abhi n others put water
Amma is crying Toshi pacifies her fire is not getting controlled

Raman jumps in fire

Hare Ram Hare Ram ram ram hare hare hare Krishna
Krishna hare hare plays

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