Recap-In last epi we saw Ishita has completed her studies n she returns n surprises Raman on day of inauguration of his factory.Raman is now successful business man n owns huge flat.Ishita is proud of him n he credits her for his success.Ishita tells Raman that she wants to tell him something she asks him to meet her in cafe Raman is excited.

Its morning Raman is still looking at watch
Raman (to himself)- 4 kab bhajenge?
He practices to propose Ishita in front of mirror

Raman goes to novelty shop he looks through different gift articles
he likes love birds n gets it packed
he smiles
he purchases flowers for Ishita

At cafe
Raman notices Ishita sitting he feels nervous
Raman (to himself)-Raman u have to do this u need to tell Ishita how much u love her yes do it today do it come on

He goes to Ishita

Ishita is engrossed in her thoughts
Raman-Ishita hii
Ishita (smiles)-Raman, flowers for me thank u its beautiful
Raman actually I wanted to say something Raman Raman

Raman is confused

Ishita-Raman I wanted u to meet somebody
Ishita calls some body sitting on adjacent table

A dashing guy in black tee shirt n blue denims walks towards their table

Ishita-Raman he is Abhishek (yes vivek dahiya I am a big fan of divek so I hope u guys like it) Raman I love him

Raman is taken a back
he is dumbstruck
Ishita-Raman please dnt be angry with me I know we are best friends n I should have not kept all this hidden but trust me I wanted to give u this surprise personally.
Raman Abhishek n I met two years ago when I was returning to Mumbai after surprising u on ur bday we met in train n I must say it was love at first sight.(giggles)

Abhishek-Ishita let me speak to
(he put forths his hand) Hii Raman Abhishek Dahiya,
(Raman shakes hand, he is still shocked)I have heard alot about u infact through Ishita I know everything about u buddy am so inspired by ur journey to success

Ishita-enough let me talk now

Ishita holds Abhishek’s hand

Raman is hurt

Ishita-Raman I need ur help Raman I dnt know how to tell Amma appa about Abhishek
Raman we want to get married (she blushes)

Abhishek-Raman please please help us please convince amma, appa please

Raman (with heavy heart)-yes I will
Ishita-Raman u seem upset
Abhi-ishu he is angry u didn’t tell him about us how can he being ur best friend be upset after seeing u happy
Raman-Ishita plz excuse me I have some urgent meeting I will come home tom n talk to Amma appa bye

Ishita-Abhi he is lying, abhi he seemed upset
Abhi-ishu relax he isn’t upset he might just be shocked calm down

Ishita n Abhi leave Ishita forgets flowers on table

Raman is in garden
he breaks down he cries
he opens his gift n tears fall from his eyes
love birds fall from his hands n it breaks birds seperate

Tadap Tadap ke ish dilse ahhh nikalti rahi plays in bg
Raman recollects abhi n Ishita n cries
Raman is driving
he is drinking n driving

Flashback ends

Raman who is in hospital n was narrating all this to Mihir has tears in his eyes

mihir looks on sadly.

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  1. My guess was right…..hahahhaha…..nice one……but plz unite ishra….

  2. not good

  3. RUSHI

    yes payal what u didn’t like please let me know
    yes lekha dear u were right
    n dear readers
    are u ppl not liking this story line this time I feel u all not liking it
    please let me know should I continue?
    do u wish any change

  4. Jigaysa

    Please unite ishra

  5. Jigaysa

    Please continue writing I have your earlier ff Dil ka rishta and it was awesome and this ff is also awesome but please don’t separate ishra please unite them

  6. Jigaysa

    Sorry typing mistake I have read ur earlier ff

  7. loved it

  8. Khushiarvind

    Its vry gud rushi
    U shld continue with it
    Evn though i luv ishra i support ur point in bringing a twist lyk this. Go on dear. Bst wishes
    Waiting for nxt epi

  9. silent reader

    I already miss ur dil ka rishita. That ff is awesome. This ff is also superb. I actually won’t comment often because whenever I am free I used to read and leave it . I am a silent reader. But pls continue ur ff..

  10. Purna

    It is going good….feels good to see real life couple pairing up….i think u should continue presenting ur thoughts….keep writing….

  11. Can u make it ishra pls pls pls pls. We are not getting ishra romance in serial too pls pls pls make it ishra. Your ff is nice that’s why I am begging u pls.

  12. I think that Mihika and Mihir will discuss about Raman feeling for Ishita. Mihika will help Mihir to talk with Ishita and make Ishita see Raman loves her and wish to marry her. Or it was testing that Ishita want to see how Raman feels. Abhishek is Ishita only friend.

  13. It was nice dr…
    U should continue, there are many fans for ur last ff and for this too…
    Don’t care about about haters..
    And my small request is makmake Ishra unite..Not Abishek-Ishu?,in real life they are superb couple dr..But there are many Ishra lovers comparing to Divek.,I guess so?
    And Plz don’t stop it

  14. That is *make ishra.,not makmake dr

  15. Please dear unite ishra with lots of twists but still in today’s episode I loved the true love Raman had on ishu

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