Helloooooooooo wonderful ppl,
happy Friendship Day my dear friends
thanks for ur comments
maanvi dear I currently dnt have any suitable story line for dil ka rishta season 2 sorry but I will try n wrk on dat

so here we go

Recap-Raman n Ishita’ s friendship grows stronger n stronger
In present day Mihir asks Raman about his separation from Ishita
another flashback is shown

They grow up
Ishita is very happy as she has got admission in her dream college in Mumbai for law
Raman is sad as she will go to Mumbai.

Flashback continues

Ishita is packing her clothes a young n beautiful girl is shown helping her packing
Young Girl-Akka y do u need to go to Mumbai
here in Delhi also there are so many Law colleges
Ishita hugs her

(that girl is mihika [mihika verma])
dear it is best college from childhood I had aspiration to study in this college n its matter of just five years n I would come in vacations soo

Raman is overhearing their talks
Ishita notices him
Ishita-Raman come inside see na amma has given me so many things its not fitting (she is giggling)
Raman-Ishita r u leaving today evening?
Ishita-yes n u r coming to station
Raman-sorry Ishita

she interrupts
Ishita-no excuses means no excuses u r coming
Raman-Ishita please try n understand I need to accompany simmi for her dance contest please, n I have come now
Ishita (upset)-ok fine if its about simmi I willnot force

Raman gives gift to Ishita
Ishita (excitedly)-something espl for u to take care of u in my absence

Ishita hugs Raman
sanam re plays in bg
mihika looks on with smile

Ishita-Raman I will miss u lots Raman instructions for u
dnt dare make a girlfriend focus only on studies when am back I want to see u as a successful business man
Raman (emotionally)-Ishita keep in touch.Take care bye now I will leave

Raman leaves he is shown wiping his tears

Ishita’ s Garden
Raman is upset mihika comes there

mihika-Raman u lied u dnt have to accompany simmi anywhere u just cannot see akka going. Raman y dnt u stop her? Raman y Dnt u confess ur feelings
Raman-Mihika all that matters to me is her happiness I can never come in between in dreams n aspirations n right now am nobody I want to become something before i confess

Mihika emotionally looks on

Ishita leaves all family members wish her good luck

Raman is waiting for something is roaming from here to there
simmi-bhai Ishita ka msg ayega dnt miss her so much
Raman-shut up simmi n sleep

Raman stares his phone
one msg, Raman excitedly opens
Ishita-Raman I reached am missing u so much much already

Raman smiles

Raman n Ishita are shown talking on phone
Ishita opens his gift its ganpati bappa’s idol

both are shown studing
they yawn still keep studing they talk on phone

Simmi hugs Raman
simmi-happy bday bhai
Toshi-happy bday putar

Raman stares at phone no msg
Raman is upset
mihika calls Raman
mihika-Happy bday Raman akka might have wished u at midnight
Raman-no she hasn’t wished yet
mihika (shocked)-how is this possible wait I will call her n scold her
Raman-no mihika dnt tell her anything about my bday just find if she is fine am getting worried she isn’t answering my msgs all calls

Raman is upset n sitting on bench
somebody closes his eyes
Its Ishita

Happy bday Raman surprise surprise
Raman is shocked to see her
Ishita-Raman u thought I forgot ur bday impossible u r my best friend
Raman-Ishita u came all the way from Mumbai
Ishita-Raman nothing can come between u n me
Raman-Ishita am so happy to see u after three long years
Ishita hugs him
Ishita-congoo Raman u r a graduate nxt Time when I come I want to see u as established business man

ishra go to restaurant Ishita opens Tiffin there is small cake
Ishita-I baked it for u
Raman cuts it
they make each other eat
Raman looks in her eyes.

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