Hii dear friends its good to know that u all are reading this ff somehow i felt u are not liking this anyways thanks all for encouraging me to continue Dear silent readers thnx for silent support
Friends this ff is only of 10 parts it has a big twist
for all ishra fans but I hope u all will support me till then n enjoy some divek moments too

Recap-An excited Raman meets Ishita who introduces him to love of her life Abhishek
she request Raman to convince amma n appa for her abhi’s marriage
Raman is heart broken
yesterday flashback came to an end Raman was narrating all this to Mihir.

Scene 1 hospital
Raman switches on his cell phone
he is stunned to see
Ishita’ s 40 miss calls n 23msgs
Raman-Mihir she feels am angry she was getting worried I must immediately call her

Her no is busy

Ishita is speaking with abhi on phone

Ishita (worried)-Abhi Raman is not answering my msgs n calls since yesterday I hope he is fine
he never behaves this way
Abhi-call at his home ishu n please dnt wry all will be fine please smile because u look good that way, for my sake please

Ishita fakes a smile

Raman msgs Ishita
”Ishita sorry was occupied with wrk dnt wry am fine please u n abhi meet me today at hill mist garden at 4pm”

Raman gets up from bed
Mihir-u need rest Raman
Raman-Ishita needs me am fine u please please help me with discharge formalities please

Mihir looks on helplessly

After reading Raman’s msg Ishita takes a sigh of relief
she smiles

Ishita n Abhi are eating icecream in garden
they are lost in each other’s eyes suddenly Ishita notices Raman
she leaves abhi’s hand n rushes to Raman
Ishita (panic)-Raman, Raman whats wrong how come u got hurt? Raman u lied since yesterday I was feeling something is wrong
Raman-Ishita relax its just small
Ishita interrupts
Ishita-Its not small, it might be painful I can understand
Raman-no relax it was just small accident
Ishita-accident???Raman how could u be so careless
Ishita caresses his dressing
abhi looks on
Raman tries to hide his tears
tere dilka mere dilse rishta purna hain plays in bg

At Ishita’ s house

Amma, appa n mihika are sitting on sofa

Appa-Tell us Raman what u wanted to say
Raman-Actually I dnt know how to start
Amma-Raman u dnt need to be formal please tell clearly.
Mihika is smiling
Raman-Do u all trust Ishita’ s choice
Appa-Ofcourse but whats matter
Raman-she has choosed somebody to spend her life with

Amma n appa r stunned n mihika is smiling

Raman is talking something with them
mihika gets shocked

Appa-Raman because u say we will meet him

Ishita gets glad listening this
she gives flying kiss to Raman

Amma, Appa, Ishita, mihika, Raman meet abhi in restaurant he seeks blessings of elders
They are shown talking
Appa-so young man what do u do?
Abhishek-Am working as ACP in guranga police station
Appa, amma look impressed
Amma-who is in ur family
Abhi (sadly)-when I was ten I lost my parents in car accident .my maternal uncle n aunty took care of me n if u agree I would get my parents back in u both
Amma gets tear eyed
Appa-Raman was right u are perfect for our ishu

Amma, appa hug Ishita n abhi

Raman looks on tears fall from his eyes

mihika-why are u doing all this Raman atleast let akka know once what u feel for her

Raman-no she is happy with Abhi I cannot snatch her happiness promise me u will never tell her anything n trust me abhi will be an awesome jiju

Raman fakes smile with tears in eyes
mihika feels helpless

Ishita hugs Raman
Ishita-thanks thanks thanks alot Raman

Ishita n Abhi are getting engaged
Abhi makes her wear ring
Ishita is about to put ring in abhi’s finger it slips it rolls n stop near Raman’s feet all look on Raman sadly picks it up n gives to Ishita she puts in Abhi’s finger
Abhi n Ishita dance on janam janam
Ishita is uncomfortable when Abhi tries to hold her near waist abhi makes his grip lose
Ishita smiles
mihika is dancing with Raman
partners change
Raman n Ishita r partners she is comfortable dancing with him
abhi notices

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  1. Purna

    Really nice rushi….i think the couple is not only going to be exchanged in dance. …but also in ur actual ff….i guess…..the way u presented raman’s selfless love was amazing. ..

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    Rellay superb,Ishu is feeling comfortable with Raman only…Wow that’s lovely dr
    But its very sad that u r going to end In three episodes…?

  3. We are not liking ur ff but loving it

  4. Purna

    Really nice rushi….i think the couple is not only going to be exchanged in dance. …but also in ur actual ff….i guess…
    ..the way u presented raman’s selfless love was amazing

  5. Awesome………..ishra moments this early……I didn’t expect……now ishu will realise her love towards Raman through abhi…….good oned

  6. Superb dear loved the whole episode a lot Raman had true love on ishu iliked it

  7. Akshata

    Awesome update, hope ishita will realise soon raman’s love towards her.

  8. Kumud

    Nice hope you join them back together soon

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  10. Wow awesome update…..

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    this is really awesome plz update soon

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