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Recap-In last epi we saw that Ishita got panicked after seeing Raman injured .Raman convinces Amma n appa for Ishita n abhi’s marriage. mihika is displeased Raman says he can do anything for Ishita’ s happiness
During engagement ring slips n rolls to Raman’s feet
Ishita is uncomfortable dancing with abhi but is comfortable dancing with Raman, abhi notices this

Epi starts with a huge hall being shown
Ishita is dressed in green anarkali(she looks like a diva as usual)
Her mehendi rasam is going on
Raman is doing some arrangements on top floor
Appa-thanks Raman beta u r supervising decorations for marriage I wdnt be able to manage all this alone
Raman-Its my responsibility, u say beta n then say all this
Appa hugs him

From top Raman notices Ishita
she is happy n giggling

Raman is getting down staircase he keeps looking at Ishita
flashback from their child hood is shown
Tadap tadap ke ish dilse aahhh nikalti rahi mujhko sazza di pyaar ki plays
Raman is lost

Mehendi wali-Aapke hone wale husband ka naam kya hain?

Ishita notices Raman
RAman is engrossed in his thoughts he is about to fall from staircase

Ishita(shouts)-Raman, RAman look down u will fall where are u lost

Raman(confused tone)-sorry I was ………………….Thinking about preparations

Ishita-Ramannnn be careful

she notices mehendi wali has written Raman on her hand

Ishita-ohh what did u do my husband’ s name is Abhishek not Raman offf oooooo

Amma-Ishita dnt worry just wipe it

they try wiping but mehendi ka rang is strong

Ishita is getting worried
mehendi wali-I will make design dnt worry am sorry

Ishita’ s room
Ishita looks at her mehendi
still name Raman is visible amid design
mihika comes there

Mihika-Akka its impossible to change certain things akka erasing Raman’s name from ur hand willnot remove him from ur heart

Ishita is shocked
Ishita-mihika what are u saying
am getting married Abhi’s name should have been on my hand .Its inauspicious n am already depressed n u r making fun
Mihika-Amnot making fun Akka ask ur heart doesn’t it feel Raman is special

Ishita gets thoughtful

Ishita-mihika yes he is but as a friend very special friend thats it please dnt think all this
mihika-u can lie to me, u can lie to world but cannot lie to urself
u r comfortable with Raman not with Abhi
I could see

Ishita gets lost in thoughts her n raman’s childhood flashes before her eyes
sanam re plays in bg
Ishita is lost in thoughts
her phone rings
its Abhi

Abhi-ishu just two nights n u would be mine forever I just cannot believe its really happening I mean u n me hahahahaa am so happy so so happy

Ishita tries to smile but is unable to

Abhi-ishu ishu ishu I love u I know u r blushing
but say something please am dying to hear ur voice
Ishita-Abhi am sorry but am a little tired feeling sleepy can we please talk tom

Abhi finds this weird
Abhi-sure good night love u

Raman is drinking
his phone rings its Abhi
Abhi-Bro I need ur help
Raman-yes say
abhi-I want to buy gift for ishu will u please accompany me
Raman-yes I will

Raman n Abhi are shown in shopping mall Abhi selects red sari
Raman-Abhi I think u should select this pink one Ishita doesn’t like too bright colors

Abhi selects high heel sandals
Raman-hey take this one she isn’t comfortable with high heels

Abhi selects fancy handbag
Raman-Take this please she likes simple

Abhi-u know everything so well about ishu I know her from past 2 years but was clueless abt all this

Raman-I know her from 15 years

Ishita opens her gifts she smiles she calls Abhi
Ishita-Abhi thanks alot I loved it all just so perfect Raman helped u right?
Abhi-How did u make out
Ishita (laughs ) only he knows me so well we know each other since past 15 years

Raman is upset
simmi notices
simmi-bhai Ishita is getting married tom bhai she will go away from us stop her bhai stop her how will u stay without her

Raman-simmi if she is happy I can stay yes I can yes

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